Hunted in the Bush, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 9


Jane visits the forest for the calming affects of nature, but instead encounters a hunter with the rather strange hobby of hunting women. After rendering the feisty woman unconscious, the big fellow strips her naked and sets his plan into motion. Soon, his curvy prey awakens with a tail superglued to her ass, antlers strapped on her head and her hands taped into hooves. She’s ordered to run as he relentlessly hunts her through the dark woods and the frightened woman is horrified as he plays a game of catch and release, welting her curvy body as he enjoy’s her fear. Once again, the busty woman is regretting her gaming choice—until she realizes just how the older man mounts his trophies.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~


In the Casual (sex) Gamer series, a feisty divorcee discovers a way to quench her desires of rough sex, punishment, bondage, non-consent and domination with no lasting consequences. When Jane purchases a mysterious controller that transports her into video games, she discovers a virtual world where the inhabitants are sadistic as hell and satisfyingly brutal enough to give her exactly what she needs. In fact, their tastes are a perfect match for hers and no matter how rough things get, she is always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and unharmed—until her next craving hits.

Hunted like prey with no choice but to run…

Climbing out of the bush took some painful maneuvering, and even though Jane was scratched up, it wasn’t the worst landing she’d ever had. Oblivious of the twig poking out of her hair, she looked around and tried to focus only on the peaceful sounds of nature.

Just beside her was a large fallen tree, and she sat on it to remove a sandal. As she turned it upside down and debris fell out, she realized opened-toed shoes were a terrible choice of footwear for the woods. However, now that she was there, it seemed like she should make the most out of it and soak in nature’s calming goodness.

Inhaling a deep breath as she closed her eyes and focused on the sounds around her. Crickets chirped, frogs croaked, and the wind whistled through the trees. “Jesus. This is a little creepy,” she muttered, not sure why she thought it would be pleasant in the first place. She tried the exercise again, this time with her eyes open just in case anything snuck up on her. The darkening forest helped her realize what a mistake she’d made. “Well, this isn’t working at all,” she grumbled.

It was time for her last resort, and she reached for her flask to discover it missing. “Dammit all to hell!” she yelled, standing quickly to look around for the missing flask. Her voice echoed through the mossy trees, causing birds to fly off in the darkness. “Guess that answers the question about bringing things into the game world.” She stilled at the sound of leaves crunching under approaching feet. “Oh, please don’t be a bear,” she whispered, looking around for a weapon and finding nothing.

Seconds later, a hulking hunter strolled into her little corner of the forest wearing a bright orange safety vest that made him easily visible against the dark greens and browns of nature. He was used to surprised reactions to his size and smiled at the shapely woman’s wide eyes.

He nodded in greeting and offered her a calloused hand that was as tan as the rest of his visible skin.

Jane remained silent as she examined the size difference between their hands. She’d always had a weakness for big men, and this fellow was straight out of her fantasies.

“Evening, miss,” the older man said. “You look a bit lost. Never expected to find someone so pretty this deep in the forest. Broken down car?”

Still speechless, she just stared up at him like a simpleton. He hadn’t looked nearly as enormous on the television screen…or as handsome. He was insanely attractive and probably old enough to be her father, which sparked her interest even more. It seemed that he was much more polite than she was used to, reminding her of a distinguished gentleman hunter. It was impossible to miss the charismatic way about him, and she was immediately attracted to him.

He cleared his throat. “Someone drop you off? Are you lost?” he asked, giving her hand a squeeze.

“Uh, yes, I…I’m a little lost,” she said, trying to pull her thoughts together. “I’m so glad you found me or I’d have been wandering for days.”

“That’s entirely possible,” he said, plucking a leaf out of her long dark hair. He grinned down at her, deciding his hunting expedition just improved by leaps and bounds. “Well, don’t you worry. I’ll take good care of you. My truck is parked just this way, let’s get you a seat and a hot drink.”

“That sounds nice,” she said, staying close to him as he led her through the woods. “Do you have anything to put in that drink?”

“Of course. I’ve got a flask of black coffee and a bottle of whiskey to go with it.”

She admired his cocky, self assured swagger. It was hot and somehow gave the impression that he was an expert at everything he did. “Well, I’m really starting to enjoy the great outdoors,” she said, wondering where his truck was because they seemed to be deep in the woods. It hadn’t occurred to her that the forest would be so dark and she was glad that she wasn’t alone.

“Getting close to nature’s good, though you might have taken it a bit far,” he pointed out, his eyes skimming her lightweight sundress and dainty sandals. He wondered why the beautiful woman was so deep in the forest, and all alone. However, even though he was curious, he never looked a gift horse in the mouth, and planned to make the most out of it. “I’ve also got a blanket in the back. You’re not really dressed for the woods, and night’s coming on fast.”

She jumped as he brushed at her rump, shifting some dirt and bits of plant from her dress with a little more force than necessary. It was almost a swat, but not quite. When he finished, his hand stayed put, and he squeezed her curvy behind.

“I’m Dave, come out here for the quiet to hunt. Further than most hunters come, less chance of being shot by a newbie and more privacy.” He grinned meaningfully.

His hand distracted her, but she let it stay there for the moment. “Nice to meet you. I’m Jane.”

While they continued through the forest, Dave’s hand started inching her dress up in the back, and she decided to play hard to get for a change. She feigned shock and jumped out of his grasp, turning to smile playfully.

“Now, Dave, you just mind your manners. You’re getting awfully handsy there!”

His grin widened, a wink accompanying it as he goosed her again. “And you’re a surprisingly tricky prey,” he teased, pointing to his truck that just came into view. The huge four-by-four was parked on a dirt path, it’s running lights illuminating the dense forest surrounding it.

Jane arched a brow when he called her prey, but the sight of his giant truck distracted her because she often fantasized about being screwed from behind as she bent over the hood of one.

“Let’s get you a bit of a warmer then.” He draped one arm over her shoulders casually as they arrived.

“Oh, nice,” she murmured, stroking a finger across the glossy surface. “I just love a man with a big truck.”

The man chuckled and retrieved a heavy thermos. “A woman after my own heart,” he said, pouring her some steaming coffee and adding a generous shot from a bottle of whiskey.

“Now get yourself around that, it’ll take the chill off the day.” He poured himself a matching one and leaned back against the truck, looking Jane up and down and noting the erect nipples through the thin fabric.

She sipped her drink and sighed. “Delicious! I love Irish coffee, thank you. So, do you come here often?”

“Every chance I get, nice to get away from the city and back to the wild. It’s a bit restrictive there,” he explained, watching her finish off the coffee. He’d put an extra shot of whiskey in it just to make her more pliable.

Setting his cup aside, he leaned over to take her empty one. “Speaking of which, you really aren’t dressed for hunting. Close your eyes and let me get you something suitable, trust me, it’s a surprise.”

“Okay. I love surprises,” she said, doing as he asked. “I should tell you that I don’t want to hunt, but it’s okay if others do it if they eat what they catch.” She pictured his big truck with a dead deer tied to it and grimaced.

“Oh, believe me, I do,” he said, coming up behind her to press his big body against her back.

She leaned against him, happy to get right to the sex, but something felt a little off because things never went that smoothly in the game world. Usually, she was roughed up…or worse. Still, the manly hunter was completely irresistible, even if he was a gentleman and not her usual type. His arm came around her waist, playfully pinning her hands to her sides as he showed her his strength. He pulled her against his solid frame, leaning down so the lusty woman could feel his warm breath against her ear.

