A (not so) Brief Introduction

First of all, I wish to thank the folks at Boruma Publishing for giving me this opportunity to post this introduction. Second of all, I wish to apologize for taking so long to post it. 🙂 January has been a rather hectic month for us, and keeping up with any sort of social media has sort of fallen by the wayside.

Anyway, I write under the pen name of Forrest Young. I am in my mid 50’s, live somewhere in the heartland of the United States, and recently got married to my third wife. (Although in my mind, my second wife doesn’t really count, but we won’t go into that.) She also happens to be my new writing partner and collaborator, Lilly-Rose Young. We just recently released our first full collaboration, “Seduction of the Shrew”, which is the 5th installment of my series The Angel Falls Library Files. We are currently diligently working on book 6.

I’ve lived a rather interesting life, at least probably more interesting than most. To say my views have always been ‘unconventional’ would probably be a rather gross understatement. During my first marriage, I was fortunate enough to have a relationship where communication was one of the key factors, if not THE main aspect of it. That communication allowed us to explore many avenues that most couples would never dare to venture, including swinging, polyamory, and sexual fantasy and role play. Many of those aspects I use as the basis for most of the stories I currently write.

Throughout my life, the one constant seemed to be the occasional dabbling in writing. My first endeavors were a series of ghost stories I wrote before I even entered double digits in age. 🙂 And throughout my life I have always been told I am quite good at it. Although many projects were started, most of them went unfinished, the exceptions being a series of short erotic stories I wrote in my 20’s and 30’s, a handful of which actually got published in a couple of swingers magazines. My monetary compensation for these stories was free letter-forwarding coupons. (Keep in mind this was wayyyy before the days of computers and internet hookup sites.) A few of those stories I cleaned up a bit and released as a series of shorts I dubbed the “Spinning Heads” series.

Through a series of events which is WAY too long to get into, I started seriously looking into what sort of process would be required to actually get stories published, especially ones that were erotically taboo in nature. Actually using the search words “incest” and “taboo,” I came across a site called Lot’s Cave. Seeing the types of stories they actually accept and distribute, this looked like the perfect venue to “dip my toes into.” so to speak. Figuring there was no harm in trying, I decided to try to submit something to them. Rather than using any of my previously written stories, however, I decided to work on something brand new, going further into the “taboo” than I had ever delved in before. About a month later, “Confessions of My Nephew” was born. After submitting it, Lot’s Cave was very excited about the concept, but it needed a lot of editing and “cleaning up.” In the process of waiting for that to happen, I belted out a couple of other incest-related stories, “Mother Pushes the Swing” and “If the Door Is Open…”. I submitted both of those stories as well, and waited for the editing process to move forward. A cover was designed for “Confessions,” but not much progress was made after that.

While waiting for THAT to happen, I stumbled across Smashwords, and the concept of self-publishing. I decided to try that route, but didn’t want to use what I already submitted to Lot’s Cave, so I came up with a short-story series concept called “The Angel Falls Library Files.” I used that series to ‘experiment’ with Smashwords, and I was actually surprised at the positive response I was receiving from the first entry, “Watch Me, Daddy” (which was later re-titled “Craving His Attention”). Needless to say, I made a lot of mistakes in my first venture into Smashwords and self-publishing, but the lessons learned were invaluable.

In further research, I came across the website “Carnal Pleasures,” and as a result, Boruma Publishing. I conferred with the folks at Lot’s Cave, who were familiar with Boruma Publishing, and they gave their blessing to get in touch with them. THEN things suddenly started taking off! Jo at Boruma Publishing took my first story, “Confessions of My Nephew,” and worked diligently to edit it, clean it up, and get it REALLY ready for publishing, as well as give it a much-need “woman’s” touch, as it was told from a first-person woman’s perspective. After a little over a month of invaluable input, not only was my book available on Carnal Pleasures, but also on the big name sites such as Barnes & Noble, and even Amazon! (Amazon later purged most of my titles, but that’s a whole ’nother story.)

Eventually all of my titles were released through Boruma Publishing, on sites I didn’t even know existed at the time, and Jo even tutored me on how to create decent covers for them, which turned out to be a process I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Through their invaluable assistance, my catalog currently includes 17 different titles, including bundles, with number 18 diligently making progress.

