In book seven of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, Jane Holden enters her first stealth video game to discover she’s not sneaky at all. In fact, it’s impossible for the sexy mom to keep quiet when she climaxes…and that seems to happen a lot. After the horny librarian agrees to the game’s disclaimer warnings, she drops into the castle of strange, tool worshiping zealots. In her opinion, the men are about as chauvinistic as they come, and everything about her immediately offends them. Lucky for her, there’s a thief lurking about, and he has a score to settle with the zealots. The thief admits he’s no hero, but he’ll rescue her for a price. Unfortunately, she’s flat broke, but the man is happy to accept her luscious body as payment.


“To hell with going out, I’ve got a new hobby, and a lot of steam to blow off, ” she said, heading to the kitchen. She had two shots of cherry vodka, then headed for the console. Grabbing the first game she found, Jane briefly glanced at it and shrugged, thinking it would do just fine. The cover featured a shadowed world and a sneaky-looking hooded guy. She plopped it in the console and while she waited, glanced down at her work clothes; a silky white blouse, black skirt, thigh high stockings and heels. She shrugged, knowing she’d probably return without them but thought she might quit that job anyway.

The warnings began and Jane couldn’t be sure, but she thought the announcer sounded irritated. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt your bubble bath?” she teased, knowing he wouldn’t answer.

“…game may contain rough sex, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, and possible zombie—” the floor vanished beneath Jane’s feet and as she fell, she hoped she didn’t land on a zombie.


In the game world, the thief snuck through the abandoned mine beneath the monastery, occasionally passing cynical witticisms even though his audience was himself and the odd zombie, briefly baffled by the voice from nowhere before a sword removed its head. The smell was awful, the runoff from the zealot’s weapon and armor factory disposed of here to try to barricade the undead away. As he made his way through the dank tunnel, Lofty knew his black cloak and leather gear would never be the same again.

Finally, he approached the lower entrance, flitting around the pair of guards while they discussed the exact words of the constructor regarding sin.

“Worship thy mighty screwdriver,” Lofty mocked almost silently, “for that is the toolsmith’s way.”


As she fell, the anticipation of a painful landing had Jane on edge. Injuries healed fast in the game world, but that didn’t mean landing on a pitch fork wouldn’t hurt. That was what nearly happened in the last game she’d traveled into. It had been a very close call.

The fall into the game world lasted long enough for her to grow overly anxious. As a light finally shone up from below, she screamed just before crashing down onto the middle of a huge trestle table, breaking dishes and causing food to fly up.

“Oh, holy shit! That was the most painful landing yet!” she groaned, rolling onto her back to catch her breath.

She glanced around and saw that she wasn’t alone. The table was surrounded by surprised men, all built like laborers and wearing red hooded uniforms topped with steel armor. Some of them had their forks halfway to their mouths frozen in surprise, some had stood up and stepped back, and all of them looked unpleasantly angry.

“Sorry. Did I interrupt your dinner? Where the heck am I, anyway?” she asked sitting up and brushing herself off.

“Who are you?” demanded the largest, standing up and pushing his steel helm back. “You are dressed like a harlot without modesty as befits a woman of the faith! You swear,  make eye contact boldly, you do not belong!” His beard bristled with anger as he gestured to two burly acolytes who grabbed her arms and hauled her off the table.

Even though Jane tried to pull away from them, they easily dragged her out of the room and down an ancient corridor lit by smoking oil lamps. “What crawled up his ass? Just hold on a minute. Jeeze. Could you two lighten up? Your grip is kind of tight, and it’s not like I’m going to overpower two gorillas,” she complained, looking around.

The place was very eclectic, with water dripping down the walls in places, yet in other spots, there were elegant tapestries and displays where you’d typically find artifacts. However, these exhibit cases contained hammers and other tools.

“Who the heck did you hire to decorate for you? Your freaking mechanic?” When they ignored her, Jane rolled her eyes. It was very refreshing to take her frustrations out on someone and she continued to let the insults fly as they bruised her arms with their iron grips. “Oh, I see. It’s going to be one of these games…where I’m grabbed up by a bunch of dickheads, ” she ranted.

The men hauled her into a stone cell, forcing her head and wrists into metal stocks, the edges lined with leather. She gasped as they tore her clothes off unceremoniously, dropping them into a brazier to be destroyed in the fire.

“Those were my work clothes!” she complained, struggling to pull out of the medieval contraption they’d shoved her into.

“Lace and silks are not suitable for women,” the abbot bellowed behind her, slapping her rounded rump hard.

She cried out in surprise because she wasn’t a big fan of being spanked. “Well, who the heck is supposed to wear them then? You?” she asked, eyeing his long robe. “I bet you’ve got stockings on under there, don’t you?”

He ignored her taunts, stroking a hand up her leg. “Shaving your body incites lust, you are immodest and must be corrected!”

He stormed around in front of her and drew a whip, throwing it to one of the subordinates. Jane’s eyes widened in terror and before she could even scream, they cracked it expertly, drawing a series of parallel lines across the curve of her buttocks from thigh to back.

“Oh! Ouch! Stop it!” Her eyes quickly began to water and she gasped in a sharp breath, immediately worrying about how long their punishment would last. She struggled, quickly realizing that she wasn’t going anywhere until they opened the contraption they’d stuffed her into. “Oh, stop!” she screamed, as the whip came down again.

Click here for a bonus x-rated excerpt from this book.



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