In the Casual (sex) Gamer series, a lusty single mom happens upon a way to live out her lifelong fantasies of rough sex, non-consent, abduction, and BDSM. Jane is craving some brutal penetration, and when she enters the game of a genetically modified assassin, she gets what she came for. After landing in a scientific complex, she immediately notices that one of the scientists is not like the others. He seduces the hell out of her, while secretly planning to use her lush body to complete his mission. Jane can hardly believe it when she’s viciously double-crossed and tossed to the sadistic wolves to pay the price for the hitman’s crimes.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The man who caught her attention was masculine and it looked like he sported a bald head under his hat. He was way hotter than the other scientists, and because he seemed to be on a mission, she decided that the best course of action was to delay him and possibly get into his pants.

He was entering a room with a few much shorter men in white coats when Jane caught up, sneaking through the door behind him before it closed. She thought she’d done well, until she crashed into his solid back when he stopped abruptly.

“Goodness. Sorry, big fella. You know, I couldn’t help but notice…you’re much larger than all the other men here. I mean, if they all attacked you at once, I bet you could kick all their scientific asses, couldn’t you?”

The scientist reacted instantly, grabbing her elbow and pinching the nerve cluster to freeze her with silent agony. He swiftly escorted her into the corridor, swearing silently as he desperately looked for a room to take her, spotting an office with frosted glass. Perfect.

Jane cringed in pain and wondered how a simple grip to her elbow could possibly hurt so bad. She was temporarily frozen in pain as he opened the door and walked in, pulling her with him.

The man behind the desk half rose at the intrusion. “What’s the meaning of this?” he sputtered angrily.

“Spy, maybe assassin,” the bald man bluffed. “Look at her, isn’t it obvious?”

Jane blinked in surprise, but she was unable to speak because of the death grip on her elbow.

The gray haired man narrowed his eyes at Jane and walked around the desk, drawing a gun and pointing between her eyes. “Right. Good work, we’ll interrogate then dispose—”

His sentence was abruptly cut off as the bald man stepped behind him and snapped his neck easily. He lifted the lifeless body and headed for a large cupboard.

As he stuffed the man’s body into the cabinet, Jane made a run for it. She was quickly out the door and bolting down the empty hall. Looking behind her as she rounded the first corner, she plowed into a huge guard.

“Holy crap. I’m sorry,” Jane said, as she tried to go around the man. “Excuse me, I really have to go—”

Interrupting her, he caught her arm and gave her a brutal shake. “What the hell are you doing in here,” he asked, pulling her into a nearby laboratory. It was a big empty room that smelled hideous. There was expensive looking equipment, tables covered with junk that Jane couldn’t care less about, and no other exit.

Her nose scrunched up at the smell and she caught sight of an open garbage chute just before the man shoved her. The big fellow put so much force behind it that she fell to her knees, tumbling further into the room. She quickly jumped up and spun around to glare at him, her breath heaving and fists clenched.

“Jesus. Don’t be such a dick,” she said, glancing around the room for something to use as a weapon.

He grinned in response, kicking the door closed behind him. With his big, brawny arms crossed, he leaned casually against the door and simply watched her. His grin slowly turned rather sinister and Jane knew the look well. He was one of the sadistic game characters and the tougher things got, the more he’d get off. That type made up the majority of the male population in the gaming world. It excited her, but it also scared her because things sometimes got out of hand. The fear fueled adrenaline rush went straight to her pussy, making it wet.

“I’m…I was um…just visiting,” she said again, grabbing a sharp pair of scissors.

“Wrong answer. There are no visitors allowed here,” he informed her, his head tilting with interest as she waved the scissors at him.

“You just move away from the door and I won’t have to hurt you,” Jane threatened.

“That’s cute, kitten,” he said grinning. “Bring it on. I love a fight before a good fucking.”

She wracked her brain for something to say and decided upon a lie, just to get a little practice because she usually sucked at it so bad. “Wait! I’m a virgin.”

“Well, that just makes things more interesting,” he said, pushing away from the door. “I love cherry picking. Don’t worry, this will hurt you more than it does me,” he said, strolling toward her in spite of the scissors.

Jane didn’t have it in her to stab him and threw her weapon aside with a yelp. She turned to run, but only made it a few steps before his strong arm hooked around her waist, yanking her against his big body. His erection pressed against her ass and it felt enormous as he held her in his steel grip.

