The MILF & The Cyborg

Jane is a horny MILF with unrealized fantasies of rough and kinky sex who has sworn off men after her divorce. Her plans are blown all to hell and back when she’s swept into a cyberpunk video game. Jane suddenly has the opportunity to relieve her pent up, kinky desires with no apparent strings attached and dives in with her arms (and legs) wide open.

In the gaming world, Damien is recovering from an accident when the curvy woman appears in his apartment. He doesn’t hesitate to try out his new “machine enhanced” body on her. He’s intent on exploring and using every voluptuous inch of Jane’s body and is completely insatiable as he fucks her in nearly every way possible. He demonstrates the meaning of deep throat to the inexperienced woman, and she’s literally in for a shocking experience as he tries out his new augmentations. She’s never had anal sex, and the half cyborg doesn’t go easy for her first time.

As she’s screwed senseless, Jane’s defenses drop as she’s overwhelmed with intense sensations she’s never experienced. The whiskey drinking cyborg is Jane’s idea of the perfect dominating alpha-male, and as he uses his half cyborg body to please her like never before, she begins to fall hard for him. Her trip in to the video game world had been accidental, but now that she knows how to activate the controller, the sky is the limit.

About the Casual (sex) Gamer series: Jane, is a spunky and perpetually horny MILF who wants rough sex and has discovered a way to get it with no strings attached. Her unusual cravings and desires stayed in her fantasies until the day she discovered that she could enter video games to have insanely rough sexual encounters with the game characters. As it turns out, most of the game characters are sadistic as hell, and satisfyingly brutal enough to quench her lusty desires. In fact, their tastes are a perfect match for hers. The best part is that no matter how rough things get, she is always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and unharmed….until her next craving hits.

Click here for an excerpt


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