So, let’s start with the basics. You can call me Ryan Andrews, and the one thing you know about anyone beginning an introduction with “You can call me…” is that it’s not actually their name, but at least it’s a reasonable pen name with a gaming allusion. I am in my early thirties and British although the rest of the open book is left intentionally blank to avoid spoilers.

I write a variety of stories and characters, all of which have in common that there’s copious amounts of sex, bdsm (or at least the d portion) and in many of them an actual storyline. I found that I got sidetracked writing alone and it was remarkably easy to lose focus and track despite the best intentions and outlines so writing as a partnership works far better for me. Randi’s tastes compliment mine well and we found our writing styles matched on the first short story (longer stories to come in future if anyone’s interested as well as continuing the shorter ones). We seem to keep each other focussed and can keep the action moving rather than locking up as sometimes happens with me at least.

As for writing the range of characters, I find it surprisingly easy. Multiple ones at the same time might be an issue but switching from one to another just flows. It’s about figuring out what they want (barring the obvious motivation of sex) and letting them write their actions for me, kind of like having someone tell you what just happened rather than working it out yourself.

I’ll admit that I never figured I’d be a published author though, let alone this way, but you work to your strengths and I do have a fairly solid libido and vivid imagination. I can say this for writing, it’s never been boring and I’ve not failed to have fun with it. What more can you ask for really?


One thought on “Author introduction – Ryan Andrews

  1. I really enjoy writing with you, too, Ryan. It still surprises me how quickly we bang out these Casual (sex) Gamer books, and it never gets boring!


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