So, you’re having a down day. Tough day at the office. Maybe your spouse or SO and you are having a spat. The traffic was bad, your favorite team lost a sportsball game, and someone stole the last slice of chocolate pie.

You just don’t have the energy to sit down in front of the computer and work on your story. “Screw it,” you say. “I’m going to watch old episodes of “Doctor Who” until my brain turns to tapioca. Or maybe sit around in my bathrobe and watch the Mythbusters blow crap up.”

And then it happens. That little piece of encouragement that keeps us going on. A sale on Smashwords. A decent review on Amazon or ereaderotica. Or, in my case, a complete and utter stranger finding by Twitter account so she could tell me how much she loved my latest book.

And you feel appreciated. You’re not just howling into the wilderness, pounding out words which no one will read, let alone enjoy.

So you sit down and write another few paragraphs. Maybe your new friend will like them.


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