A (not so) Brief Introduction

First of all, I wish to thank the folks at Boruma Publishing for giving me this opportunity to post this introduction. Second of all, I wish to apologize for taking so long to post it. 🙂 January has been a rather hectic month for us, and keeping up with any sort of social media has sort of fallen by the wayside.

Anyway, I write under the pen name of Forrest Young. I am in my mid 50’s, live somewhere in the heartland of the United States, and recently got married to my third wife. (Although in my mind, my second wife doesn’t really count, but we won’t go into that.) She also happens to be my new writing partner and collaborator, Lilly-Rose Young. We just recently released our first full collaboration, “Seduction of the Shrew”, which is the 5th installment of my series The Angel Falls Library Files. We are currently diligently working on book 6.

I’ve lived a rather interesting life, at least probably more interesting than most. To say my views have always been ‘unconventional’ would probably be a rather gross understatement. During my first marriage, I was fortunate enough to have a relationship where communication was one of the key factors, if not THE main aspect of it. That communication allowed us to explore many avenues that most couples would never dare to venture, including swinging, polyamory, and sexual fantasy and role play. Many of those aspects I use as the basis for most of the stories I currently write.

Throughout my life, the one constant seemed to be the occasional dabbling in writing. My first endeavors were a series of ghost stories I wrote before I even entered double digits in age. 🙂 And throughout my life I have always been told I am quite good at it. Although many projects were started, most of them went unfinished, the exceptions being a series of short erotic stories I wrote in my 20’s and 30’s, a handful of which actually got published in a couple of swingers magazines. My monetary compensation for these stories was free letter-forwarding coupons. (Keep in mind this was wayyyy before the days of computers and internet hookup sites.) A few of those stories I cleaned up a bit and released as a series of shorts I dubbed the “Spinning Heads” series.

Through a series of events which is WAY too long to get into, I started seriously looking into what sort of process would be required to actually get stories published, especially ones that were erotically taboo in nature. Actually using the search words “incest” and “taboo,” I came across a site called Lot’s Cave. Seeing the types of stories they actually accept and distribute, this looked like the perfect venue to “dip my toes into.” so to speak. Figuring there was no harm in trying, I decided to try to submit something to them. Rather than using any of my previously written stories, however, I decided to work on something brand new, going further into the “taboo” than I had ever delved in before. About a month later, “Confessions of My Nephew” was born. After submitting it, Lot’s Cave was very excited about the concept, but it needed a lot of editing and “cleaning up.” In the process of waiting for that to happen, I belted out a couple of other incest-related stories, “Mother Pushes the Swing” and “If the Door Is Open…”. I submitted both of those stories as well, and waited for the editing process to move forward. A cover was designed for “Confessions,” but not much progress was made after that.

While waiting for THAT to happen, I stumbled across Smashwords, and the concept of self-publishing. I decided to try that route, but didn’t want to use what I already submitted to Lot’s Cave, so I came up with a short-story series concept called “The Angel Falls Library Files.” I used that series to ‘experiment’ with Smashwords, and I was actually surprised at the positive response I was receiving from the first entry, “Watch Me, Daddy” (which was later re-titled “Craving His Attention”). Needless to say, I made a lot of mistakes in my first venture into Smashwords and self-publishing, but the lessons learned were invaluable.

In further research, I came across the website “Carnal Pleasures,” and as a result, Boruma Publishing. I conferred with the folks at Lot’s Cave, who were familiar with Boruma Publishing, and they gave their blessing to get in touch with them. THEN things suddenly started taking off! Jo at Boruma Publishing took my first story, “Confessions of My Nephew,” and worked diligently to edit it, clean it up, and get it REALLY ready for publishing, as well as give it a much-need “woman’s” touch, as it was told from a first-person woman’s perspective. After a little over a month of invaluable input, not only was my book available on Carnal Pleasures, but also on the big name sites such as Barnes & Noble, and even Amazon! (Amazon later purged most of my titles, but that’s a whole ’nother story.)

Eventually all of my titles were released through Boruma Publishing, on sites I didn’t even know existed at the time, and Jo even tutored me on how to create decent covers for them, which turned out to be a process I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Through their invaluable assistance, my catalog currently includes 17 different titles, including bundles, with number 18 diligently making progress.

Due to extenuating personal circumstances, I ended up taking almost a year-long “break” from my erotica writing endeavors, but even during that time my titles continued to sell, and Boruma Publishing diligently looked after my author interests, even when I did not. Now my life is getting back on track, I have new “inspiration” through my wife and writing partner, and I am eagerly moving forward! I am excited about many of the changes taking place, even at some of the ones that seem “negative” at this point in time, because I fully believe they will start opening the doors to more positive ones in the very near future. And I am extremely excited at the prospect of being a part of all that. 🙂

Anyway, thank you again to Boruma Publishing for allowing me to post my (not so) brief introduction, and to share a little bit of my story to readers and some of my fellow authors. I look forward to making more contributions, and reading the contributions of others. I hope folks will check out my personal website, as well as connect with me on numerous other venues such as Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, my Reddit forum TabooTalk, and even Facebook! (LOL)  You can also write me directly by email at secretplaygrounds@gmail.com

Lock and load,

Forrest Young