Jane visits the forest for the calming affects of nature, but instead encounters a hunter with the rather strange hobby of hunting women. After rendering the feisty woman unconscious, the big fellow strips her naked and sets his plan into motion. Soon, his curvy prey awakens with a tail superglued to her ass, antlers strapped on her head and her hands taped into hooves. She’s ordered to run as he relentlessly hunts her through the dark woods and the frightened woman is horrified as he plays a game of catch and release, welting her curvy body as he enjoy’s her fear. Once again, the busty woman is regretting her gaming choice—until she realizes just how the older man mounts his trophies.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~


In the Casual (sex) Gamer series, a feisty divorcee discovers a way to quench her desires of rough sex, punishment, bondage, non-consent and domination with no lasting consequences. When Jane purchases a mysterious controller that transports her into video games, she discovers a virtual world where the inhabitants are sadistic as hell and satisfyingly brutal enough to give her exactly what she needs. In fact, their tastes are a perfect match for hers and no matter how rough things get, she is always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and unharmed—until her next craving hits.

Hunted like prey with no choice but to run…

Climbing out of the bush took some painful maneuvering, and even though Jane was scratched up, it wasn’t the worst landing she’d ever had. Oblivious of the twig poking out of her hair, she looked around and tried to focus only on the peaceful sounds of nature.

Just beside her was a large fallen tree, and she sat on it to remove a sandal. As she turned it upside down and debris fell out, she realized opened-toed shoes were a terrible choice of footwear for the woods. However, now that she was there, it seemed like she should make the most out of it and soak in nature’s calming goodness.

Inhaling a deep breath as she closed her eyes and focused on the sounds around her. Crickets chirped, frogs croaked, and the wind whistled through the trees. “Jesus. This is a little creepy,” she muttered, not sure why she thought it would be pleasant in the first place. She tried the exercise again, this time with her eyes open just in case anything snuck up on her. The darkening forest helped her realize what a mistake she’d made. “Well, this isn’t working at all,” she grumbled.

It was time for her last resort, and she reached for her flask to discover it missing. “Dammit all to hell!” she yelled, standing quickly to look around for the missing flask. Her voice echoed through the mossy trees, causing birds to fly off in the darkness. “Guess that answers the question about bringing things into the game world.” She stilled at the sound of leaves crunching under approaching feet. “Oh, please don’t be a bear,” she whispered, looking around for a weapon and finding nothing.

Seconds later, a hulking hunter strolled into her little corner of the forest wearing a bright orange safety vest that made him easily visible against the dark greens and browns of nature. He was used to surprised reactions to his size and smiled at the shapely woman’s wide eyes.

He nodded in greeting and offered her a calloused hand that was as tan as the rest of his visible skin.

Jane remained silent as she examined the size difference between their hands. She’d always had a weakness for big men, and this fellow was straight out of her fantasies.

“Evening, miss,” the older man said. “You look a bit lost. Never expected to find someone so pretty this deep in the forest. Broken down car?”

Still speechless, she just stared up at him like a simpleton. He hadn’t looked nearly as enormous on the television screen…or as handsome. He was insanely attractive and probably old enough to be her father, which sparked her interest even more. It seemed that he was much more polite than she was used to, reminding her of a distinguished gentleman hunter. It was impossible to miss the charismatic way about him, and she was immediately attracted to him.

He cleared his throat. “Someone drop you off? Are you lost?” he asked, giving her hand a squeeze.

“Uh, yes, I…I’m a little lost,” she said, trying to pull her thoughts together. “I’m so glad you found me or I’d have been wandering for days.”

“That’s entirely possible,” he said, plucking a leaf out of her long dark hair. He grinned down at her, deciding his hunting expedition just improved by leaps and bounds. “Well, don’t you worry. I’ll take good care of you. My truck is parked just this way, let’s get you a seat and a hot drink.”

