Since no one else has stepped up to the plate, we will.

Tani and I are twins. We’ve been extra-close for as long as we can remember. Not in the normal way twins are; we became lovers when we reached puberty. But we’re not lesbians in the true sense. We have sex with each other all the time, but mostly we’re hetero. Other women don’t interest us, but men sure do! Aren’t they fascinating creatures, girls? Those broad shoulders, lean hips, musky scent, and…everything else!  Mmmmmmm!  Yummy!

A lot of people have asked us about our first time with each other, and our first time with men. Both were totally explosive, and we were instantly addicted.  LOL

Helping us on that second occasion were our cousins, Alan and Roger, who have become the loves of our lives, and share our lovely ranch way out in the wilds of Montana. It’s a rare night we don’t have something going on…but I’ll leave the 4-way permutations to your lurid imaginations, and just say that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We’ve both been writing naughty stories since we were young; they make great roleplaying scenarios! A few years ago, Tani urged me to try and get some of them published online. Indie publishing was just getting started, so not many books had been published yet. Even so, we were stunned by the positive response! Who knew there were so many erotica-loving pervs out there??

We’ve collaborated on most of the books we’ve published, and we have many more planned. Running a ranch doesn’t leave us nearly as much time as we’d prefer for our writing, especially in the spring when livestock is being born. But we manage to carve out some time every week so that we can publish on a fairly regular basis.

If you haven’t read one of our books yet, look for Becca Sinh or Tani Fredricks wherever quality erotica is sold. Some of it’s sweet, some of it’s racy, and some of it is shockingly taboo. But it’s always fun for us to write. We hope it will be equally fun (and a whole lot more) for you to read!



6 thoughts on “Becca Sinh & Tani Fredricks

  1. THE Tani Fredericks? Author of Dinos Are a Girl’s Best Friend (available on Amazon UK only–what’s up with that?). One of the funniest erotica books EVER (and a cover that ROCKS). Anyway, my dabblings in incest are strictly fantasy–and you guys are living the life! That is insanely hot, from this outsider’s perspective. Culturally, we’re conditioned that incest is rare, backwoods stuff. But if you guys are whooping it up out in Montana between cattle drives (hell, maybe ON cattle drives! The mind boggles!), maybe incest needs to come a little more out of the closet. But not on Amazon, of course.


  2. Why, you sweet talker, you! *hug*

    Why do you say “Dinos Are A Girl’s Best Friend” or its first sequel, “Pimp Dino,” are only available on Amazon UK? The first url is and the second one is ! As a matter of fact, they’re ranked #1 and #3, respectively, in the Dinosaur Erotica listings…and no one ever thought “Taken By The T-Rex” would lose its premier standing. So that’s a real thrill for me, despite the fact that the genre is, admittedly, pretty bizarre. Those two books were lots of fun to write, and I have three more planned to complete the series…Astro Dino, Porn Star Dino, and a fifth one that doesn’t yet have a name. The full anthology will be titled “50 Scales of Grey.” LOL

    Cattle drives…hmmm! Might have to drag my ‘partners in crime’ to one of those just for the novelty! 😉 We do enjoy having sex outdoors when the weather permits!

    Incest is actually a lot more common than most people choose to believe. The American society pushes the taboo aspect to the hilt, but according to most surveys, three out of every five homes experience incest in some form or another. Of course, they include children innocently playing doctor, or a young girl’s unrequited crush on her cousin, in with those stats. But it’s true that the more forbidden something is, the more desirable it becomes.

    Over in most of Europe, it’s publicly decried, but privately quite common…and usually people will turn a blind eye rather than raise the kind of ruckus you’ll see here. I think it has a way to go before it will come out of the closet. But hopefully we’ll see it in our lifetimes.

    Did you see Jo’s post yesterday? Over 19,000 listings on Amazon that deal with incest…and the bulk of them are erotica books! If they’d play smart and finish putting all adult books behind a filter, you’d see sales soar! It’s really too bad their primary goal is to destroy all indie publishing so they can lock in exclusive contracts with the Big Six publishers…they’re cutting their own throats in too many ways to count. Fortunately I’m too smart to toss all my eggs in their extremely fragile basket.

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  3. I stand corrected. Just searched and there it is on Amazon US. Blame it on sunspots. Yeah, incest–never experienced it myself (other than I’ll show you mine if you show me yours with a cousin when I was 8), but have heard whispers–a sister taking an inexperienced (and out-of-his-mind horny) younger brother and helping him along, if you get my drift. I’m with you re Amazon. I’m not committing my catalog to just one company with a track record of hostility toward erotica writers.


      1. Yeah! I’m in! I really wish I could write about my early sexual experiences. I know I can, but I’d want to publish, too. But I’ve been sternly warned against writing about sex with minors, even if they’re my own memories, and then publishing (or even posting on a website, because it will probably violate the terms of service of the host). So I self-censor myself, which is abhorrent.


      2. Contrary to popular belief, such stories are not actually illegal…they’re considered fantasy fiction, and that’s legal to write and post. But finding sites that will accept them can be tricky. There are several free sites available, and also a few that will allow you to sell them, but those mostly insist on exclusivity, which I find even more abhorrent. The safest thing to do, if you want to include such incidents in a story, is to write it without mentioning any ages or other defining details that someone could use to say, “this is clearly underage,” and then slap an 18+ disclaimer on the first page. I know several authors, many of them quite prominent, who do that all the time. But it’s safer yet to just make the characters barely-legal; then you can include your memories without any fear of legal entanglements.


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