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Hello All:

Today’s new book completes the two-part “Cutting Free” series, the first of which is “Cutting Ties.” In the first book, Roy Lee McCoy fled his dying southern town of Deer Creek, Alabama, in order to get away from his alcoholic father, whom he had been supporting. In the process, he somehow managed to acquire his sexy Aunt Eileen as a traveling companion. Eileen was willing to do anything to get away from her abusive husband, and proved it by becoming Roy Lee’s lover during the trip.

Once they reached the sanctuary of Promise, Montana, they met up with Roy Lee’s mother, Jillian, who had left her husband years ago. In “Cutting Loose,” Jillian discovers the relationship between Roy Lee and Eileen, and the sparks of passion ignite her long-suppressed yearnings for a lover of her own.

See the excerpt below:

In her bedroom, she stared at her reflection, and wondered for the thousandth time if she was doing the right thing.

“Enough, Jilly,” she whispered to the image in the mirror. “Seduce your son, or don’t. But stop dithering. Choose.” She closed her eyes, then opened them.

“He is my son. And I want him.”

The wispy negligee was about three ounces of green fog, and it clung, gauzelike, to her hips and breasts as she walked into the living room. She strode slowly, maximizing her impact, smiling inwardly as Roy Lee’s gaze caught her and his eyes widened. She posed in front of the fireplace, knowing full well the light from behind threw her silhouette into stark relief, outlining her legs, hips, and breasts. Her body warmed under his glance as he squirmed awkwardly. She knew instinctively how she was affecting him, and her cheeks warmed as she imagined his magnificent cock hardening in his pants, preparing itself for her.

She sat on the couch and nudged him into the corner with one hip, pulling one her afghans off the back of the couch at the same time. She draped it over both of them, then leaned over to pick up her glass of wine, making sure her son got a good long look at the swells of her breasts.

They’re not as big as Elly’s, but they do the job. And no one has ever complained about them.


They watched the movie quietly, sometimes trading comments or laughing. After a little while, Jillian squirmed uncomfortably.

“Goodness sake, Roy Lee, how am I supposed to sit here with those jeans of yours scratching me? Why don’t you change into some of those sleep pants you got at the store? They’re warmer and more comfortable.”

Grumbling softly, her son got off the couch and padded around behind it to change. Unable to look without being completely obvious, Jillian glanced over to her sister, who was watching her nephew, laughter in her eyes.

Jillian caught Eileen’s eyes. Hard? Her mouth formed the word silently.

Eileen waggled her eyebrows. Oh, yeah. She grinned.

In a few moments, Roy Lee rejoined her on the couch. His arm was held awkwardly over his crotch in a vain effort to disguise his arousal. Jillian pretended not to notice and restarted the movie. She snuggled closer to her son and took another sip of wine, enjoying the heat as it sank deep into her belly, then flowed out into her limbs. She felt heavy and molten, suffused with languor.

Under the cover of the afghan, she laid a hand on her son’s thigh. It quivered under her touch, tense with strain. She snuggled in close to him, curling an arm around his waist and resting her face on his shoulder.

“Oh, this is so nice,” she said softly, drawing his arm around her. She wiggled happily under his warm touch, pretending to ignore the way his muscles trembled.

“So,” she said, giggling at the movie as an Englishman, exposed to American beer commercials, flew to Milwaukee to meet real American girls, “who do you think is the prettiest girl?”

“Her,” he replied, nodding to the TV, where Lucia Moniz was frolicking in a muddy lake with Colin Firth. “That Portuguese girl. She looks a lot like you. Her hair’s a bit darker, but the face is a lot like yours.”

“Flatterer. She’s ten years younger than I am.”

“The movie was made over ten years ago. So she’s probably around your age.”

“Hmmm…” Jillian paused, considering. She finished her wine, then set the glass down on the coffee table. She was completely relaxed. There was no longer any doubts in her mind, and her soul was untroubled. She took a long breath, then turned to face her son. Moving unhurriedly, she firmly set her hand on Roy Lee’s groin.

“So,” she whispered. “Is this for lovely Aurelia on the screen, or is it for me?” She curled her hand around his rock-hard cock, slowly rubbing through the soft cloth of his sleep pants.


I hope you all enjoy it. By the way, thanks for Becca Sinh for allowing me to use her creation of Promise, Montana, as a refuge for Roy Lee, Jillian, and Eileen. And thanks to Jo and Moira at Boruma for yet another great cover!





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