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“While the Cat’s Away,” the first half in my two-part “While the Cat’s Away” series, has just been reviewed by

Let’s just go for the money quote, shall we?

“It is sly, sneaky, and incredibly hot genius.”

Well, what is someone supposed to say after reading something like that?

But, to be honest, this is not to say Sylvia thought the entire story was a work of genius. If you read the full review, you will see there are places where she thought the story could have been improved upon.

It is safe to say, however, that she enjoyed the fact that there was a slow ramp-up of sexual tension in this book, rather than a quicker pay-off.

In this story, we find twin siblings Dawn and Donny being watched by their older cousin Cindy while their mother is away at a church conference. Cindy is recently separated from her husband, and her eye is caught by her sexy young cousins. See the excerpt below:

“What about Donny, there?” she asked, as he came back around the corner with the mower, heading towards the far end of the yard. “You can’t tell me he hasn’t had girls drooling all over him.”

“Oh, they do,” sighed Dawn. “Then Mom sits them down for a chat, and you never see them again.”

“Too bad,” sighed Cindy. She gazed at Donny’s lithe form, pushing the mower across the grass. “He makes me feel all squirmy inside.”

“What?” Dawn asked, wondering if she had heard her cousin correctly.

“Oh, you know,” Cindy said dreamily. “Don’t you? You look at a guy, and you say to yourself, well, he’s kind of cute, but nothing to call home about. But you watch him a little bit more. And before you know it, you’re all wet. Down there,” she added, nodded towards her crotch.

“And you start to wonder what he would be like in bed. If he knows what to do with his hands. If he is a good kisser or not. If he is good at foreplay. What his cock is like. Is it one of those sad little pencil-dicks, or is it a nice long thick one that you can have some fun with?”

Disbelieving, Dawn watched as Cindy pulled her skirt up into her lap and pushed her panties down her legs, pooling at her ankles. Her pouting lips gleamed red in the late-afternoon sun, her shaven mound glistening. Still talking, she drew a lingering finger up her slit, sighing as the tip parted her folds. She glanced over at her cousin, the swing slowly rocking.

See the entire review of “While the Cat’s Away” here.

Buy a copy of “While the Cat’s Away” here.




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