“You’ve still got your eyes closed?” he asked, her perfumed hair wafting in the night air.

When his lips grazed her slender neck she shivered and tilted her head to give him better access. “They’re still closed,” she said, her toes curling under with excitement.


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Hitting on the Man, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 8


In the Casual (sex) Gamer series, a lusty single mom happens upon a way to live out her lifelong fantasies of rough sex, non-consent, abduction, and BDSM. Jane is craving some brutal penetration, and when she enters the game of a genetically modified assassin, she gets what she came for. After landing in a scientific complex, she immediately notices that one of the scientists is not like the others. He seduces the hell out of her, while secretly planning to use her lush body to complete his mission. Jane can hardly believe it when she’s viciously double-crossed and tossed to the sadistic wolves to pay the price for the hitman’s crimes.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The man who caught her attention was masculine and it looked like he sported a bald head under his hat. He was way hotter than the other scientists, and because he seemed to be on a mission, she decided that the best course of action was to delay him and possibly get into his pants.

He was entering a room with a few much shorter men in white coats when Jane caught up, sneaking through the door behind him before it closed. She thought she’d done well, until she crashed into his solid back when he stopped abruptly.

“Goodness. Sorry, big fella. You know, I couldn’t help but notice…you’re much larger than all the other men here. I mean, if they all attacked you at once, I bet you could kick all their scientific asses, couldn’t you?”

The scientist reacted instantly, grabbing her elbow and pinching the nerve cluster to freeze her with silent agony. He swiftly escorted her into the corridor, swearing silently as he desperately looked for a room to take her, spotting an office with frosted glass. Perfect.

Jane cringed in pain and wondered how a simple grip to her elbow could possibly hurt so bad. She was temporarily frozen in pain as he opened the door and walked in, pulling her with him.

The man behind the desk half rose at the intrusion. “What’s the meaning of this?” he sputtered angrily.

“Spy, maybe assassin,” the bald man bluffed. “Look at her, isn’t it obvious?”

Jane blinked in surprise, but she was unable to speak because of the death grip on her elbow.

The gray haired man narrowed his eyes at Jane and walked around the desk, drawing a gun and pointing between her eyes. “Right. Good work, we’ll interrogate then dispose—”

His sentence was abruptly cut off as the bald man stepped behind him and snapped his neck easily. He lifted the lifeless body and headed for a large cupboard.

As he stuffed the man’s body into the cabinet, Jane made a run for it. She was quickly out the door and bolting down the empty hall. Looking behind her as she rounded the first corner, she plowed into a huge guard.

“Holy crap. I’m sorry,” Jane said, as she tried to go around the man. “Excuse me, I really have to go—”

Interrupting her, he caught her arm and gave her a brutal shake. “What the hell are you doing in here,” he asked, pulling her into a nearby laboratory. It was a big empty room that smelled hideous. There was expensive looking equipment, tables covered with junk that Jane couldn’t care less about, and no other exit.

Her nose scrunched up at the smell and she caught sight of an open garbage chute just before the man shoved her. The big fellow put so much force behind it that she fell to her knees, tumbling further into the room. She quickly jumped up and spun around to glare at him, her breath heaving and fists clenched.

“Jesus. Don’t be such a dick,” she said, glancing around the room for something to use as a weapon.

He grinned in response, kicking the door closed behind him. With his big, brawny arms crossed, he leaned casually against the door and simply watched her. His grin slowly turned rather sinister and Jane knew the look well. He was one of the sadistic game characters and the tougher things got, the more he’d get off. That type made up the majority of the male population in the gaming world. It excited her, but it also scared her because things sometimes got out of hand. The fear fueled adrenaline rush went straight to her pussy, making it wet.

“I’m…I was um…just visiting,” she said again, grabbing a sharp pair of scissors.

“Wrong answer. There are no visitors allowed here,” he informed her, his head tilting with interest as she waved the scissors at him.

“You just move away from the door and I won’t have to hurt you,” Jane threatened.

“That’s cute, kitten,” he said grinning. “Bring it on. I love a fight before a good fucking.”

She wracked her brain for something to say and decided upon a lie, just to get a little practice because she usually sucked at it so bad. “Wait! I’m a virgin.”

“Well, that just makes things more interesting,” he said, pushing away from the door. “I love cherry picking. Don’t worry, this will hurt you more than it does me,” he said, strolling toward her in spite of the scissors.

Jane didn’t have it in her to stab him and threw her weapon aside with a yelp. She turned to run, but only made it a few steps before his strong arm hooked around her waist, yanking her against his big body. His erection pressed against her ass and it felt enormous as he held her in his steel grip.

“Have you got a tight little virgin ass, too?” he asked, his warm breath against her ear as his palm ran up her stomach to rub across her large breasts.

“Yeah, I do,” she lied, not sure he’d be able to tell one way or the other on that one.

As she grew incredibly horny, she decided not to escape after all, and she arched her back to press her ass harder into him. She sighed deeply as he pinched at her nipples through her shirt while his teeth caught her earlobe and nibbled gently.

Jane went completely limp against his big body. “Mmmmm,” she groaned, feeling his tongue run up and around the edge of her ear.

“Well, that wasn’t too hard,” a feminine voice said from the doorway behind them. “It might even be a new record for you, Rex.”

Jane’s eyes flew open to see a mean-looking buxom blonde heading their way. “Oh boy, another sadistic one,” Jane said, deciding it might be good to start struggling again. She pushed at the man’s arm around her waist but it was a fruitless effort.

Just as the woman reached them, Jane kicked backward at the man and the pointy heel of her designer shoe connected with his bony shin.

“Now you’re just pissing me off,” he said, gripping her shirt in both hands and tearing it completely off her. “That’s a slutty bra for a virgin,” he said, looking down over her shoulder at the lace cups just barely covering her large breasts. He lifted her up abruptly and tossed her across the counter, yanking her jeans completely off. “Nice, matching panties, he said, lowering them to her thighs. An appreciative whistle sounded as he caressed her round ass.

Jane was distracted, thinking about her expensive pumps that had fallen off. She really shouldn’t have worn them into the game, but she hadn’t thought about it. “Um, wait a minute, Rex,” she said, hoping she remembered his name correctly, “Can you slip my shoes back on me? If I’m going to lose my virginity, I want to do it in my pumps.”

He rolled his eyes at her ridiculous request, but shrugged, thinking her long legs did look amazing in the shoes. “What the fuck, go ahead and get em’ on, but make it fast.”

“Allow me,” the blonde woman said with a chuckle.

Out of nowhere, the man’s heavy hand came down on Jane’s ass. As she screamed from the impact, her shoes were slipped back on her feet. Unfortunately, Rex wasn’t done, and his strong hand came down repeatedly in vicious blow after blow. Jane’s screaming echoed loudly in the room, wondering what she’d done to deserve the punishment. Her ass was bright red when he finally stopped, and Jane watched absently as the blonde woman picked up a test tube.

The lady’s red lips curved into a vicious grin. “Do you know what this is?”

“Hopefully water?” Jane answered.