Due to extenuating personal circumstances, I ended up taking almost a year-long “break” from my erotica writing endeavors, but even during that time my titles continued to sell, and Boruma Publishing diligently looked after my author interests, even when I did not. Now my life is getting back on track, I have new “inspiration” through my wife and writing partner, and I am eagerly moving forward! I am excited about many of the changes taking place, even at some of the ones that seem “negative” at this point in time, because I fully believe they will start opening the doors to more positive ones in the very near future. And I am extremely excited at the prospect of being a part of all that. 🙂

Anyway, thank you again to Boruma Publishing for allowing me to post my (not so) brief introduction, and to share a little bit of my story to readers and some of my fellow authors. I look forward to making more contributions, and reading the contributions of others. I hope folks will check out my personal website, as well as connect with me on numerous other venues such as Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, my Reddit forum TabooTalk, and even Facebook! (LOL)  You can also write me directly by email at secretplaygrounds@gmail.com

Lock and load,

Forrest Young


Becca Sinh & Tani Fredricks

Since no one else has stepped up to the plate, we will.

Tani and I are twins. We’ve been extra-close for as long as we can remember. Not in the normal way twins are; we became lovers when we reached puberty. But we’re not lesbians in the true sense. We have sex with each other all the time, but mostly we’re hetero. Other women don’t interest us, but men sure do! Aren’t they fascinating creatures, girls? Those broad shoulders, lean hips, musky scent, and…everything else!  Mmmmmmm!  Yummy!

A lot of people have asked us about our first time with each other, and our first time with men. Both were totally explosive, and we were instantly addicted.  LOL

Helping us on that second occasion were our cousins, Alan and Roger, who have become the loves of our lives, and share our lovely ranch way out in the wilds of Montana. It’s a rare night we don’t have something going on…but I’ll leave the 4-way permutations to your lurid imaginations, and just say that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We’ve both been writing naughty stories since we were young; they make great roleplaying scenarios! A few years ago, Tani urged me to try and get some of them published online. Indie publishing was just getting started, so not many books had been published yet. Even so, we were stunned by the positive response! Who knew there were so many erotica-loving pervs out there??

We’ve collaborated on most of the books we’ve published, and we have many more planned. Running a ranch doesn’t leave us nearly as much time as we’d prefer for our writing, especially in the spring when livestock is being born. But we manage to carve out some time every week so that we can publish on a fairly regular basis.

If you haven’t read one of our books yet, look for Becca Sinh or Tani Fredricks wherever quality erotica is sold. Some of it’s sweet, some of it’s racy, and some of it is shockingly taboo. But it’s always fun for us to write. We hope it will be equally fun (and a whole lot more) for you to read!


