Hunted in the Bush, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 9

Hunted in the Bush

Stalked and Mounted by a Big Man

Feeling stressed, Jane visits the forest for the calming affects of nature, but instead encounters a hunter with the rather strange hobby of hunting women. After rendering the feisty woman unconscious, the big fellow strips her naked and sets his plan into motion. Soon, his curvy prey awakens with a tail superglued to her ass, antlers strapped on her head and her hands taped into hooves.

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Hitting on the Man, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 8

Jane learns the brutal consequences of harassing an assassin

Hitting on the Man

Double-Crossed and Punished

The sexy mom and librarian is craving some brutal penetration, and when she enters the game of a genetically modified assassin, she gets what she came for. Rough and sometimes even painful surprises are just one of her kinks, and she closes her eyes as she chooses a game for her eighth gaming trip. When the curvy woman lands in a scientific complex, she immediately notices that one of the scientists is not like the others. After interrupting the bald man’s mission, he seduces the hell out of her, while secretly planning to use her lush body to complete his mission.

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To Snatch a Thief, Casual (sex) Gamer 7

The Voluptuous Librarian, Zealots & One Stealthy Thief

Jane Holden enters her first stealth video game to discover she’s not sneaky at all. In fact, it’s impossible for the sexy mom to keep quiet when she climaxes…and that seems to happen a lot. After the horny librarian agrees to the game’s disclaimer warnings, she drops into the castle of strange, tool worshiping zealots. In her opinion, the men are about as chauvinistic as they come, and everything about her immediately offends them. Lucky for her, there’s a thief lurking about, and he has a score to settle with the zealots. The thief admits he’s no hero, but he’ll rescue her for a price. Unfortunately, she’s flat broke, but the man is happy to accept her luscious body as payment.

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Yee-haw! Ride Her Cowboy, Casual (sex) Gamer 6

A Gunslinger Cowboy, Lassos, Rough Sex and an Outlaw Gang-bang

Jane, the voluptuous librarian, is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. She can’t resist the new gunslinger game and a chance to meet Joe the cowboy. In spite of the game warning of a brutal gang-bang, the sexual thrill seeker pulls on her cowboy boots and enters the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of outlaws and in desperate need of a rescue when they decide to tie her to a cactus and brand her.

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Hell Of a Time, Casual (sex) Gamer 5

Her Darkest Adventure

Jane is doomed to have a hell of a time when she enters her son’s dark old-school horror game.

Hell of a Time is Jane’s roughest adventure yet. It’s the book where she realizes that even she has limits, only to have them trampled into the dirt. When the voluptuous woman willingly enters a terrifying horror game, she’s captured and used by possessed soldiers in a brutally rough gang bang and caught by a dangerous and demonic creature. The sexy mom is in dire straights and desperately needs rescued when she meets a muscled military hero. After this dark trip into the gaming world, Jane is derailed from her quest for rough sex and her goals shift toward a quest for something, or someone, else.

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Kept in the Catacombs, Casual (sex) Gamer 4

Coerced in the Dungeon

Jane, a lusty, voluptuous gamer mom, discovers that her fourth-cumming gaming trip isn’t a walk in the park when she ends up in a dark dungeon. It turns out that the keeper is intent on possessing her body, and not in a good way. He orders his minions to pass her around to the many unusual inhabitants of the dungeon to persuade her to submit, saving the most dangerous for last. They all enjoy her perfectly delectable body, and some are even tempted to take a bite out of it.

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What’s Yours is Mine, Casual (sex) Gamer 3

Captured, Claimed and Restrained

This is the third book in the Casual (sex) Gamer series, where every book is inspired by a popular video game. Jane is a lusty MILF, and a ‘sexual thrill-seeker’ who discovers she can travel into strange worlds to live out her kinky fantasies of rough sex, BDSM, dub-con, and being hunted. The best part about it is that she’s always returned home completely intact, no matter how terrifying her adventures become.

