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E-Read Erotica Reviews:

I love this series. It just doesn’t care if it goes all porny and nasty and it talks to us with a filthy mouth because that’s what I need right now. Not anything soft, not anything written with a feathered and eloquent pen, but something primal and nasty that shocks me and takes my mind to a darkly filthy place. Something gritty, dirty, urban and sexual which is covered with sweat and all sorts of unmentionable bodily fluids because fuck it, my care for a world which pretends to be an orderly and nice place has just run out.

And I ran out of fucks to give last week.

This book? This is what I need. It is deliciously random, promising to give us one thing and then doing a spin move on us and delivering something totally else that we never knew we wanted but enjoyed the fuck out of nonetheless. It starts in-media-res with sex, twists us around with setup and narrative, and then switches to the point-of-view of a non-sex character and gives us glimpses of the action instead of the fully-realized in-character scene that we have seen thousands of times before.

Go ahead and tease me, I like my dirty imagination filling in the gaps.

I don’t care about genre or if it’s supposed to be lesbian or put into some category. I don’t care. Just give me something nasty to take me away. This book delivers. It is short, and lacks a couple basic “what do they look like” sort of narrative pieces in the beginning, but if you are following the series I am sure those would seem redundant. Me? I am coming back in after a bunch of other books so I tend to appreciate the little “she tussled with her blond hair” sort of things that yes, I should know by now; but no, jumping back in I appreciate the unnecessary reminders of the basic 411’s every once and a while.

Wonderful cover too, colorful and sexy and well put together. So good I wanted to put this up twice.

And the writing is spot-on for how this should feel. It skips the boring parts, gets to the point, stays focused on the nasty close-ups, and then teases us by not showing some of the best parts. It is confidently nasty, but also playful in its approach and style. It doesn’t feel obligated to show the entire sex scene like the film was a terrible thing to waste and everything should be shown and put on the screen. As writers, sometimes we feel obligated to show everything, and write through a boring day just to give the reader a sense of completeness. Same with a sex scene, sex is all good, isn’t it? We wouldn’t dare cut out—boring, move on, next scene and go to the next part of the review. Once you understand you have the control as a writer, you will never write the same way again.

If the world was porn, this book is how life would be.

Sometimes I wish the world was porn, then fucking with each other would be entirely pleasureful instead of what we got now. So yes, this book is like a drink of strong whiskey with the burn to the throat and a shock to the system as it goes down, exactly what I needed on a day like this. Sometimes, as readers, we like the pain. We like to be numbed and drink in something looked down upon and spit upon. We like to have our world rocked, to get drunk with the forbidden, and to hold up our glass and say, “another round please.”

It’s our right.

This is our escape.

And I love how this makes me feel. Drunk with the possibilities of random and wanton sex. Fucking the norms and the rules. Spitting back at those who would call this trashy smut. Because it is, and it says it with a smile and a middle finger held up proud and high.

A book that makes me feel free again?

Certainly so.

Pour me another.


The Blurb:

Alison’s night of mindless lesbian lust with her girlfriend Moriah (in the same bar where she once “entertained” seven guys on a busted pool table) goes belly-up: Moriah’s plane is late, and Tommy (the old friend with benefits who played sheriff during her serial gangbang) walks in with four German auto execs. He had hired a mother/daughter duo of whores to entertain them on that pool table, but they’re no-shows. Alison, dressed in full-slut mode, owes him. She’ll help him close the deal of a lifetime—for a price. Alison doesn’t give it away free anymore. [adventure, bar, BDSM, bisexual, cheating, cum, erotic, escort, fisting, gang bang, group sex, hotel, humiliation, humor, lesbian, oral, orgy, porn, public sex, revenge, risky sex, seduction, sex toys, short story, shower, squirting, strangers, swinging, teasing, voyeurism, water]



“Allie, fuck me. Please.”

Alison reattached the cuffs to Moriah’s wrists and pushed the ball gag into her mouth.

Stepping back, she surveyed the situation. Alison, at five eight and a hundred and thirty, outweighed Moriah by more than twenty-five pounds and was a full head taller.

Alison’s full breasts nearly burst out of the teddy, and she had firm, muscular legs and big shoulders like a swimmer. Moriah, petite and nearly flat-chested, wasn’t as curvy. But her ass was round and protruding, like a slim boy’s. The smaller woman was at just the right height.

Alison strapped on a harness and dildo, slathered the fake cock with lube, and stepped behind Moriah.

Moriah jutted her ass in anticipation, her breath coming in short bursts. Alison guided the silicone cock head down Moriah’s crack to her swollen pussy, and pushed. Moriah’s muffled squeal told her she was on target. She gripped Moriah’s hips with both hands as her cock slid inside. Alison fucked her slowly, watching the dildo disappear inside her girlfriend with each stroke. Moving her hands up to Moriah’s tiny breasts, she kneaded her straining nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“When you get off the plane from Milwaukee Friday night, I won’t be there to meet you,” she whispered in Moriah’s ear. “Take a cab to Ric’s Show Bar on Eastern Boulevard. Make sure the driver lets you off at the door—it’s a shitty part of town.”

Alison’s thrusts picked up speed. Spit dribbled out of Moriah’s mouth and bubbles flared from the sides of the ball gag as Alison fucked her faster and harder.

“Me, I’m going to dress down-home, East-side slut. You know, like I’m two years out of high school, no job, a killer body, and the food stamps are running out. Plunging neckline, pushup bra, ass out, micro mini,” Alison said, her hips banging into Moriah’s ass. “You know what happened in that bar two years ago, Mo? I fucked seven guys on a busted pool table in the back room. This time”— Moriah came again, the explosion so hard that the ball gag popped out of her mouth—“I’m going to fuck you on that pool table.”

Alison slowed her thrusting. “But here’s the thing,” she said. “We’re going to act like we don’t know each other. You’re going to walk into that bar, a dyke wandering into the wrong place, not knowing anyone. You’ll go to the bar, but you won’t sit next to me. I’m going to size you up, lick my lips, and start fucking lubricating as I think of the fun we’re going to have. I’m gonna pick you up, baby, thrill you and seduce you at the bar while all these steelworkers and salesmen and forklift drivers watch us, their mouths watering over my tits and ass, their hands on their cocks. Then I’m going to waltz you to that back room and fuck your brains out.”

Moriah gasped, dope-brained and helpless. Her mouth and chin were covered with spittle, her ass and inner thighs slick with her juices. Alison took Moriah’s face in both hands and slowly, gently kissed and licked her, cleaning up the mess.

“It’s gonna be so hot,” Alison cooed. “Four days without you, baby, I’ll be so fucking horny. Will you be horny for me?”

Moriah’s eyes focused. “Fuck, Allie, where do you come up with this stuff?”

“I read.”

Alison unsnapped the wrist straps, and Moriah collapsed in her girlfriend’s arms.

“Allie, before I get on that plane, I’m gonna dress soft dyke, ripped khakis, maybe a Sit on My Face T-shirt and a hoodie. Flannel works, too. In Milwaukee, I’ll get a haircut. Short on the sides and back. Butch. The look will be tragically unstylish masculine,” Moriah said. Her face darkened: “What if my plane is late?”

“Text me.”

“A slut in a bar full of horny steelworkers?”

Alison snorted. “I can handle it.”

“Oh, sure, you can handle it. Like that last time. Who was your fuck buddy who set it up? Jimmy?”


“He was there to protect you, right?”

“I’ll be okay.”

“Allie, if I find out you fucked a man there, I’ll kill you.”

“Then don’t be late.”

Buy it: Carnaltopia, Amazon


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