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When two sadistic bikers enter a library and take a liking to the curvy librarian, she’s degraded, used and abused. Even though the voluptuous woman is inexperienced, she thought she was a “sexpert” from reading smutty books. However, the two dominating men enjoy teaching her things she’d never even heard of. She loves some of it and hates a lot of it, but she has no say in the matter anyway. That doesn’t stop her from trying, and unfortunately, her defiant attitude gets her into trouble. Eventually, they decide to keep her for good and sculpt her into their perfect little submissive slut. That just goes to show, they don’t know the her well at all, and they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

Warning: This story contains anal sex, BDSM, double penetration, rough and sadistic situations, abduction, dubious-consent, a very sexy and usually horny librarian, two mean yet sometimes likable sadistic bikers, debasing ass-to-mouth, leather, belts, spanking, humiliation, bondage, deep throating, cum play, and more.

Just a little heads up, this book was way to raunchy for Amazon, so you won’t find it there.


“Hello. I’m Jane. Can I help you with something? I was just about to close.”

“Well, isn’t that a shame, she was closing,” Jake said to the other guy.

They were a little scary, and a shiver of fear took me by surprise. Still, I felt a throbbing between my legs that I tried to ignore.

The big fellow smiled and I wondered if he knew I was suddenly frightened. “First, we need a book on the Honda GL 1000, then maybe we’ll let you leave,” he said.

My eyes widened and I nearly stumbled in my haste to check the computer, quickly locating the book they needed.

“Okay, I’ll just go get it for you. Be right back,” I said.

They stood on either side of the exit, and I looked from one man to the other as I lifted the counter. When I tried to pass between them, the bigger man blocked my path. He slammed the counter door behind me, making me jump in surprise and then looked my body over like I was his dinner.

The big shirtless guy rested his hands on the counter on each side of me, caging me in as he leaned close. His leather vest fell open, brushing the sides of my breasts and I realized that he was so near that I could feel heat coming off his naked chest.

“Uh, what…what are you doing?” I stammered, leaning back to look at him as he got into my personal space. Even though I adored big men, this one scared the bejesus out of me.

My head jerked at the rattle of keys and I saw that the other biker had my keyring and was headed to the library entrance to lock it.

The big shirtless guy rested his hands on the counter on each side of me, caging me in as he leaned close. His leather vest fell open, brushing the sides of my breasts and I realized that he was so near that I could feel heat coming off his naked chest.

He dipped his chin to scrape my temple with his stubble. “Fuck, you smell good, lady. You are a lady, right? I haven’t tasted a lady in a long while.”

My pulse went into overdrive, and his deep voice and breath against my ear sped my heart to a mad pounding. No one had actually tasted me…not ever; and really wanted that to happen. My toes curled, and I felt like fanning myself. I was seriously turned on, but I needed space so I placed my hand on his solid chest and pushed. He didn’t budge an speck but his muscles under my fingers felt so nice that I had a very unladylike urge to press my lips to it. Hell, he was so close, I’d only have to lean forward a tiny bit. Instead, I snatched my hand away.

He chuckled knowingly, not missing a thing.

“Uh, okay, come with me,” I whispered, leaning back further.

“All right Hound-dog. There’ll be time for that later,” Jake said, stroking his red beard thoughtfully.

My eyes widened and I wondered what he meant. “Your name is Hound-dog?” I asked, as he pulled his hands away from the counter, but still loomed over me.

“Yeah…a well earned nickname,” he said, grinning down at me. “Like it?”

I gave a quick nod, and awkwardly scooted around him as he stood his ground. As I hurried toward the back of the library, it shocked me when he smacked my ass really hard. It echoed through the cavernous building and I yelped.

“Look at that ass jiggle,” Hound-dog said to Jake, his voice full of admiration.

I gasped indignantly and glared back at him. “Hey! My ass doesn’t jiggle…and that hurt!”

“That was the point,” he said.

Without thinking, I moved into a run.

“Whoa, sexy librarian. Where you going?” Jake called, his voice filled with laughter. “Don’t run away, he was just fuckin’ around. We’ll catch you anyway.”

“The bitch likes that idea,” Hound-dog teased, too smart for his own good…or mine. “See how she’s movin’? She’s turned on.”

It seemed that Hound-dog had a sixth sense when it came to horny women, however, I didn’t care for being called a bitch. I fled down the aisle that had their book, but Jake appeared at the end, heading me off. I skidded to a stop and backed up, running into Hound-dog’s big body. His muscled arms came around my waist in a tight grip and he leaned down to bite my earlobe.

“Ouch!” I gasped, worried about how rough these guys might play.

“You’re not goin’ anywhere, and you’ll do exactly what we say.” As Hound-dog spoke, his hands roved the front of my body then stopped on my hips to yank my ass back against the hard bulge in his pants. “You feel that? You feel what I’ve got for you?”

My knees went weak and I relaxed against him almost instantly. Apparently, big, manly bodies worked just like a magnet with my curvy one. My head went back against his shoulder and I felt the rumble of his laughter against me.

