We’re proud to announce that all Boruma authors can now access customized stats pages that feature multiple reports:  A month-to-date sales report that shows all sales and projected income for the current month, monthly royalty reports for all previous months, and annual royalty reports for all relevant years.  (Some of our authors have several years’ of reports on their pages…very impressive!)  These stats are automatically updated every three hours.

Unfortunately an error crept into several (but not all) of our recent e-newsletters.  If you’re having problems accessing your stats page, please remove the accidental space just in front of the BP2.

These stats pages were created on a Unix system, so spaces and capital letters are extremely important.  The proper format for your URL is:

http://borumapublishing.com/Sales (space) Reports/BP2 (space) – (space) Author (space) Name/author-name.htm

Sales Reports, BP2, and the first Author Name (without the dash) must all be capitalized, and must have spaces between the words.  The final author name should be in lowercase, and have a dash (unless your pen name is just one word) with no spaces.  For example:

http://borumapublishing.com/Sales Reports/BP2 – John Doe/john-doe.htm

We apologize for this error. We’re not sure how it crept in, but fortunately it didn’t go out to everyone, so that’s something.  :-}

If you did not receive your newsletter containing your personalized stats URL and the initial username/password we’ve created for you, please let us know and we’ll resend it. Please note that your username/password will also be used to access our new submission pages.  Yes, ‘pages’ plural…we have two new websites coming online in the next few weeks, so we’ve created three targeted submission pages so your submissions will be listed on the correct sites.

Book Oasis will feature non-erotica books such as general fiction, non-fiction, science, fine arts, music, medicine, and romance that is not erotica-based. Timeless Erotica will specialize in non-taboo and non-bdsm erotica.  All legal genres that do not feature taboo or bdsm elements will be published there.  Carnal Pleasures will focus on all legal genres that contain taboo and/or bdsm erotica.

We’re very excited about these new additions to our affiliate network. We’re confident sales will increase across the board as readers can more easily find the books they want without being exposed to genres outside their comfort levels.

From all of us here at Boruma Publishing, we wish you a safe, healthy, and profitable month’s end, and an even better upcoming month.  Stay warm!


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