“Have you got a tight little virgin ass, too?” he asked, his warm breath against her ear as his palm ran up her stomach to rub across her large breasts.

“Yeah, I do,” she lied, not sure he’d be able to tell one way or the other on that one.

As she grew incredibly horny, she decided not to escape after all, and she arched her back to press her ass harder into him. She sighed deeply as he pinched at her nipples through her shirt while his teeth caught her earlobe and nibbled gently.

Jane went completely limp against his big body. “Mmmmm,” she groaned, feeling his tongue run up and around the edge of her ear.

“Well, that wasn’t too hard,” a feminine voice said from the doorway behind them. “It might even be a new record for you, Rex.”

Jane’s eyes flew open to see a mean-looking buxom blonde heading their way. “Oh boy, another sadistic one,” Jane said, deciding it might be good to start struggling again. She pushed at the man’s arm around her waist but it was a fruitless effort.

Just as the woman reached them, Jane kicked backward at the man and the pointy heel of her designer shoe connected with his bony shin.

“Now you’re just pissing me off,” he said, gripping her shirt in both hands and tearing it completely off her. “That’s a slutty bra for a virgin,” he said, looking down over her shoulder at the lace cups just barely covering her large breasts. He lifted her up abruptly and tossed her across the counter, yanking her jeans completely off. “Nice, matching panties, he said, lowering them to her thighs. An appreciative whistle sounded as he caressed her round ass.

Jane was distracted, thinking about her expensive pumps that had fallen off. She really shouldn’t have worn them into the game, but she hadn’t thought about it. “Um, wait a minute, Rex,” she said, hoping she remembered his name correctly, “Can you slip my shoes back on me? If I’m going to lose my virginity, I want to do it in my pumps.”

He rolled his eyes at her ridiculous request, but shrugged, thinking her long legs did look amazing in the shoes. “What the fuck, go ahead and get em’ on, but make it fast.”

“Allow me,” the blonde woman said with a chuckle.

Out of nowhere, the man’s heavy hand came down on Jane’s ass. As she screamed from the impact, her shoes were slipped back on her feet. Unfortunately, Rex wasn’t done, and his strong hand came down repeatedly in vicious blow after blow. Jane’s screaming echoed loudly in the room, wondering what she’d done to deserve the punishment. Her ass was bright red when he finally stopped, and Jane watched absently as the blonde woman picked up a test tube.

The lady’s red lips curved into a vicious grin. “Do you know what this is?”

“Hopefully water?” Jane answered.

The woman chuckled and bent to kiss Jane’s mouth, biting her lip. “No, my dear. This isn’t water. It’s acid, and it will do terrible things to those shoes you love so much if you don’t behave like the little whore I need you to be. Now, beg to lick my cunt.”

Jane gasped at the threat to her shoes, considering them her ticket to see Damien again, however she didn’t feel like partaking in the girl on girl action. “Listen, no offense, but my door doesn’t swing that way,” Jane explained, eyeing the vial of acid.

Rex chose that moment to thrust all the way into her without any notice. The thick, bulbous head of his huge cock pushed through the wet opening, going insanely deep. “You lying slut!You’re no virgin,” he yelled, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her head back. “I’m going to destroy your fucking pussy for getting my hopes up.”

Jane screamed repeatedly as he pounded into her, bruising her scarlet ass. “Oh, yes! Do it! Kill my pussy!” she urged.

His cock slid in and out smoothly, becoming coated with her arousal. She gasped at the delicious sensation, feeling the head bottom out against her cervix.

The blond woman smirked at Rex. “I think you’ve met your match. The whore is loving it,” she taunted.

Rex didn’t give a shit because he was positive he’d just happened upon the best cunt on the planet. His huge cock had never been happier, and nothing would get him down. He growled like an animal, slamming against her even harder as he decided to keep the slutty little woman at any cost.

Every impact sent a thrill through Jane until finally she screamed and arched her back. “Oh, my god! Yes!” she gasped, her pussy clenching and throbbing against Rex’s cock as she had a mega-orgasm.

The sensation of her insides convulsing on his thick penis made him cum with an animalistic groan, and he bent across her back, biting at her neck to mark her as his.

The blonde woman watched the intense scene, her eyes wide in astonishment. “Well, holy crap. Killer show, Rex,” she muttered, fanning herself.

Jane’s heart thundered and she cried out as the man bit her viciously hard while he came. His spurting seed had nowhere to go but out because he was hung like a horse and his giant cock filled all the available space inside her.

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