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The bikers pulled a vanishing act after their first encounter, but they’re keeping tabs on Jane and she is completely fed up. The curvy woman is on her way out of town when she’s caught up in the unforeseen complication of a bank robbery. However, the money in the vault isn’t the only thing that the gang of robbers plan to take when they catch a glimpse of t luscious librarian. Now that her escape attempt is thwarted, will she end up in the two sadistic biker’s clutches again? Read an excerpt below.

Word count: 13,618



My first stop was the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and as I parked, a text alert buzzed. I anxiously picked my phone up and saw that it was from Hound-dog, the nicer of the two bikers. However, that really wasn’t saying much, because they were both sadistic as hell.

Hound-dog: What the fuck are you doing, Jane? You aren’t going anywhere.

My heart leapt with fear, and I grabbed my purse, hurrying into the BMV. At the counter, I reported my license lost, then handed over my social security card and birth certificate. It didn’t take long to get a new license and I almost ran as I hurried back to my car.

Before I drove off, I checked my phone, and there was a text from Jake.

Jake: This is going to be very painful for you, librarian.

I gasped and threw the phone into my purse like it bit me.

Five minutes later, I was entering the bank to empty my account. I only had six-hundred dollars, but I could make it last. My cell buzzed in my purse again and I blatantly ignored it. I shook off the fear and took a deep breath, but my ass burned just thinking about pissing the bikers off. It hurt like hell two weeks ago when Jake whipped me with his belt and I hadn’t even done anything wrong that time. As far as I could tell, they’d done it purely for the entertainment value.

I hurried inside and felt like I was being followed and turned to see a big man stop at the ATM machine. He looked me up and down and I fidgeted nervously, smoothing my skirt. Normally, I would be thrilled at the attention, but I’d had my fair share of that dominant crap lately. Besides, his obvious staring reminded me of the way the bikers acted.

As I waited in line, I watched the road, praying I wouldn’t see two huge motorcycles pull up. The guy at the ATM was still checking me out, and he reminded me of a lumberjack with his red and black flannel shirt and thick unruly hair. He was big and sexy, and an image of him ripping my blouse open flashed through my mind out of nowhere. Sometimes my lusty thoughts could be a real nuisance and I quickly brushed them away, and then I kicked them for good measure.

Today, the only teller working was a jerk named Steve that bullied me all through school. I narrowed my eyes at him as I approached the counter, conveying my dislike just in case he forgot my feelings.

However, before I could begin my transaction, a van pulled up and four masked men rushed inside. As I held my hands up, the men secured the place. Two of them ran into the unlocked vault while the other two gathered us into a corner.

The bigger man holstered his gun and headed toward me. As he walked, I heard a strange clinking noise and saw that he wore spurs on his boots. It was completely ridiculous and slightly sexy, because he really pulled it off with that swagger of his. I immediately nicknamed him Cowboy, because as a bank robber, he’d really missed his calling.

The christening of his new nickname reminded me of the group of men who occasionally visited my library. They always aroused the heck out of me, and I’d nicknamed one of them Cowboy, too. He wore boots and even walked like this fellow, except without the spurs.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why the intimidating man looked so pissed. But he was obviously put off about something the way  his eyes were narrowed through the slits in his mask. However, in spite of his huge size, I bravely held my ground as he stepped up close.

“Uh, nice boots,” I said, leaning back to look up at him.

“Thanks,” he said, ripping my blouse open without a pause.

I gasped as the buttons flew, because I’d just imagined the lumberjack doing that. Even so, this was just plain bad timing, because I was currently trying to escape two bikers that also ripped my clothes off.

As I tried to close my blouse, he roughly yanked it all the way off of me. When he tossed it to the floor, my purse went with it, spilling it’s contents everywhere.

He grabbed the elastic of my bra between my breasts and used it to yank me close, causing me to bounce against his hard chest. “Why don’t you take off your bra and stay awhile,” he said. Before I could blink, he had it unfastened and completely off of me, then leaned back to admire my generous curves. “Look at these! Nice! More than a handful. Now it’s time for some entertainment.”

I drew back to smack him and he caught my wrist and then bent to grab my phone off the floor. I blinked in surprise as he quickly placed my finger on the unlock button, and then I frowned indignantly at the stupid security of the thing.

He ignored me as he scrolled through Jake’s angry texts. “Holy shit! Your boyfriend is pissed. He says he’s going to enjoy punishing you,” he said. He paused to hold up my phone and snap a topless picture of me. I blushed as I heard the ‘message sent’ sound. “I bet he’ll appreciate that one. I love the way he calls you ‘Librarian’.”

He held up my phone and the red ‘recording’ light came on. “Let’s make good old Jake a video,” he said, then added, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a librarian. Lumberjack, get your ass over here and hold the camera or I’ll shoot you.”

The big customer hurried forward and took the camera, watching through the screen as he stepped back and directed it at me. He didn’t look hesitant to help out in the least, in fact, he looked rather intent on doing a good job filming.

The other robber held the gun on us, while the one with the spurs started speaking as if he were an announcer in a game show. He mimicked an annoying voice that I supposed some people might have found funny, but it just pissed me off.

“Jake, I’m going to help you out with your woman’s punishment. She’s the next contestant on ‘Let’s Defile the Librarian!’ Now, let’s get your hot little miss into position, shall we? Librarian, on your hands and knees, you’re getting fucked hard doggie.”

Lately, it seemed like I had a ‘degrade me’ sign pinned to my back, and I was getting sick of it. I decided to ignore him and turned my back to watch the others empty the vault. Their trips back and forth to their van were only interrupted to leer at my naked chest through the eye-holes in their ski-masks.

The guy with the gun stepped into my line of sight and motioned for me to get on my knees. I glared down at the large bulge in his jeans and then angrily flipped him off.

“Last chance to do it the easy way,” the cowboy said behind me, reaching around to pinch my nipples.

Even though I fantasized a lot about situations exactly like this, I hadn’t planned to live them out. Hell, if I was going to live out all my damn fantasies, I’d be in a world of pain, or maybe a padded room.

The cowboy got sick of waiting and spun me to face him, then impatiently grabbed me by the upper arms to give me a hearty shake. It was so violent that my glasses flew off and the nice, neat bun on top of my head unfurled.

“Jesus! Let go, dammit!” My hair tumbled down around me in wild disarray, but I was glad because it covered my breasts. Luckily, I could see well enough without my glasses, but I didn’t care for the whiplash. “Fuck you, jerk!” I yelled, beginning to panic.

“Wrong answer; and you’re the one who’s getting fucked, librarian.” His attention went to the video that the lumberjack was diligently recording while simultaneously grabbing me by the hair. “My-oh-my! Isn’t your little librarian pretty?” He forced me to the ground, and pressed his boot to my head, pinning it to the floor. I reached up, forgetting about his stupid spur and catching my thumb on it. The cut was small, but it only added to my panic.

“Just look at all that hair, waiting to be sprayed with my cum. Maybe I’ll wrap it around my cock, too,” he said, continuing his annoying narrative.

“Bank teller! Get behind this little whore and lift her skirt,” he yelled, adding, “Let’s see her pussy. I bet it’s soaked.”

Warning! This book contains the following arousing content: double penetration, rough sex, anal sex (painal), dubious consent, a butt-plugging punishment, spanking, cum play, oral sex, deep throating, a rough dub-con gang-bang (MMMMMMF), BDSM, whipping, a big-busted librarian, a gang of rough bank robbers, two manly cops, two sadistic bikers, and one sexy as hell truck driver.


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