“That sounds nice,” she said, staying close to him as he led her through the woods. “Do you have anything to put in that drink?”

“Of course. I’ve got a flask of black coffee and a bottle of whiskey to go with it.”

She admired his cocky, self assured swagger. It was hot and somehow gave the impression that he was an expert at everything he did. “Well, I’m really starting to enjoy the great outdoors,” she said, wondering where his truck was because they seemed to be deep in the woods. It hadn’t occurred to her that the forest would be so dark and she was glad that she wasn’t alone.

“Getting close to nature’s good, though you might have taken it a bit far,” he pointed out, his eyes skimming her lightweight sundress and dainty sandals. He wondered why the beautiful woman was so deep in the forest, and all alone. However, even though he was curious, he never looked a gift horse in the mouth, and planned to make the most out of it. “I’ve also got a blanket in the back. You’re not really dressed for the woods, and night’s coming on fast.”

She jumped as he brushed at her rump, shifting some dirt and bits of plant from her dress with a little more force than necessary. It was almost a swat, but not quite. When he finished, his hand stayed put, and he squeezed her curvy behind.

“I’m Dave, come out here for the quiet to hunt. Further than most hunters come, less chance of being shot by a newbie and more privacy.” He grinned meaningfully.

His hand distracted her, but she let it stay there for the moment. “Nice to meet you. I’m Jane.”

While they continued through the forest, Dave’s hand started inching her dress up in the back, and she decided to play hard to get for a change. She feigned shock and jumped out of his grasp, turning to smile playfully.

“Now, Dave, you just mind your manners. You’re getting awfully handsy there!”

His grin widened, a wink accompanying it as he goosed her again. “And you’re a surprisingly tricky prey,” he teased, pointing to his truck that just came into view. The huge four-by-four was parked on a dirt path, it’s running lights illuminating the dense forest surrounding it.

Jane arched a brow when he called her prey, but the sight of his giant truck distracted her because she often fantasized about being screwed from behind as she bent over the hood of one.

“Let’s get you a bit of a warmer then.” He draped one arm over her shoulders casually as they arrived.

“Oh, nice,” she murmured, stroking a finger across the glossy surface. “I just love a man with a big truck.”

The man chuckled and retrieved a heavy thermos. “A woman after my own heart,” he said, pouring her some steaming coffee and adding a generous shot from a bottle of whiskey.

“Now get yourself around that, it’ll take the chill off the day.” He poured himself a matching one and leaned back against the truck, looking Jane up and down and noting the erect nipples through the thin fabric.

She sipped her drink and sighed. “Delicious! I love Irish coffee, thank you. So, do you come here often?”

“Every chance I get, nice to get away from the city and back to the wild. It’s a bit restrictive there,” he explained, watching her finish off the coffee. He’d put an extra shot of whiskey in it just to make her more pliable.

Setting his cup aside, he leaned over to take her empty one. “Speaking of which, you really aren’t dressed for hunting. Close your eyes and let me get you something suitable, trust me, it’s a surprise.”

“Okay. I love surprises,” she said, doing as he asked. “I should tell you that I don’t want to hunt, but it’s okay if others do it if they eat what they catch.” She pictured his big truck with a dead deer tied to it and grimaced.

“Oh, believe me, I do,” he said, coming up behind her to press his big body against her back.

She leaned against him, happy to get right to the sex, but something felt a little off because things never went that smoothly in the game world. Usually, she was roughed up…or worse. Still, the manly hunter was completely irresistible, even if he was a gentleman and not her usual type. His arm came around her waist, playfully pinning her hands to her sides as he showed her his strength. He pulled her against his solid frame, leaning down so the lusty woman could feel his warm breath against her ear.

“You’ve still got your eyes closed?” he asked, her perfumed hair wafting in the night air.

When his lips grazed her slender neck she shivered and tilted her head to give him better access. “They’re still closed,” she said, her toes curling under with excitement.


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