The woman chuckled and bent to kiss Jane’s mouth, biting her lip. “No, my dear. This isn’t water. It’s acid, and it will do terrible things to those shoes you love so much if you don’t behave like the little whore I need you to be. Now, beg to lick my cunt.”

Jane gasped at the threat to her shoes, considering them her ticket to see Damien again, however she didn’t feel like partaking in the girl on girl action. “Listen, no offense, but my door doesn’t swing that way,” Jane explained, eyeing the vial of acid.

Rex chose that moment to thrust all the way into her without any notice. The thick, bulbous head of his huge cock pushed through the wet opening, going insanely deep. “You lying slut!You’re no virgin,” he yelled, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her head back. “I’m going to destroy your fucking pussy for getting my hopes up.”

Jane screamed repeatedly as he pounded into her, bruising her scarlet ass. “Oh, yes! Do it! Kill my pussy!” she urged.

His cock slid in and out smoothly, becoming coated with her arousal. She gasped at the delicious sensation, feeling the head bottom out against her cervix.

The blond woman smirked at Rex. “I think you’ve met your match. The whore is loving it,” she taunted.

Rex didn’t give a shit because he was positive he’d just happened upon the best cunt on the planet. His huge cock had never been happier, and nothing would get him down. He growled like an animal, slamming against her even harder as he decided to keep the slutty little woman at any cost.

Every impact sent a thrill through Jane until finally she screamed and arched her back. “Oh, my god! Yes!” she gasped, her pussy clenching and throbbing against Rex’s cock as she had a mega-orgasm.

The sensation of her insides convulsing on his thick penis made him cum with an animalistic groan, and he bent across her back, biting at her neck to mark her as his.

The blonde woman watched the intense scene, her eyes wide in astonishment. “Well, holy crap. Killer show, Rex,” she muttered, fanning herself.

Jane’s heart thundered and she cried out as the man bit her viciously hard while he came. His spurting seed had nowhere to go but out because he was hung like a horse and his giant cock filled all the available space inside her.

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Casual (sex) Gamer, Bundle 2; Dungeons, Demons, Soldiers, Cowboys & Outlaws

Jane Holden is a single mom with a record breaking libido. After the demise of her sexless marriage, she has a lot of ground to cover and wants sex any way she can get it. Finally she finds satisfaction when she discovers a way to enter video games where dominating, sadistic, and sometimes brutal characters await to show her a rough time. In fact, most of the game characters are sadistic as hell and her perfect match, because Jane gets a special thrill out of getting the hell scared out of her, and thrust into her.
In books four through six of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, Jane is tied up, tied down, spanked, whipped, and has every single hole used, sometimes at the same time. The books are full of descriptive rough sex as she’s treated to one unusual erotic encounter after another. In this bundle, she’s in dire straits and in need of a rescue more than once, only to find out that even heroes have their dark sides. There are a few times when she is completely terrorized…but it doesn’t scare her away in the least, instead it just adds spice to the sex. Nothing will derail her from her lust for adventure and search for the next climax, and the thrill of the unknown always keeps her coming back for more.
Book 4, Kept in the Catacombs

Coerced in the Dungeon

As Jane enters the dungeon catacombs, there are some rough inhabitants who all want a piece of her voluptuous body and the keeper is intent on possessing it…and not in a good way. He commands his minions to pass her around to the many unusual denizens to persuade her to submit, saving the most dangerous for last. Read excerpt 
Book 5, Hell of a Time

Her Darkest Adventure

Jane has a hell of a time in a doomed military base infested with possessed soldiers, demonic creatures and one very hot hero. She goes into the game in the mood for some rough sex, and gets exactly what she came for. After she is gang-banged by a group of possessed soldiers, she falls into the hands of a sadistic demon-like creature who takes a liking to her. She’s in need of a rescue, and there’s a sexy military hero in the vicinity with her name written all over him. Read excerpt 

Book 6, Yee-Haw! Ride Her Cowboy

A Gunslinger Cowboy, Lassos, Rough Sex and an Outlaw Gang-bang

In book six of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, the voluptuous librarian is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. When she finds a new gunslinger game, Jane can’t resist the chance to meet Joe the cowboy and visit the Old West. Despite the game warning of a brutal gang-bang, the sexual thrill seeker pulls on her western boots and jumps into the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. 

Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of outlaws and is in desperate need of a rescue. All injuries heal fast in the game world, but the outlaw’s plan to tie her to a cactus and brand her is going way too far. Read excerpt 



To Snatch a Thief, Now Available!

In book seven of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, Jane Holden enters her first stealth video game to discover she’s not sneaky at all. In fact, it’s impossible for the sexy mom to keep quiet when she climaxes…and that seems to happen a lot. After the horny librarian agrees to the game’s disclaimer warnings, she drops into the castle of strange, tool worshiping zealots. In her opinion, the men are about as chauvinistic as they come, and everything about her immediately offends them. Lucky for her, there’s a thief lurking about, and he has a score to settle with the zealots. The thief admits he’s no hero, but he’ll rescue her for a price. Unfortunately, she’s flat broke, but the man is happy to accept her luscious body as payment.


“To hell with going out, I’ve got a new hobby, and a lot of steam to blow off, ” she said, heading to the kitchen. She had two shots of cherry vodka, then headed for the console. Grabbing the first game she found, Jane briefly glanced at it and shrugged, thinking it would do just fine. The cover featured a shadowed world and a sneaky-looking hooded guy. She plopped it in the console and while she waited, glanced down at her work clothes; a silky white blouse, black skirt, thigh high stockings and heels. She shrugged, knowing she’d probably return without them but thought she might quit that job anyway.

The warnings began and Jane couldn’t be sure, but she thought the announcer sounded irritated. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt your bubble bath?” she teased, knowing he wouldn’t answer.

“…game may contain rough sex, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, and possible zombie—” the floor vanished beneath Jane’s feet and as she fell, she hoped she didn’t land on a zombie.


In the game world, the thief snuck through the abandoned mine beneath the monastery, occasionally passing cynical witticisms even though his audience was himself and the odd zombie, briefly baffled by the voice from nowhere before a sword removed its head. The smell was awful, the runoff from the zealot’s weapon and armor factory disposed of here to try to barricade the undead away. As he made his way through the dank tunnel, Lofty knew his black cloak and leather gear would never be the same again.

Finally, he approached the lower entrance, flitting around the pair of guards while they discussed the exact words of the constructor regarding sin.

“Worship thy mighty screwdriver,” Lofty mocked almost silently, “for that is the toolsmith’s way.”


As she fell, the anticipation of a painful landing had Jane on edge. Injuries healed fast in the game world, but that didn’t mean landing on a pitch fork wouldn’t hurt. That was what nearly happened in the last game she’d traveled into. It had been a very close call.

The fall into the game world lasted long enough for her to grow overly anxious. As a light finally shone up from below, she screamed just before crashing down onto the middle of a huge trestle table, breaking dishes and causing food to fly up.

“Oh, holy shit! That was the most painful landing yet!” she groaned, rolling onto her back to catch her breath.

She glanced around and saw that she wasn’t alone. The table was surrounded by surprised men, all built like laborers and wearing red hooded uniforms topped with steel armor. Some of them had their forks halfway to their mouths frozen in surprise, some had stood up and stepped back, and all of them looked unpleasantly angry.

“Sorry. Did I interrupt your dinner? Where the heck am I, anyway?” she asked sitting up and brushing herself off.