Jane enters a game world made entirely of cubes, a bizarre flatworld where the inhabitants are fascinated by her generous curves and smooth lines. It’s lucky that the busty MILF likes it rough, because the game characters don’t take the time to ask, let alone listen if she refused.

She’s caught and pounded by a giant black figure with a very angular shaft then thrown off a cliff to awaiting zombies. Once she finally reaches her main destination, the sole pioneer’s home, she discovers the brutal man doesn’t take no for an answer.

The dominant man uses her every which way he desires, roughing her up while attempting to subdue her stubborn ways. He loves the contrast of his blocky body to her rounded breasts and ass, and decides to keep the lusty woman for good. Jane is rightfully terrified when she learns that he’s got a taste for enslaving her, but can she escape the huge, blocky man?

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Invaded by the Alien, Casual (sex) Gamer 2


Caught by the Sadistic Space Smugglers

Jane was eager to meet the smugglers in her teenager’s video game, hoping they’d show her a good time like her last trip. However, the horny woman soon finds that being trapped on a spaceship with two viciously sadistic alpha-males isn’t a piece of cake. She only wanted a few hours of rough sex, but instead, she’s hunted, caught, strapped down, spanked, used, and interrogated.

The beast, Olfim, is knee deep in spaceship repairs after a recent trip through an astroid field. He’s glad to take a break though, when the small female appears out of nowhere. As a stowaway, she’s fair game and he savors the smell of her terror as he hunts her down. After she’s caught, he happily collars his new insatiable pet, and doesn’t hesitate to introduce every one of her holes to his massive cock. When she unknowingly confesses to knowing about his smuggling activities, Olfim is incensed and sets off on a mission to discover exactly where she got her information. Luckily, his human co-pilot, Sam, is thrilled to use his interrogation tools on Jane’s perfectly curvy body. However, it’s difficult to extract non-existent information, but he deeply enjoys giving it his best shot.

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Hot Threesome in Cold Antarctica, A New Years Eve Ménage à Trois


Marisa is nineteen and secluded in an age related isolation experiment. New Year’s Eve, she makes a wish and is surprised when two men appear for a kinky visit. One is young and the other is old enough to be her father, but both men are ripped and sexy as hell. They want to show her what she’s been missing in life, and their methods are irresistible as the two insatiable men take her just about every way possible.

Marisa has always fantasized about older men and having a Ménage à Trois, and now her wish has come true. For a very small price, you can read all about her highly detailed and extremely arousing encounter. It is also available in our Holiday bundle, along with the Viking Santa story, Season’s Beatings.

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Marisa woke up and stretched, looking around the Antarctic sphere she’d lived in for one year. The petite, nineteen-year-old woman climbed out of bed and glared at the calendar on the wall, noting that the date marked her one year anniversary of the research project. It was New Years Eve and she couldn’t care less, because the isolation was really starting to get to her and she’d been dead wrong when she thought it wouldn’t phase her.

Just the day before, she thought that she might need therapy when she had an in depth and slightly hostile conversation with herself. It was one thing to talk to herself, but when it turned to arguing, well…she thought that was a really bad sign. The incident had driven home just how lonely she’d become, which surprised her because she’d been a loner her entire life.

She’d always actively avoided being around others, which was why she decided to sign up for the assignment. Usually she was happy for any solitary time she could get, but apparently this time she’d taken things too far.

At the beginning of the research project, her daily duties had taken a good chunk of er time. However, after a year of perfecting her routine, she got everything done within a couple hours unless something unforeseen came up. This left the rest of the day to do…absolutely nothing.

It was now getting dark, and the December supply box was sent through her airlock earlier that day so she tore into it purely out of boredom. Her jerky boss sent one every month and she wasn’t expecting anything special to be inside, so it was quite a surprise to find a bottle of champagne and she eagerly pulled it out of the package. When she smiled, it was her first of the week, and it amused her suddenly how the little things in life now meant a lot to her. The problem was that there were very few “little things” to appreciate.

