Greetings, puny mortals!

Yes, it is I, Bacchus, God of wine and fertility, here to tell you about the latest offering from my handmaiden, Alana Church!

“Satyr Day” tells the story of a mortal man, Owen Howard. Late one night, Owen encounters my emissary, Phoebe. After proving his worth and good will, Phoebe gifts him with a copper bracelet in which I have invested a portion of my divine will. Soon, the women in Owen’s life are affected by the bracelet, as is he. As the day progresses, Owen has a choice to make. Will he accept his destiny as the avatar of a God? Or will he prove himself a coward and waste the opportunity of a lifetime?

An excerpt follows:

“So what about you, papi?” she said. She put an arm around his shoulders and snuggled close. “Any new women in your life?”

“Ha,” he said. “I asked Anaya out again tonight. And she turned me down again.”

“I like Anaya,” Isabel said. “She is very pretty.” She turned towards him, full breast pressing into his arm. “Not as pretty as you are, though, mi vida.” She kissed his cheek softly, pressing close.

Suddenly Owen was very aware of her warm body next to his. His cock stirred and lengthened, growing down the length of his thigh. Their eyes met, hers shining brightly with desire.

She wants you. The thought came to his mind unbidden. If he gave her the smallest hint, his attractive landlady would be more than willing to take him to bed.

Instead he rolled off the trunk, eyes wide. “Isabel, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. How about we go inside? I’ve got to be at work at ten o’clock.

“Oh, by the way,” he added. “One of the drivers got fired tonight, and I’m taking a day shift tomorrow, so I can be here when Samara visits for supper tomorrow night.”

Isabel sat up, cheeks flaming in embarrassment. What had she been thinking? Somehow, it had seemed so right, to snuggle close to Owen, so handsome, so strong. Hands shaking, she clambered to her feet, ignoring the urgent ache in her belly, the warm glow in her breasts.

This anthology can be found exclusively on Amazon as part of their Kindle Unlimited program. Interested mortals can purchase it here.


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