“Who are you?” demanded the largest, standing up and pushing his steel helm back. “You are dressed like a harlot without modesty as befits a woman of the faith! You swear,  make eye contact boldly, you do not belong!” His beard bristled with anger as he gestured to two burly acolytes who grabbed her arms and hauled her off the table.

Even though Jane tried to pull away from them, they easily dragged her out of the room and down an ancient corridor lit by smoking oil lamps. “What crawled up his ass? Just hold on a minute. Jeeze. Could you two lighten up? Your grip is kind of tight, and it’s not like I’m going to overpower two gorillas,” she complained, looking around.

The place was very eclectic, with water dripping down the walls in places, yet in other spots, there were elegant tapestries and displays where you’d typically find artifacts. However, these exhibit cases contained hammers and other tools.

“Who the heck did you hire to decorate for you? Your freaking mechanic?” When they ignored her, Jane rolled her eyes. It was very refreshing to take her frustrations out on someone and she continued to let the insults fly as they bruised her arms with their iron grips. “Oh, I see. It’s going to be one of these games…where I’m grabbed up by a bunch of dickheads, ” she ranted.

The men hauled her into a stone cell, forcing her head and wrists into metal stocks, the edges lined with leather. She gasped as they tore her clothes off unceremoniously, dropping them into a brazier to be destroyed in the fire.

“Those were my work clothes!” she complained, struggling to pull out of the medieval contraption they’d shoved her into.

“Lace and silks are not suitable for women,” the abbot bellowed behind her, slapping her rounded rump hard.

She cried out in surprise because she wasn’t a big fan of being spanked. “Well, who the heck is supposed to wear them then? You?” she asked, eyeing his long robe. “I bet you’ve got stockings on under there, don’t you?”

He ignored her taunts, stroking a hand up her leg. “Shaving your body incites lust, you are immodest and must be corrected!”

He stormed around in front of her and drew a whip, throwing it to one of the subordinates. Jane’s eyes widened in terror and before she could even scream, they cracked it expertly, drawing a series of parallel lines across the curve of her buttocks from thigh to back.

“Oh! Ouch! Stop it!” Her eyes quickly began to water and she gasped in a sharp breath, immediately worrying about how long their punishment would last. She struggled, quickly realizing that she wasn’t going anywhere until they opened the contraption they’d stuffed her into. “Oh, stop!” she screamed, as the whip came down again.

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Yee-haw! Ride Her Cowboy, Now Available!

In book six of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, the Jane is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. When her son brings home a new gunslinger game, she can’t resist the chance to meet Joe the cowboy and visit the Old West. Despite the game warning of a brutal gang-bang, the sexual thrill seeker pulls on her cowboy boots and jumps into the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of outlaws and in desperate need of a rescue. All injuries heal fast in the game world, but the outlaw’s plan to tie her to a cactus and brand her is going way too far.

Carnal Pleasures |  | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes and Noble

Excerpt | (click here for bonus X-rated Excerpt)

Final Version 2 copy
A gunslinger cowboy, lassos, rough sex, and an outlaw gang-bang.

Feeling in serious need of a distraction, she continued with her plan. After a very brief consideration, Jane pulled on a pair of old cut off shorts and a sheer frilly blouse. The outfit was sexy as hell and it was complimented by her cowboy boots. She hoped to surprise the handsome gunslinger, imagining him eagerly pulling her clothing off.


She stood in front of the console with the magical controller in her hands. “Here goes nothin’,” she said, thinking that a western town would be a pleasant change because there wouldn’t be any demons with deadly cum there.

By now, Jane knew the drill. At any moment, the warning announcements would begin and she was more than ready. She pictured herself falling straight into the handsome man’s lap as he rode his horse, and smiled happily as she fell back onto the couch and propped her cowboy boots on the coffee table.

“Warning, adults only,” the announcer stated, sounding bored.

Jane chuckled. “Uh, yeah…no kidding.”

“This game contains bondage, a rigorous hog-tied gang bang, rough sex, oral sex, anal sex, moderate to severe pain—”

“No way! Really?” Jane asked, scrambling to sit up. It surprised her that would all be in a western game, but she was also more excited. She loved rough sex, and she’d been gang-banged once before in that Hell-game. That was a scary one, but strangely enough, she loved being terrorized, so she nodded her agreement and the couch immediately vanished out from under her.

She was suddenly falling through darkness while the warnings continued, “—deep throating, and blood and gore. All injuries incurred will be repaired during gameplay.”

Seconds later, she crashed through a roof and landed in a huge pile of hay. Pieces of wood from the ceiling clattered to the floor around her as she ducked and screamed in surprise. Her sheer blouse was torn open and her generous curves were highlighted in the moonlight that shone in through the hole she just made in the roof. Jane looked around the interior of a large barn, hoping that Joe the cowboy was somewhere nearby.

Chapter 2

In the game world, the cowboy rode slowly homeward to the old ranch, planning to resupply and rest for a time after his adventures. He’d read another chapter or two of his book at least, he decided. Joe grinned, remembering how he’d gushed about the stories to his dad, telling him tales of the future and of progress, and here he was riding the range. A rueful laugh burst forth as he spotted a lone cattleman’s hut ahead.

“Close enough to sundown, reckon that’ll do me,” he said aloud in the manner of one who’s been his own company for too long. “Nice pot of coffee, mess of beans and I’ll do fine.” He yawned and scratched his horse behind the ears, making her whinny and toss her head. “Come on girl, let’s see if there’s any grass there for you.”

Joe looked around at the sudden crashing noise, poking his head into the abandoned shed to discover that the table was collapsed on the floor but almost sure that he’d heard something else. He shrugged and went back to preparing a campfire and watering his horse.


A short distance away, the notorious outlaw gang arrived at their hideout after a night of robbery and arson. As their cook stoked up the campfire to prepare dinner, they heard a crash and then a feminine scream from inside their barn. They grinned at each other as they dismounted, eager to meet their visitor.

The leader kicked the doors open and Jane yelped, looking up with hay poking out of her voluptuous cleavage. She was hoping to see her handsome cowboy, but instead found four huge men. It had to be the gang-bang the disclaimer mentioned, but it was a shock because they were all so big…much bigger than her.

They filed inside and stopped, hardly able to believe their luck as their eyes swept over the curvy woman.

“What in tarnation’s she wearin’?” the biggest man asked, tilting his head as he looked her up and down.

“Not much, that’s for sure,” the smaller of the men answered with a grin.

Screenshot 2017-04-04 12.05.45Jane held her torn blouse closed, but the effort was useless because the ruffled fabric was so sheer that they could see right through it.

“Wait, stay back!” she yelled, trying to sound stern.

“No, I don’t think we will,” a red-haired man said, removing the cowboy hat he’d just stolen and tossing it to land neatly on a hook.

Jane frowned when they came closer and scrambled to her feet. She looked around for a weapon, took a few steps back and grabbed a pitch fork to fend them off.

“Aw, now don’t be like that,” the smallest of the men said, shoving a floppy hat back on his head to reveal brilliant blue eyes. “Call me Jace, sweetheart, and I’ll take good care of you.”