The champagne gift really surprised her, because she suspected the lead scientist was the devil incarnate and thankfully, she didn’t hear from him too often. She popped the cork and sniffed it suspiciously, checking for poison. As she filled her glass, she considered doing some lab tests on the liquid just to be safe, but realized that was going a bit overboard.

“Well, I’m spending way too much time alone,” she said, grabbing her glass as she shrugged off her ridiculous suspicions. She headed to the window and stared up at the sky. There were northern lights flashing brightly and the wind blew loudly. She clutched her lab coat tighter as she took in the view of the barren and desolate landscape.

At the twinkle of a star in the sky, she held her glass up in a toast and before taking her first sip, she made a wish. She’d just touched the glass to her lips when the usual drone of silence was interrupted by a thump at her airlock door. Marisa jumped and nearly spilled her drink as she spun around to see what had happened. She’d been alone in the silent sphere for so long, with only the sound of the wind to keep her company, that the small noise really sent her heart racing. The entire time she’d been living in the sphere, she’d never had a visitor. In fact, she wasn’t allowed any because it would ruin the experiment of the affects of extreme isolation.

She hurried over, half worried, and half excited to find the most handsome older gentlemen she’d ever seen. He was very distinguished looking and wearing a white robe. He knocked on the inner door of the airlock, which was actually designed to minimize heat rather than air loss. As she paused, still not sure what to do, she watched him shiver at the unheated air. If she let him in, the experiment would be over, but she couldn’t very well leave him outside.

Would you mind opening up, Marisa? It’s rather cold out here and I’m too old to be out in this temperature.” He patted his toned body, that of a sixty year old athlete, and noted the goose pimples forming. Hurry?”

Marisa stared at the drink in her hand, now pretty sure her boss had spiked it with something. She knew the man was out to get her but this was going too far. There couldn’t possibly be a bare chested man in an ornate robe wondering around Antarctica. Besides the obvious poisoning, she thought about the sad wish she’d just made on the shooting star.

Hey, you know what’s weird? I just wished to never spend another holiday alone!” she called to the man through the thick glass, explaining how ridiculous it was, then added, “And here you are. This…this can’t be a coincidence, can it?”

The man cast a glance behind him, as if he were looking for someone, and then looked back through the window. His tanned face was framed by a perfectly trimmed beard and a full head of grey hair. His chest was exposed where his robe was open, and she couldn’t help but notice how ripped he was.

Deciding to play along, she headed to the airlock switch. Even though this was breaking several rules of the study, she was feeling a bit tipsy and was pretty sure hallucinations didn’t count anyway.

Fuck it!” she announced, pressing the button. Her hand flew to her mouth at the vulgar language she’d just used, because her mom had raised her better. Typically, she was a very well behaved and proper individual. She was just feeling a little spunky this New Year’s Eve. With an overly bright and welcoming smile, Marisa threw the lever to open the door, so that her hallucination could come in out of the freezing cold.

Goodness me, but it’s cold out there!” the man announced as he stepped inside, his white linen loincloth doing little to keep him warm as he let the robe fall to the floor. He rubbed at his body briefly to warm himself then smiled at the woman. Happy old year, Marisa,” he greeted her, offering her a hand and when she instinctively took it, he pulled her into a warm embrace. He kissed her deeply, his strong arms wrapped around her soothingly to caress her back with unexpectedly warm hands.

I’m the old year, Twenty-Sixteen, but you can call me Sixteen for short,” he told her with a smile as he kissed her again. His lips pressed to hers, and his tongue probed into her mouth. He paused, pulling back to nod toward the air lock. The new year, Seventeen, will be here soon, you know?”

Marisa tilted her head, not understanding what he said, but figuring that figments of her imagination didn’t need to make sense. However, this one sure did smell wonderful. She didn’t know what cologne he wore, but it was amazing. The matter at hand seemed much more important and she focused on his soft lips against hers. She’d always been attracted to older men, and besides, it was traditional to kiss someone on New Year’s Eve. She got to her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, returning his kiss and opening her mouth for his tongue. Her body was small against his large one, and she pressed her body against him, thrilled to be in someone’s arms again.