Jake came to stand in front of me and yanked open my blouse, popping the buttons off. He traced his finger along the lacy edge of my black push up bra. “I fucking love this,” he growled. “This bitch is stacked.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but it was nice to be appreciated. I had a soft spot for lingerie.

Hound-dog tossed my blouse aside and kissed my shoulder. My bra quickly joined it on the floor and his lips went to my neck, his teeth grazing roughly. Shivers ran through me and my nipples hardened.

“Nice. I’m gonna fuck these tits,” Jake said, not looking away as he weighed my breasts in his hands, then smashed them together.

I wasn’t going to argue, because I thought that sounded like an excellent idea. However, being a perfect lady, I didn’t want to admit it.

Hound-dog’s hands trailed downward and inched my skirt up. When his fingers coasted over the tops of my stockings he froze. Before I knew what was happening, he spun me to face him and pushed me back an arms length away from him.

“Get that skirt gone,” he said, his voice gruff with excitement as he added, “Leave the stockings.”

Clearly, things had just amped up in intensity as the two men watched me like hungry wolves ready to pounce. I felt like running, while at the same time, I wanted to bend over and beg them to fuck me.

“No,” I said, backing up until I was pressed against the shelf. No way was I doing a strip tease for these guys, I was too shy for that kind of thing.

Jake’s eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms impatiently. “You don’t tell me no, Jane. Ever,” he said, his voice furious.

That scared me and without thinking, I bolted. Just as I reached the end of the aisle, Hound-dog caught me around the waist, hauling me against his solid body again. His mouth went to my ear. “Baby, why you running? We’re gonna make you feel so good that you’ll be screaming.”

Screaming in ecstasy sounded great to me, however, just as I calmed down, his hold tightened and he added, “Besides, you really don’t want to piss either of us off.”

It was too late for that though, because Jake already looked pissed as he came toward me. I opened my mouth to speak when he bent and tossed over his shoulder. He carried me like I weighed nothing, which kept my excitement peaked. When we got to my new book ladder, he put me on my feet, and stepped back to glare with scarily intense blue eyes.

“Now, let’s try that again. Take off the skirt, Jane,” Jake said.

I didn’t feel like I had a choice, so I reached around and unfastened it. After my divorce, I’d lost enough weight to feel very attractive, yet I was still curvy with ample breasts. Even so, I still felt self conscious standing if front of two huge bikers in only my panties, stockings and pumps.

“Now turn, librarian,” Jake said, doing a little twirl with his finger.

I felt my face heat up as I did a complete turn, feeling mortified. When I stopped, Hound-dog caught me around the waist and pulled me against him as his mouth came down on mine. His tongue shoved in and I groaned as his fingers dug into my round ass. As he kissed me, he grabbed my panties, and twisted as he pulled them up. I gasped into his mouth as the lacy fabric slid between the folds of my pussy, cutting upward to roughly stimulate my clit. He pulled away, tugging my lower lip hard with his teeth.

At the sound of books falling I turned to see that Jake had knocked a bunch of books off the shelf, and he’d made a hole that was just my size. I could see through to the other isle, which meant that he’d knocked those off, too. It was going to be a huge pain in the ass re-shelving them all, not to mention that some books could even be damaged!

I narrowed my eyes at him and opened my mouth to complain, but before I could say a word, Jake grabbed my hair and bent me at the waist. I gasped as he shoved me straight into the gap, trapping my arms at my sides. My stomach rested against the cold shelf and my head and breasts hung out into the next aisle.

“Oh, my lord!” I cried, mortified that they stuffed me into a hole. However, as humiliating as the situation was, it also somehow turned me on.

Behind me, I heard more books hit the floor, and then they lifted my knees and shoved them inside the next shelf down. My breath heaved with panic and even some excitement as they manipulated my body into the position they needed. They pushed me forward so that I was seriously stuck and I blushed furiously because they now had a clear view of my most intimate parts.

Before I could say a word, Jake grabbed my hair and bent me at the waist. I gasped loudly as he shoved me straight into the gap, trapping my arms at my sides. My stomach rested against the cold shelf and my head and breasts hung out into the next aisle.

When I looked back at them through the narrow opening, they had stepped back to admire their handiwork. Two seconds later, Jake stepped behind me and took my expensive lace panties in both his hands and ripped them right off my body.

While I was still gasping in surprise, I saw a movement to my right and Hound-dog came around the corner with a wide grin. He pinched my nipples and then pulled them toward him.

Behind me, Jake’s slid one thick finger inside me and it felt so good that I arched my back. “She loves this. Her pussy is soaked,” he announced, causing me to blush in embarrassment.

I groaned as his finger went deeper, stroking my insides while he began to press against my swollen clit with his other hand. I was ready to beg him to fuck me and didn’t even try to control my sounds of excitement.

“Yeah, you’re made for this shit, Jane,” Hound-dog said, gripping my chin so I would look up at him. “You need to be owned. You need my cock in your mouth.”


I hope you’ll read more, because it only gets better from here…

-Randi Holiday

A1Adultebooks | Excitica

Part 2, Jane’s Escape, is now available, read an excerpt here.


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