The leader rolled his eyes and rubbed the scar on his cheek, thinking he was about to see another woman throw herself at Jace’s feet. It pleased him when their curvy guest turned the pitchfork toward the man instead, waving it nervously. “Just stay away…um, Jace. I’ve got to go now, so back up.”

Ike cleared his throat. “You aren’t going anywhere. All we want are your holes, woman,” he said, still hoping she’d put up a fight as he reasoned with her. “We don’t want to hurt you,” he lied.

“Uh…we don’t?” the biggest guy asked, confused because that wasn’t like them at all.

They moved in, slowly surrounding her as she stood on her mountain of hay. “I said stay back!” she warned, spinning as the big guy made a move for the pitchfork. “Go away you…you…darn outlaws!”

“She’s got nice skin. I want to see her titties,” the big outlaw said, catching ahold of her blouse and yanking it hard. Jane screamed as it was torn completely off of her, leaving her in a bra and cut-off shorts.

The red-haired man laughed. “Those ain’t titties, Luis. When they’re that big, we call ’em melons,” he corrected.

The leader chuckled as he looked her up and down. He pulled a lasso from his belt.”Guess we’ll just do it the easy way then,” he said, twirling it up and tossing it over her to secure her arms at her sides.

Jace’s shaggy blond beard didn’t hide a playful smile as he yanked the pitchfork away from her. The sudden movement caused his floppy hat to slide down and half conceal his bright eyes. Jane was a complete sucker for rugged good looks, and she thought he probably couldn’t be all bad.

He grinned and tapped her nose with the handle of the pitch fork. “Might fuck you with this later, just to teach you a lesson,” he announced, proving that looks could be deceiving.

“Strip her and get her tied, boys! I want her hogtied and hanging from that beam!” the leader commanded, plucking a piece of hay from Jane’s cleavage and placing it between his grinning teeth. Ike grinned and stepped back, chewing it as he watched his gang crowd in on the pretty gal.

A rope was tossed over the beam and Jane slapped at their rough and intrusive hands. The outlaws set to work tearing the cut-off shorts from her body as she tried to push them away. They yanked her lacy white bra off and the sight of her huge breasts momentarily struck them speechless. Jace let out a long whistle of appreciation and their looks grew excited, heated and intense.

“Uh, I don’t think I’ll like being hung up,” she explained, not enjoying the way this was starting out in the slightest.

“You ain’t supposed to like it, girly,” the leader replied.

Jane felt cheated at the way things were turning out. She’d planned to meet up with the gunslinger who slaughtered outlaws in the street…outlaws exactly like the ones that were tying her up.

“Just hold on a minute! I want my gorgeous cowboy!”

“Yeah, sorry. He ain’t here,” the biggest guy said, gripping her chin as he stared at her with bloodshot eyes. His meaty hand squeezed her jaw, forcing it open to inspect her gaping mouth. “I reckon my cock will fit in there just fine, might be a little shallow though. May need to use some of yer throat, too.” His dirty brown hair flipped in front of his face as he bit her upper lip and ran a tongue over her teeth.

Jane thought he needed a breath mint and fought harder, but it was useless. When he was done, Her booted foot kicked out and nailed him in the balls. His eyes grew wide as he grunted then fell over clutching himself.

“I don’t want to dangle from the rafters!” she screamed, turning to run.

The red haired man caught her around the waist and pushed her back into place under the baling hook.

“Bad idea. Luis don’t take kindly to getting his balls busted,” Jace told her, stepping closer to squeeze a large breast.

The big man recovered quicker than humanly possible and didn’t bother to get up as he caught her foot, twisting it to hurt her ankle purely out of spite. He yanked her down beside him and the impact knocked the wind out of her. She gasped for air while they jostled her about, wrapping their endless supply of ropes around her wrists and binding them to her ankles in front of her. They tied her expertly, as if they’d done it many times.

Finally, they stepped back as Jace tested the knots. As usual, he’d done such a good job that there wouldn’t be any escape.

“Can’t we do something else?” she pleaded.

The handsome man shook his head. “Naw, we already have this all planned out. Guess I can ask for you though. Ike? The little lady wants to know if we can do something else?” Jace called over his shoulder as he slid a thick finger into her vagina. “Mmmm, feels nice in here.”

“Don’t think so,” Ike said, unconsciously rubbing the ugly scar that the gunslinger gave him. “Hurry it up, boys, or I ain’t sharin’.”


Hot Threesome in Cold Antarctica, A New Years Eve Ménage à Trois


Marisa is nineteen and secluded in an age related isolation experiment. New Year’s Eve, she makes a wish and is surprised when two men appear for a kinky visit. One is young and the other is old enough to be her father, but both men are ripped and sexy as hell. They want to show her what she’s been missing in life, and their methods are irresistible as the two insatiable men take her just about every way possible.

Marisa has always fantasized about older men and having a Ménage à Trois, and now her wish has come true. For a very small price, you can read all about her highly detailed and extremely arousing encounter. It is also available in our Holiday bundle, along with the Viking Santa story, Season’s Beatings.

Available Now: A1AdulteBooks | Carnal Pleasures | Holiday Bundle


Marisa woke up and stretched, looking around the Antarctic sphere she’d lived in for one year. The petite, nineteen-year-old woman climbed out of bed and glared at the calendar on the wall, noting that the date marked her one year anniversary of the research project. It was New Years Eve and she couldn’t care less, because the isolation was really starting to get to her and she’d been dead wrong when she thought it wouldn’t phase her.

Just the day before, she thought that she might need therapy when she had an in depth and slightly hostile conversation with herself. It was one thing to talk to herself, but when it turned to arguing, well…she thought that was a really bad sign. The incident had driven home just how lonely she’d become, which surprised her because she’d been a loner her entire life.

She’d always actively avoided being around others, which was why she decided to sign up for the assignment. Usually she was happy for any solitary time she could get, but apparently this time she’d taken things too far.

At the beginning of the research project, her daily duties had taken a good chunk of er time. However, after a year of perfecting her routine, she got everything done within a couple hours unless something unforeseen came up. This left the rest of the day to do…absolutely nothing.

It was now getting dark, and the December supply box was sent through her airlock earlier that day so she tore into it purely out of boredom. Her jerky boss sent one every month and she wasn’t expecting anything special to be inside, so it was quite a surprise to find a bottle of champagne and she eagerly pulled it out of the package. When she smiled, it was her first of the week, and it amused her suddenly how the little things in life now meant a lot to her. The problem was that there were very few “little things” to appreciate.

The champagne gift really surprised her, because she suspected the lead scientist was the devil incarnate and thankfully, she didn’t hear from him too often. She popped the cork and sniffed it suspiciously, checking for poison. As she filled her glass, she considered doing some lab tests on the liquid just to be safe, but realized that was going a bit overboard.

“Well, I’m spending way too much time alone,” she said, grabbing her glass as she shrugged off her ridiculous suspicions. She headed to the window and stared up at the sky. There were northern lights flashing brightly and the wind blew loudly. She clutched her lab coat tighter as she took in the view of the barren and desolate landscape.

At the twinkle of a star in the sky, she held her glass up in a toast and before taking her first sip, she made a wish. She’d just touched the glass to her lips when the usual drone of silence was interrupted by a thump at her airlock door. Marisa jumped and nearly spilled her drink as she spun around to see what had happened. She’d been alone in the silent sphere for so long, with only the sound of the wind to keep her company, that the small noise really sent her heart racing. The entire time she’d been living in the sphere, she’d never had a visitor. In fact, she wasn’t allowed any because it would ruin the experiment of the affects of extreme isolation.