K.C. Cave interviews herself

K.C. Cave
Why erotica?
I love sex! I’ve always loved sex! It’s a miracle–the intertwining of bodies, the buildup, the excitement, the tension and the incredible release of orgasm (or orgasms, when with a lover). And all the places to have sex–in bed, in the kitchen, on the couch, in the middle of the floor, on the porch, in the garage, anyplace outdoors (but especially in the woods)! It’s just so exciting. To be able to write about sex, in nitty gritty, loving detail (and unabashedly), is thrilling and liberating. All that contrasts with the reality that sex is taboo (explicit sex, anyway–as far as the media and advertising, it’s shoved down your throat). Sex–and I include masturbating, which I truly love and do every day–is something that virtually everybody does, but no one talks about. So it’s a real privilege to use my writing talent to share the joy and mystery of sexual arousal with readers as we explore this incredibly powerful human experience.
Do you remember the first erotica story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Two books, Over the Knee and On the Bare, both by Fiona Locke, got me so hot and bothered that I started thinking about writing erotica. They’re both very well written, so it set a high standard. The topics are spanking (and the books are very British, and the British are so into spanking!), which isn’t my primary kink. But the heat level is very high.
Does the process of writing erotica sexually stimulate you?
Absolutely. I can gauge a scene by how long I last before I have to stop writing, take off my clothes (assuming I’m not already nude; I usually am!) and begin self-abuse (ah, the use of irony!). Often, though, the arousal occurs away from the computer when a sex fantasy gels into a story. The memory of the sexual arousal carries through until I can sit down and write. It’s a lot of fun.
What is your favorite erotica genre to write?
Two answers: In terms of sales, gay. My first gay story, Welcome to the Club, was something I wrote as an afterthought (and without a lot of enthusiasm). The result? It’s far and away my best seller. Go figure. (I wrote a sequel, too: The Glory Hole Shebang.) The other category is lesbian (usually considered not very popular with readers). All my female characters end up making it with another woman (although some also continue to have sex with men). This is no surprise, since I definitely find women the most desirable sex. All my stories (I think) have some element of BDSM, But very mild–handcuffs, restraint, fun spanking. And I love masturbation! Everyone needs to do it more! Including my characters! Heck, they do it together! Yeah, I masturbate a lot, too.
What are your favorite words when writing erotica?
“Slick” and “smear” come to mind, as in something like, “She smeared her slick juices on her lover’s tummy before leaning in for a long, passionate kiss.” I like sloppy sex! Of course, my characters always have lots of towels handy. “Bucked” is another, as in, “Her hips bucked as she came.” And squeal! I love to make my woman characters squeal when they’re penetrated or about to come. As for female genitalia, the choices are limited. “Vagina” is so clinical (ditto “vulva”), but sometimes it’s the right word. I lean toward “pussy” the most. “Cunt” is harsh to my ears (I never use it) and I reserve it for highly charged scenes. “Yoni” is nice, but I’m not sure if all readers know what it means (vulva). Moving on to men, “cock” is what I use most. “Dick” for variety. “Penis” I use less often. But sometimes you just have to mix it up. Not a lot of choices, really. I mean, there’s “johnson” and other slang terms, but it just sounds so…slangy.
What turns you off when reading erotica?
Other than complete and total crap–bad grammar, misspelled words, awful sentence structure, incoherent story? Anything that takes you out of the story. For example, a lot of writers use “sex” when they should be writing pussy or vulva or cunt. Drives me nuts! I’m pretty sure it’s a British thing, and if the writer is a Brit, I’ll grin and bear it. I just hate to read, “She put her hand between her legs and touched her sex.” Grr! Pussy! Cunt! Vulva! Another rant: Folks, the vagina is the birth canal. Confusing “pussy” and “vagina” drives me up the wall (and takes me out of the story). The vulva (or pussy) includes the inner and outer labia, the clitoris and hood, the entrance to the vagina (a hole, after all), and some other structures. Writing “vagina” when the correct word is “pussy” should be a crime. Sheesh.
How much of your personal sexual experience is in your fiction?
A lot, but don’t read too much into it. Certainly the power and passion of sex is something I’ve experienced and put into my writing. But a lot of it is pure imagination (or, maybe a better word, fantasy). Have I ever been caged in an acrylic cock cage (Making Michael Submit)? Uh, no. I’ve never seduced a cute female cop in a cheap interstate motel room (Alison’s New Toy) or “entertained” a bunch of steel mill workers on a busted pool table in the back of cheap bar (Upping the Ante). Nor have I sucked a dozen anonymous cocks in a run-down men’s highway restroom (The Glory Hole Shebang). And readers, I’m pretty sure, aren’t going to have those kinds of experiences. But it sure is fun reading (and writing) them.

Author Of The Week – Alana Church

Tonight one of my authors made a brilliant suggestion:  That we encourage everyone who visits our blog to share a story (or many). It can be anything at all. How did you start writing? What are your favorite genres? What do you like or hate about the writing process?  What’s your favorite website?  Who’s your favorite author (excluding yourself, of course)?  Where do you get the best sales?  What was the name of your first childhood pet?

It can be an uplifting story, a sad one, something meant to entertain or teach. Or it can be totally nonsensical. Write whatever you want.

There are only two rules:  No politics and religion, because these are such volatile topics.  And no flaming.  Please accept that we all have different opinions, and respect others’ rights to express their opinions even if you don’t agree with them.

Since it was her idea, Alana Church has agreed to post the first “Author of the Week” story.  Look forward to many more in the coming weeks!

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