To any author who uses AOL, G-Mail, Yahoo, or Hotmail:
E-mail’s been a problem for everyone who uses the social e-mail services over the last few weeks. Apparently G-mail’s servers got hacked (again), and were intermittently sending e-mails to, of all places. All four social e-mail networks were affected because they all use the same servers. Since it was only an intermittent problem, it took them quite a while to resolve the problem.
We’ve been assured that it’s working now, and all “held” e-mails were delivered properly. However, e-mails still are not going through or being received reliably, which we find disturbing.
Our tech at HostGator says, If anyone’s still not receiving e-mails at this point, it’s because the e-mail’s ending up in your spam folder, or the server itself is marking it as spam and throwing it into the bit bucket (cybernetic trash can) without delivering it. That can happen.
If you’ve been trying to reach us without any success, PLEASE use a “real” e-mail address, or contact us by Skype instead!

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