She hurried over, half worried, and half excited to find the most handsome older gentlemen she’d ever seen. He was very distinguished looking and wearing a white robe. He knocked on the inner door of the airlock, which was actually designed to minimize heat rather than air loss. As she paused, still not sure what to do, she watched him shiver at the unheated air. If she let him in, the experiment would be over, but she couldn’t very well leave him outside.

Would you mind opening up, Marisa? It’s rather cold out here and I’m too old to be out in this temperature.” He patted his toned body, that of a sixty year old athlete, and noted the goose pimples forming. Hurry?”

Marisa stared at the drink in her hand, now pretty sure her boss had spiked it with something. She knew the man was out to get her but this was going too far. There couldn’t possibly be a bare chested man in an ornate robe wondering around Antarctica. Besides the obvious poisoning, she thought about the sad wish she’d just made on the shooting star.

Hey, you know what’s weird? I just wished to never spend another holiday alone!” she called to the man through the thick glass, explaining how ridiculous it was, then added, “And here you are. This…this can’t be a coincidence, can it?”

The man cast a glance behind him, as if he were looking for someone, and then looked back through the window. His tanned face was framed by a perfectly trimmed beard and a full head of grey hair. His chest was exposed where his robe was open, and she couldn’t help but notice how ripped he was.

Deciding to play along, she headed to the airlock switch. Even though this was breaking several rules of the study, she was feeling a bit tipsy and was pretty sure hallucinations didn’t count anyway.

Fuck it!” she announced, pressing the button. Her hand flew to her mouth at the vulgar language she’d just used, because her mom had raised her better. Typically, she was a very well behaved and proper individual. She was just feeling a little spunky this New Year’s Eve. With an overly bright and welcoming smile, Marisa threw the lever to open the door, so that her hallucination could come in out of the freezing cold.

Goodness me, but it’s cold out there!” the man announced as he stepped inside, his white linen loincloth doing little to keep him warm as he let the robe fall to the floor. He rubbed at his body briefly to warm himself then smiled at the woman. Happy old year, Marisa,” he greeted her, offering her a hand and when she instinctively took it, he pulled her into a warm embrace. He kissed her deeply, his strong arms wrapped around her soothingly to caress her back with unexpectedly warm hands.

I’m the old year, Twenty-Sixteen, but you can call me Sixteen for short,” he told her with a smile as he kissed her again. His lips pressed to hers, and his tongue probed into her mouth. He paused, pulling back to nod toward the air lock. The new year, Seventeen, will be here soon, you know?”

Marisa tilted her head, not understanding what he said, but figuring that figments of her imagination didn’t need to make sense. However, this one sure did smell wonderful. She didn’t know what cologne he wore, but it was amazing. The matter at hand seemed much more important and she focused on his soft lips against hers. She’d always been attracted to older men, and besides, it was traditional to kiss someone on New Year’s Eve. She got to her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, returning his kiss and opening her mouth for his tongue. Her body was small against his large one, and she pressed her body against him, thrilled to be in someone’s arms again.

Another knock at the airlock had her eyes flying open, but she wasn’t willing to stop the kiss, and neither was the old man. He carefully walked them over, so that he could open it without stopping. His blue eyes twinkled at both Marisa and the new arrival as he caught her lip between his teeth.

A handsome young man close to her age stepped inside and closed the airlock behind him. A thrill ran through her at the sight of him, because he was pure perfection. His blond hair was long and thick, and his all over tan was very obvious given the thin “Happy New Year” sash and loincloth he wore. Not a fit start to my year, Sixteen,” he commented as he stepped up to the pair and pressed his large body against Marisa’s back.

Indeed not, but we’ll warm up quickly I’m sure,” Sixteen pointed out as he lowered the lab coat down Marisa’s shoulders.

“Hi,” she chirped, now speaking to her newest hallucination in a hope that he wouldn’t disappear.

“Mmmmm…well, hello,” he replied, brushing her hair aside and kissing her neck.


Chapter 2


“Uh, am I hallucinating?” she asked, closing her eyes to savor the feeling of their bodies against hers.

Their hands were quick and sure as they removed her clothes and her breath grew heavier. Their kisses didn’t miss a beat on her neck, ears and lips while she briefly worried about how to write this up in her daily log. She was swiftly stripped naked and embraced between their muscled bodies, being crushed between them. Their hands running over her body brought a shiver of anticipation and she quickly recalled the erotic things she’d imagined in all of the kinky fantasies that she never imagined living out.

The young man’s grip was firm on her petite, firm body, and she could tell by the way he reverently stroked her that he highly approved. Her excitement grew feverish at the sensation of his very large cock rubbing against her ass, and she arched her back to feel it better.

She’d never been self conscious of her appearance and enjoyed sex on the two other occasions she’d had it. So, when she was quickly disrobed, it suited her just fine. “Oh, my goodness. Is this really going to happen?” she asked, her nails digging into the older mans shoulders as she stood completely naked between them.

Marisa groaned into Sixteen’s mouth as her tongue rolled over his, and she reached down to find his erection very promising under his loincloth. The palm of her small hand pressed into it hard and she moved it lower to feel his balls and then stroke behind them.

Much to her disappointment, they stopped and backed away from her, grinning from a few paces away.

Yes, it’s really happening, Marisa. But, listen. We’re here for a reason,” pointed out the older man as he rested an elbow on the younger man’s shoulder.

I know it!” Seventeen exclaimed. He couldn’t wait to get more of Marisa and started toward her. The older man cuffed him and he stopped with a yelp of surprise.

Not that! Well, not just that,” Sixteen explained as he tugged the other man back by the hair and winked at her. You’re too isolated, Marisa, even before this experiment. We’re here to show you just what you’re missing in the world.”

Ever read Christmas Carol?” The young man asked, grinning playfully. I’m the future and present, and he’s way past it.” He jumped as Sixteen tweaked his nipple and took over.

Basically you shouldn’t be alone and divorced from humanity,” the bearded man announced, explaining exactly how she was too isolated.

Okay, I’d love it if you’d show me what I’m missing,” Marisa said, knowing that she’d never have an opportunity like this again. Anything these two handsome men wanted to show her, she’d be happy to see.

Now that they’d got the talking out of the way, Marissa was suddenly a bit shy about what to do next. Her eyes went from one man to the other, then she glanced at the bed and blushed.

Seventeen removed both their loincloths with an easy tug. Their erect cocks stood proud as they took up position on either side of her body. She felt the heat coming off of them, instantly warming her body. She was already dripping and tingly between her legs.

They easily lifted her petite body, and her feet dangled as they pressed against her, smashing her between them. Marisa held onto the young man’s broad shoulders as they lowered her onto their cocks, gradually filling up both of her holes. They kissed her passionately as she was double penetrated, her breasts rubbing on Seventeen’s chest.

When they both entered her, Marisa felt almost painfully full and her gasping breath was a half scream that echoed throughout the sphere.

