Enticed by the Machine, Now Available!

Jane Holden’s unusual cravings and desires of rough sex and being hunted stayed in her fantasies until the day she discovered how to go into video games. Finally, she found a place where nobody judged her and, in fact, their tastes were a perfect match for hers. As it turned out, most of the game characters were sadistic as hell, and satisfyingly brutal enough to quench her lusty desires. It was exactly what she’d always craved, and no matter how rough things got in the gaming world, she was always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and physically unharmed….until her next craving hit.

Check out our blog for excerpts at http://www.casualsexgamer.website

Book 1: Enticed by the Machine

Book 2: Invaded by the Alien

Book 3: What’s Yours is Mine

Book 4: Kept in the Catacombs

Book 5: Hell of a Time

Book 6: Yee-haw! Ride Her Cowboy!

Book 7: To Snatch a Thief

Book 8: Hitting on the Man

Book 9: Hunted in the Bush

Book 10: Raiding her Pleasure Chest

Book 11: Nukes Aren’t the only Bang

Book 12: Gotta Bang ‘Em All

Book 13: Sex Before Dishonor

Book 14: The Lay of the Warrior

Just a quick note for those who wonder where the books went: I recently took the books down for a re-vamping, and am slowly but surly getting them back out again. Book 1 is out now, and the rest are soon to follow.


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