Another knock at the airlock had her eyes flying open, but she wasn’t willing to stop the kiss, and neither was the old man. He carefully walked them over, so that he could open it without stopping. His blue eyes twinkled at both Marisa and the new arrival as he caught her lip between his teeth.

A handsome young man close to her age stepped inside and closed the airlock behind him. A thrill ran through her at the sight of him, because he was pure perfection. His blond hair was long and thick, and his all over tan was very obvious given the thin “Happy New Year” sash and loincloth he wore. Not a fit start to my year, Sixteen,” he commented as he stepped up to the pair and pressed his large body against Marisa’s back.

Indeed not, but we’ll warm up quickly I’m sure,” Sixteen pointed out as he lowered the lab coat down Marisa’s shoulders.

“Hi,” she chirped, now speaking to her newest hallucination in a hope that he wouldn’t disappear.

“Mmmmm…well, hello,” he replied, brushing her hair aside and kissing her neck.


Chapter 2


“Uh, am I hallucinating?” she asked, closing her eyes to savor the feeling of their bodies against hers.

Their hands were quick and sure as they removed her clothes and her breath grew heavier. Their kisses didn’t miss a beat on her neck, ears and lips while she briefly worried about how to write this up in her daily log. She was swiftly stripped naked and embraced between their muscled bodies, being crushed between them. Their hands running over her body brought a shiver of anticipation and she quickly recalled the erotic things she’d imagined in all of the kinky fantasies that she never imagined living out.

The young man’s grip was firm on her petite, firm body, and she could tell by the way he reverently stroked her that he highly approved. Her excitement grew feverish at the sensation of his very large cock rubbing against her ass, and she arched her back to feel it better.

She’d never been self conscious of her appearance and enjoyed sex on the two other occasions she’d had it. So, when she was quickly disrobed, it suited her just fine. “Oh, my goodness. Is this really going to happen?” she asked, her nails digging into the older mans shoulders as she stood completely naked between them.

Marisa groaned into Sixteen’s mouth as her tongue rolled over his, and she reached down to find his erection very promising under his loincloth. The palm of her small hand pressed into it hard and she moved it lower to feel his balls and then stroke behind them.

Much to her disappointment, they stopped and backed away from her, grinning from a few paces away.

Yes, it’s really happening, Marisa. But, listen. We’re here for a reason,” pointed out the older man as he rested an elbow on the younger man’s shoulder.

I know it!” Seventeen exclaimed. He couldn’t wait to get more of Marisa and started toward her. The older man cuffed him and he stopped with a yelp of surprise.

Not that! Well, not just that,” Sixteen explained as he tugged the other man back by the hair and winked at her. You’re too isolated, Marisa, even before this experiment. We’re here to show you just what you’re missing in the world.”

Ever read Christmas Carol?” The young man asked, grinning playfully. I’m the future and present, and he’s way past it.” He jumped as Sixteen tweaked his nipple and took over.

Basically you shouldn’t be alone and divorced from humanity,” the bearded man announced, explaining exactly how she was too isolated.

Okay, I’d love it if you’d show me what I’m missing,” Marisa said, knowing that she’d never have an opportunity like this again. Anything these two handsome men wanted to show her, she’d be happy to see.

Now that they’d got the talking out of the way, Marissa was suddenly a bit shy about what to do next. Her eyes went from one man to the other, then she glanced at the bed and blushed.

Seventeen removed both their loincloths with an easy tug. Their erect cocks stood proud as they took up position on either side of her body. She felt the heat coming off of them, instantly warming her body. She was already dripping and tingly between her legs.

They easily lifted her petite body, and her feet dangled as they pressed against her, smashing her between them. Marisa held onto the young man’s broad shoulders as they lowered her onto their cocks, gradually filling up both of her holes. They kissed her passionately as she was double penetrated, her breasts rubbing on Seventeen’s chest.