Sixteen’s cock stretched her virgin rectum, forcing into her painfully. She never had a feeling like it, and tensed as he drove in deeper. Soon she didn’t mind the pain, because his cock was rubbing new places inside her and nothing had ever felt so good in her life. In fact, it felt so good that she was in a mindless ecstasy. The friction of their cocks against the thin membrane dividing her ass and vaginal wall sent thrills of pleasure through her. It was mind blowing and she threw her head back to meet the older man’s shoulder behind her, reaching her arm back around his neck to hold on.  

This book is also available in the X-Rated Holiday Bundle:

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Season’s Beatings, Jane and the Viking Santa, Now available!

Our newest book, Season’s Beatings is was published just before Christmas. Wahoo!

On sale now at A1AdulteBooks and Carnal Pleasures


Jane wasn’t looking forward to a lonely Christmas but a decorating accident had her waking at the North Pole. The muscular Viking called Nick wasn’t what she’d expected Santa to look like, but she had no complaints about his rough treatment of her body. As for him, a voluptuously curvy woman with an ass made for spanking and lips made for sucking was just what he needed before his big night.


“I know everyone’s name,” he laughed, a deep rumbling sound filled with good humor. “You mean you can’t guess where we are?” He slapped her full rear before passing over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, “Drink up. There’s a decent amount of brandy in it.”

He lifted a huge wooden tankard, draining it in one hearty swig then headed inside to work on a sleigh in the centre of the room. The orange glow of the braziers lit the ancient carvings on the wood frame, making them appear to move in the flickering light. Nick secured a huge leather sack in place behind the seat then fitted a harness studded with gold rivets and hung with dissonant bells. Eight empty loops dangled from the long shaft that ran down the centre of the harness, ready for the sleigh pullers. He hung a reindeer skin from each one, bundled up around some hard objects before he was finished.

Jane followed him in and closed the heavy door behind her, sipping the delicious chocolate. As he prepared his sleigh, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She was a huge fan of strong men with bulging muscles, and he definitely fell into that category…and then some. Sex was foremost in her mind, as usual, and she fought the urge to show him her breasts.

As she took it all in, she realized that somehow she was in the North Pole. That was ridiculous, but she decided to play along because she desperately wanted to be pressed against his naked body.

Once finished, he turned back to Jane, his grin even wider. “Well? Do I have an answer yet, and have you been naughty or nice?” He winked as he pulled her closer, both hands grabbing her ass hard, “Or both?”

A thrill of excitement rushed straight between her legs and she tried to focus on what he’d just asked. “Oh, I’ve been very good this year, Nick,” she lied, noticing the ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’ scrolls glowing on the enormous table beside them.

Brushing aside the fact that her name just might be near the top of the naughty list, she imagined him bending her over the sturdy table. With those tree stumps for legs, it would definitely be a good one for that. Heck, the thing probably wouldn’t scoot at all if the big guy rammed into her with all his strength.

Her arms went around his neck and she smiled up at him. “That’s a nice sturdy table you have there, Nick,” she said, giving it a bump with her hip and grinning when it went nowhere.

“You do know I’ve read the lists?” the man teased between kisses. “There’s no malice in you though, and I don’t do puritanical beliefs. You’re way up on the nice list. Let’s make sure of it, while you’re here!” He pulled a small present from his jerkin, passing it to Jane then stepping back.

Revealed was a small doll, curvy and nude apart from a set of minuscule harness that resembled the ones on the sleigh. Nick winked at Jane and drew her attention to the fact that her own clothing now matched the doll exactly, having shifted imperceptibly. The leather straps encircled her breasts and forced them to stand even prouder than usual, a small bell dangled by a loop of thread from each nipple, and the harness split in two at her crotch to leave her fully exposed. The big man stepped closer, catching her arms before she could move and securing them behind her back. “Now then, how do you want to ask me for another present?” he chuckled, opening his trousers to reveal an intimidating erection.

Read a longer excerpt here, and happy holidays!

Jane’s Escape, One Librarian and Two Sadistic Bikers 2

On sale now!

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The bikers pulled a vanishing act after their first encounter, but they’re keeping tabs on Jane and she is completely fed up. The curvy woman is on her way out of town when she’s caught up in the unforeseen complication of a bank robbery. However, the money in the vault isn’t the only thing that the gang of robbers plan to take when they catch a glimpse of t luscious librarian. Now that her escape attempt is thwarted, will she end up in the two sadistic biker’s clutches again? Read an excerpt below.

Word count: 13,618



My first stop was the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and as I parked, a text alert buzzed. I anxiously picked my phone up and saw that it was from Hound-dog, the nicer of the two bikers. However, that really wasn’t saying much, because they were both sadistic as hell.

Hound-dog: What the fuck are you doing, Jane? You aren’t going anywhere.

My heart leapt with fear, and I grabbed my purse, hurrying into the BMV. At the counter, I reported my license lost, then handed over my social security card and birth certificate. It didn’t take long to get a new license and I almost ran as I hurried back to my car.

Before I drove off, I checked my phone, and there was a text from Jake.

Jake: This is going to be very painful for you, librarian.

I gasped and threw the phone into my purse like it bit me.

Five minutes later, I was entering the bank to empty my account. I only had six-hundred dollars, but I could make it last. My cell buzzed in my purse again and I blatantly ignored it. I shook off the fear and took a deep breath, but my ass burned just thinking about pissing the bikers off. It hurt like hell two weeks ago when Jake whipped me with his belt and I hadn’t even done anything wrong that time. As far as I could tell, they’d done it purely for the entertainment value.

I hurried inside and felt like I was being followed and turned to see a big man stop at the ATM machine. He looked me up and down and I fidgeted nervously, smoothing my skirt. Normally, I would be thrilled at the attention, but I’d had my fair share of that dominant crap lately. Besides, his obvious staring reminded me of the way the bikers acted.

As I waited in line, I watched the road, praying I wouldn’t see two huge motorcycles pull up. The guy at the ATM was still checking me out, and he reminded me of a lumberjack with his red and black flannel shirt and thick unruly hair. He was big and sexy, and an image of him ripping my blouse open flashed through my mind out of nowhere. Sometimes my lusty thoughts could be a real nuisance and I quickly brushed them away, and then I kicked them for good measure.

Today, the only teller working was a jerk named Steve that bullied me all through school. I narrowed my eyes at him as I approached the counter, conveying my dislike just in case he forgot my feelings.

However, before I could begin my transaction, a van pulled up and four masked men rushed inside. As I held my hands up, the men secured the place. Two of them ran into the unlocked vault while the other two gathered us into a corner.

The bigger man holstered his gun and headed toward me. As he walked, I heard a strange clinking noise and saw that he wore spurs on his boots. It was completely ridiculous and slightly sexy, because he really pulled it off with that swagger of his. I immediately nicknamed him Cowboy, because as a bank robber, he’d really missed his calling.

The christening of his new nickname reminded me of the group of men who occasionally visited my library. They always aroused the heck out of me, and I’d nicknamed one of them Cowboy, too. He wore boots and even walked like this fellow, except without the spurs.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why the intimidating man looked so pissed. But he was obviously put off about something the way  his eyes were narrowed through the slits in his mask. However, in spite of his huge size, I bravely held my ground as he stepped up close.

“Uh, nice boots,” I said, leaning back to look up at him.

“Thanks,” he said, ripping my blouse open without a pause.

I gasped as the buttons flew, because I’d just imagined the lumberjack doing that. Even so, this was just plain bad timing, because I was currently trying to escape two bikers that also ripped my clothes off.

