Jane Holden is a single mom with a record breaking libido. After the demise of her sexless marriage, she has a lot of ground to cover and wants sex any way she can get it. Finally she finds satisfaction when she discovers a way to enter video games where dominating, sadistic, and sometimes brutal characters await to show her a rough time. In fact, most of the game characters are sadistic as hell and her perfect match, because Jane gets a special thrill out of getting the hell scared out of her, and thrust into her.
In books four through six of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, Jane is tied up, tied down, spanked, whipped, and has every single hole used, sometimes at the same time. The books are full of descriptive rough sex as she’s treated to one unusual erotic encounter after another. In this bundle, she’s in dire straits and in need of a rescue more than once, only to find out that even heroes have their dark sides. There are a few times when she is completely terrorized…but it doesn’t scare her away in the least, instead it just adds spice to the sex. Nothing will derail her from her lust for adventure and search for the next climax, and the thrill of the unknown always keeps her coming back for more.
Book 4, Kept in the Catacombs

Coerced in the Dungeon

As Jane enters the dungeon catacombs, there are some rough inhabitants who all want a piece of her voluptuous body and the keeper is intent on possessing it…and not in a good way. He commands his minions to pass her around to the many unusual denizens to persuade her to submit, saving the most dangerous for last. Read excerpt 
Book 5, Hell of a Time

Her Darkest Adventure

Jane has a hell of a time in a doomed military base infested with possessed soldiers, demonic creatures and one very hot hero. She goes into the game in the mood for some rough sex, and gets exactly what she came for. After she is gang-banged by a group of possessed soldiers, she falls into the hands of a sadistic demon-like creature who takes a liking to her. She’s in need of a rescue, and there’s a sexy military hero in the vicinity with her name written all over him. Read excerpt 

Book 6, Yee-Haw! Ride Her Cowboy

A Gunslinger Cowboy, Lassos, Rough Sex and an Outlaw Gang-bang

In book six of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, the voluptuous librarian is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. When she finds a new gunslinger game, Jane can’t resist the chance to meet Joe the cowboy and visit the Old West. Despite the game warning of a brutal gang-bang, the sexual thrill seeker pulls on her western boots and jumps into the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. 

Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of outlaws and is in desperate need of a rescue. All injuries heal fast in the game world, but the outlaw’s plan to tie her to a cactus and brand her is going way too far. Read excerpt 




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