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Hello Borumaniacs:

Several weeks ago, at Jo’s urging, I submitted two of my books to Sylvia Storm at in hopes of having them reviewed. Sylvia graciously agreed, and posted the first review last month. Here is the money quote:

“Amazing is the first word that comes to mind.”


How is someone to react to a review like that, except with humble pride?

Well, for me, at least, I stared at my phone for a full five minutes, jaw flapping, completely unable to process what I was reading.

It is one thing to have people like Jo, Becca, and Tani tell you they enjoy what you are writing, and quite another to have someone who reviews erotica two to three times a week call your work “amazing.”

Below is a link to Sylvia’s review of “Gaelic Goddess.” And also a link to the page on Carnal Pleasures, in case you are so impressed by the review that you MUST have the book in your e-reader to scope out over Christmas.

Thanks for reading, and have a great holiday!

Link to Review on

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