Tonight one of my authors made a brilliant suggestion:  That we encourage everyone who visits our blog to share a story (or many). It can be anything at all. How did you start writing? What are your favorite genres? What do you like or hate about the writing process?  What’s your favorite website?  Who’s your favorite author (excluding yourself, of course)?  Where do you get the best sales?  What was the name of your first childhood pet?

It can be an uplifting story, a sad one, something meant to entertain or teach. Or it can be totally nonsensical. Write whatever you want.

There are only two rules:  No politics and religion, because these are such volatile topics.  And no flaming.  Please accept that we all have different opinions, and respect others’ rights to express their opinions even if you don’t agree with them.

Since it was her idea, Alana Church has agreed to post the first “Author of the Week” story.  Look forward to many more in the coming weeks!


8 thoughts on “Author Of The Week – Alana Church

  1. Inspiration

    No one can tell when inspiration will strike. Or how.

    For me, it involved a book, a dark staircase, and a lot of pain.

    I had toyed for years with the idea of writing. My first semi-serious effort was made while I was still in college. It was a blatant rip-off of Judith Tarr’s “The Hound and The Falcon” trilogy, only moved to the modern world. Like most authors, the memory of my first book (or at least the two chapters which I actually wrote) fills me to this day with a sense of squirming embarrassment.

    With the advent of the internet came the opportunity to read erotica online. I can still remember sitting in the computer lab in the Pennsylvania Avenue residence halls at the University of Illinois, where I discovered on Usenet. Some was good, some was bad, and a lot was TERRIBLE. Then, later, Literotica came along. While it is a good place for bargain hunters looking for a quick wank, the grammar was awful, the editing generally non-existent, and the plots? Fuhgeddaboudit.I think I spent half my time on Literotica muttering, “I could write better than this shit.”

    So one day I tried. My first story, “The Guardians of Heklos”, originally meant to be a mere 20-25 pages, turned into a 200-page monster which in some areas is almost embarrassingly hostile to Christianity. The parts I posted on Literotica were greeted with tepid praise, if anything.

    Not exactly the chorus of hallelujahs I hoped for.

    Still, I went on. With the help of a few cooperative souls I was able to get in touch with Jo at Boruma Publishing, and we made tentative plans to publish Guardians, even though she warned me the sales prospects for such a huge volume were iffy at best.

    But that’s not the story I am here to tell you about.

    Last May I was sitting at home, watching TV and reading a book I had picked practically at random from the shelf of new releases at the library. It was “The Enchantment Emporium” by Tanya Huff.

    Ms. Huff is not one of the giants of fantasy, but she has had several successful books. In reading this book, however, I was immediately struck by how brave it was. A critical part of the plot hangs from the fact that the family in the story practices incest as an accepted fact. There is no hand-waving, no half-hearted attempts to excuse it, no dancing around the subject. The Gale family is incestuous.Period.

    Oh. And a lot of the female Gale cousins are bisexual, too.

    What Ms. Huff does not do, is have long, steamy sex scenes where those incestuous relationships can be brought to full, turgid fruition.

    Some might call this a wasted opportunity.

    I certainly did. But if not for a dark staircase, my thoughts on the matter would have remained irrelevant.

    Somehow, later that night, when I made my way downstairs in the dark to throw my bag into my car for my trip to the gym the next day, I tripped and stumbled awkwardly. The result was a broken big toe on my right foot.

    As I lay in bed that night, unable to sleep, my aching foot throbbing with every heartbeat, my thoughts kept circling back to that book. What would it be like, I wondered, if someone was to write a book about a magical family? One that had great, inherited power. Power that only manifested itself at a certain age. One in which incest was not an aberration, but a necessity? A way to keep the power strong? To pass it along to the next generation?

    Oh. And also to make the sex scenes really, really hot?

    When the sun finally rose, I made my way to the hospital, where I got x-rays, a set of crutches, a walking boot, and a prescription for painkillers. Then, when I got home, I turned on my computer and wrote the first 20+ pages of the story which ended up being called, “The Coven Chronicles”. The first section, “The Witch’s Daughter”, remains the highest selling of all my stories. The central premise is much the same as Ms. Huff’s tales; women of the Chamberlain family are irresistibly attracted to men of power. The happy recipient of that attraction is John Chamberlain. And, later in the arc of the stories, Steven Johnson, as writing plausible sex scenes for the same man over and over began to seem like some sort of creepy harem fantasy as imagined by a fourteen year old boy.

    So the amoral of the story is this: Always be ready for inspiration. It may come from other writers, from friends, from family, or from that great cloud of ideas which is always floating around, looking for an outlet. Hell, one of my stories was inspired by the title of an episode of “Modern Family”. Another one from a doomed Antarctic expedition where everyone ended up freezing to death.

    It’s looking for you. Be ready for it.

    Happy writing and reading,

    Alana Church

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  2. This is an absolutely wonderful idea!! And an exemplary first submission. 🙂 This is the kind of response I was hoping to get from authors when I started the Carnal Pleasures forum on Reddit. I hope the idea takes off on THIS forum, and that many of Boruma’s authors will choose to participate,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story, and you wrote it beautifully. 🙂

    Unless there are objections, I would like to post the link to this entry in the Carnal Pleasures subreddit forum.

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    1. I am happy to have this posted anywhere you may think it would be helpful. As Jo can tell you, am a greedy, greedy person, and anything which has the chance to increase exposure and get me an extras sale is OK in my book. Thanks!

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