When they both entered her, Marisa felt almost painfully full and her gasping breath was a half scream that echoed throughout the sphere.

Sixteen’s cock stretched her virgin rectum, forcing into her painfully. She never had a feeling like it, and tensed as he drove in deeper. Soon she didn’t mind the pain, because his cock was rubbing new places inside her and nothing had ever felt so good in her life. In fact, it felt so good that she was in a mindless ecstasy. The friction of their cocks against the thin membrane dividing her ass and vaginal wall sent thrills of pleasure through her. It was mind blowing and she threw her head back to meet the older man’s shoulder behind her, reaching her arm back around his neck to hold on.  

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Season’s Beatings, Jane and the Viking Santa, Now available!

Our newest book, Season’s Beatings is was published just before Christmas. Wahoo!

On sale now at A1AdulteBooks and Carnal Pleasures


Jane wasn’t looking forward to a lonely Christmas but a decorating accident had her waking at the North Pole. The muscular Viking called Nick wasn’t what she’d expected Santa to look like, but she had no complaints about his rough treatment of her body. As for him, a voluptuously curvy woman with an ass made for spanking and lips made for sucking was just what he needed before his big night.


“I know everyone’s name,” he laughed, a deep rumbling sound filled with good humor. “You mean you can’t guess where we are?” He slapped her full rear before passing over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, “Drink up. There’s a decent amount of brandy in it.”

He lifted a huge wooden tankard, draining it in one hearty swig then headed inside to work on a sleigh in the centre of the room. The orange glow of the braziers lit the ancient carvings on the wood frame, making them appear to move in the flickering light. Nick secured a huge leather sack in place behind the seat then fitted a harness studded with gold rivets and hung with dissonant bells. Eight empty loops dangled from the long shaft that ran down the centre of the harness, ready for the sleigh pullers. He hung a reindeer skin from each one, bundled up around some hard objects before he was finished.

Jane followed him in and closed the heavy door behind her, sipping the delicious chocolate. As he prepared his sleigh, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She was a huge fan of strong men with bulging muscles, and he definitely fell into that category…and then some. Sex was foremost in her mind, as usual, and she fought the urge to show him her breasts.

As she took it all in, she realized that somehow she was in the North Pole. That was ridiculous, but she decided to play along because she desperately wanted to be pressed against his naked body.

Once finished, he turned back to Jane, his grin even wider. “Well? Do I have an answer yet, and have you been naughty or nice?” He winked as he pulled her closer, both hands grabbing her ass hard, “Or both?”

A thrill of excitement rushed straight between her legs and she tried to focus on what he’d just asked. “Oh, I’ve been very good this year, Nick,” she lied, noticing the ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’ scrolls glowing on the enormous table beside them.

Brushing aside the fact that her name just might be near the top of the naughty list, she imagined him bending her over the sturdy table. With those tree stumps for legs, it would definitely be a good one for that. Heck, the thing probably wouldn’t scoot at all if the big guy rammed into her with all his strength.

Her arms went around his neck and she smiled up at him. “That’s a nice sturdy table you have there, Nick,” she said, giving it a bump with her hip and grinning when it went nowhere.

“You do know I’ve read the lists?” the man teased between kisses. “There’s no malice in you though, and I don’t do puritanical beliefs. You’re way up on the nice list. Let’s make sure of it, while you’re here!” He pulled a small present from his jerkin, passing it to Jane then stepping back.

Revealed was a small doll, curvy and nude apart from a set of minuscule harness that resembled the ones on the sleigh. Nick winked at Jane and drew her attention to the fact that her own clothing now matched the doll exactly, having shifted imperceptibly. The leather straps encircled her breasts and forced them to stand even prouder than usual, a small bell dangled by a loop of thread from each nipple, and the harness split in two at her crotch to leave her fully exposed. The big man stepped closer, catching her arms before she could move and securing them behind her back. “Now then, how do you want to ask me for another present?” he chuckled, opening his trousers to reveal an intimidating erection.

Read a longer excerpt here, and happy holidays!