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Hello again, everyone:

As Jo mentioned a few days ago, Sylvia Storm at reviewed “The Snow Maid” earlier this week. As a Christmas present, I will graciously allow you all the opportunity to purchase this masterpiece.

All kidding aside, here is the quote from Sylvia, which left me dumbfounded:

“This book is on my short list for ‘best of the year.’”

To give you an idea about the story, it was inspired by a British Antarctic expedition about a hundred years ago. The British, who seemed to believe in doing everything as hard as possible, perhaps as a way of displaying their superior moral fiber, found themselves several dozen miles from their food depot, dying of starvation and exposure. One member of the team walked out of their tent into a howling blizzard, sacrificing himself so his comrades might live.

He was never seen again. And everyone died anyway. Bummer.

My story, however, has a somewhat more cheerful motif. Bill, my hero, finds himself rescued by Polina, the Snow Maid, a character out of Russian folklore. With her power, she heals him, and they fall in love. What follows is an exploration of love, family, the stages of a woman’s life, and the true power of faith.

And quite a bit of hot sex, as well.

A link to both the review and the book is below.

P.S. A big “Thank you” to Jo and Moira for the awesome artwork. Take another look. Isn’t it great?

Link to Review on

You know you want to read it. Link to “The Snow Maid” on




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