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Back in the winter of 2014, I decided to try my hand at writing a short story. I had read erotic fiction in the past, and, like most authors in this genre, had come to the conclusion that 90% of it was crap. I had an idea, cobbled together with bits and pieces of stories I had enjoyed. It would be a religion, one which held that physical love was a sacrament. That the Deity of this religion was an actual presence in the lives of Her worshipers. That the Christian religion was intensely hostile to this older faith. And lastly, that belief was something which was inherited in the bloodline of the priesthood, and that the Deity had a vested interest in making sure the bloodline of the High Priests endured.

These ideas all came together in “The Guardians of Heklos,” a monster of a book which ran nearly 100,000 words. My “short story” nearly devoured my life for three months as I wrote, revised, edited, and wrote again. I posted a few excerpts on an erotica website, but the responses were not as enthusiastic as I might have wished.

It was around this time that I thought, “This is actually good enough to publish. For money!” After some investigating, I was referred to Jo at Boruma.

To say that this decision has changed my life is an understatement. Before my first e-mail to Jo, I was a telecommunications worker who wrote as a hobby. Now I am a writer who works in telecom to keep food on the table. Jo guided me through the editing process, how to properly format a book, helped me choose a cover, and sent my poor little novel out into the world of e-publishing.

Where it landed like a dead fish. The instant riches and universal acclaim I hoped for were sadly lacking. It seemed the world was not ready for a pseudo-medieval erotic fantasy with strong elements of incest and a blistering antipathy for Christianity.

It would have been very easy to give up at that point. To say, “Well, I tried. But no one liked my story. So I quit.”

Luckily, Jo encouraged me to keep writing. She was patient when I nagged her. Supportive when I was frustrated. Honest when I asked her opinion. Understanding when I rejected a suggestion. My book count now stands at between twenty and thirty, depending on how you count the various multi-part books and anthologies. While the mansion, the Tesla, and the gaggle of attractive servants are still pending, I have achieved a small measure of success. Enough to keep my rampaging ego satisfied, at least.

Today, I sold a copy of “Guardians.” After deducting the cost of the artwork, I now show a profit on this book of four dollars and seven cents. Which probably translates to one cent per hour that Jo and I worked on it.

It has been so totally worth it.

Thank you, Jo.

Alana Church




3 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Aw, man…how am I supposed to maintain my gruff, surly uber-bitch publisher persona when you melt my heart that way? Making me cry and everything! (Though if you ever repeat that to anyone, I will deny it to my dying day!)

    It HAS been totally worth it, and I’m glad your sales are picking up, especially on your new Succubus series. You’re a very good writer, and deserve great success!


  2. Wow! Someone that admits they’ve made four dollars–not 400 or four thousand or enough to put a down payment for a four-hundred-thousand dollar home.
    Thank you for giving me a smile. You are my new hero.


    1. LOL She’s made more than $4 on it. What she’s talking about is $4 after paying for the cover, which we remade for free when we reactivated it after having released each of the four segments individually over the course of several months. From here on out, it’s pure profit. 🙂 Gee, that has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? “Pure profit.” I think I’ll make that my mantra this month, and meditate on it until I sink peacefully into my navel and disappear.


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