As I tried to close my blouse, he roughly yanked it all the way off of me. When he tossed it to the floor, my purse went with it, spilling it’s contents everywhere.

He grabbed the elastic of my bra between my breasts and used it to yank me close, causing me to bounce against his hard chest. “Why don’t you take off your bra and stay awhile,” he said. Before I could blink, he had it unfastened and completely off of me, then leaned back to admire my generous curves. “Look at these! Nice! More than a handful. Now it’s time for some entertainment.”

I drew back to smack him and he caught my wrist and then bent to grab my phone off the floor. I blinked in surprise as he quickly placed my finger on the unlock button, and then I frowned indignantly at the stupid security of the thing.

He ignored me as he scrolled through Jake’s angry texts. “Holy shit! Your boyfriend is pissed. He says he’s going to enjoy punishing you,” he said. He paused to hold up my phone and snap a topless picture of me. I blushed as I heard the ‘message sent’ sound. “I bet he’ll appreciate that one. I love the way he calls you ‘Librarian’.”

He held up my phone and the red ‘recording’ light came on. “Let’s make good old Jake a video,” he said, then added, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a librarian. Lumberjack, get your ass over here and hold the camera or I’ll shoot you.”

The big customer hurried forward and took the camera, watching through the screen as he stepped back and directed it at me. He didn’t look hesitant to help out in the least, in fact, he looked rather intent on doing a good job filming.

The other robber held the gun on us, while the one with the spurs started speaking as if he were an announcer in a game show. He mimicked an annoying voice that I supposed some people might have found funny, but it just pissed me off.

“Jake, I’m going to help you out with your woman’s punishment. She’s the next contestant on ‘Let’s Defile the Librarian!’ Now, let’s get your hot little miss into position, shall we? Librarian, on your hands and knees, you’re getting fucked hard doggie.”

Lately, it seemed like I had a ‘degrade me’ sign pinned to my back, and I was getting sick of it. I decided to ignore him and turned my back to watch the others empty the vault. Their trips back and forth to their van were only interrupted to leer at my naked chest through the eye-holes in their ski-masks.

The guy with the gun stepped into my line of sight and motioned for me to get on my knees. I glared down at the large bulge in his jeans and then angrily flipped him off.

“Last chance to do it the easy way,” the cowboy said behind me, reaching around to pinch my nipples.

Even though I fantasized a lot about situations exactly like this, I hadn’t planned to live them out. Hell, if I was going to live out all my damn fantasies, I’d be in a world of pain, or maybe a padded room.

The cowboy got sick of waiting and spun me to face him, then impatiently grabbed me by the upper arms to give me a hearty shake. It was so violent that my glasses flew off and the nice, neat bun on top of my head unfurled.

“Jesus! Let go, dammit!” My hair tumbled down around me in wild disarray, but I was glad because it covered my breasts. Luckily, I could see well enough without my glasses, but I didn’t care for the whiplash. “Fuck you, jerk!” I yelled, beginning to panic.

“Wrong answer; and you’re the one who’s getting fucked, librarian.” His attention went to the video that the lumberjack was diligently recording while simultaneously grabbing me by the hair. “My-oh-my! Isn’t your little librarian pretty?” He forced me to the ground, and pressed his boot to my head, pinning it to the floor. I reached up, forgetting about his stupid spur and catching my thumb on it. The cut was small, but it only added to my panic.

“Just look at all that hair, waiting to be sprayed with my cum. Maybe I’ll wrap it around my cock, too,” he said, continuing his annoying narrative.

“Bank teller! Get behind this little whore and lift her skirt,” he yelled, adding, “Let’s see her pussy. I bet it’s soaked.”

Warning! This book contains the following arousing content: double penetration, rough sex, anal sex (painal), dubious consent, a butt-plugging punishment, spanking, cum play, oral sex, deep throating, a rough dub-con gang-bang (MMMMMMF), BDSM, whipping, a big-busted librarian, a gang of rough bank robbers, two manly cops, two sadistic bikers, and one sexy as hell truck driver.

Jane’s Defiance, One Librarian and Two Sadistic Bikers 1

On sale now!

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When two sadistic bikers enter a library and take a liking to the curvy librarian, she’s degraded, used and abused. Even though the voluptuous woman is inexperienced, she thought she was a “sexpert” from reading smutty books. However, the two dominating men enjoy teaching her things she’d never even heard of. She loves some of it and hates a lot of it, but she has no say in the matter anyway. That doesn’t stop her from trying, and unfortunately, her defiant attitude gets her into trouble. Eventually, they decide to keep her for good and sculpt her into their perfect little submissive slut. That just goes to show, they don’t know the her well at all, and they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

Warning: This story contains anal sex, BDSM, double penetration, rough and sadistic situations, abduction, dubious-consent, a very sexy and usually horny librarian, two mean yet sometimes likable sadistic bikers, debasing ass-to-mouth, leather, belts, spanking, humiliation, bondage, deep throating, cum play, and more.

Just a little heads up, this book was way to raunchy for Amazon, so you won’t find it there.


“Hello. I’m Jane. Can I help you with something? I was just about to close.”

“Well, isn’t that a shame, she was closing,” Jake said to the other guy.

They were a little scary, and a shiver of fear took me by surprise. Still, I felt a throbbing between my legs that I tried to ignore.

The big fellow smiled and I wondered if he knew I was suddenly frightened. “First, we need a book on the Honda GL 1000, then maybe we’ll let you leave,” he said.

My eyes widened and I nearly stumbled in my haste to check the computer, quickly locating the book they needed.

“Okay, I’ll just go get it for you. Be right back,” I said.

They stood on either side of the exit, and I looked from one man to the other as I lifted the counter. When I tried to pass between them, the bigger man blocked my path. He slammed the counter door behind me, making me jump in surprise and then looked my body over like I was his dinner.

The big shirtless guy rested his hands on the counter on each side of me, caging me in as he leaned close. His leather vest fell open, brushing the sides of my breasts and I realized that he was so near that I could feel heat coming off his naked chest.

“Uh, what…what are you doing?” I stammered, leaning back to look at him as he got into my personal space. Even though I adored big men, this one scared the bejesus out of me.

My head jerked at the rattle of keys and I saw that the other biker had my keyring and was headed to the library entrance to lock it.

The big shirtless guy rested his hands on the counter on each side of me, caging me in as he leaned close. His leather vest fell open, brushing the sides of my breasts and I realized that he was so near that I could feel heat coming off his naked chest.

He dipped his chin to scrape my temple with his stubble. “Fuck, you smell good, lady. You are a lady, right? I haven’t tasted a lady in a long while.”

My pulse went into overdrive, and his deep voice and breath against my ear sped my heart to a mad pounding. No one had actually tasted me…not ever; and really wanted that to happen. My toes curled, and I felt like fanning myself. I was seriously turned on, but I needed space so I placed my hand on his solid chest and pushed. He didn’t budge an speck but his muscles under my fingers felt so nice that I had a very unladylike urge to press my lips to it. Hell, he was so close, I’d only have to lean forward a tiny bit. Instead, I snatched my hand away.

He chuckled knowingly, not missing a thing.

“Uh, okay, come with me,” I whispered, leaning back further.

“All right Hound-dog. There’ll be time for that later,” Jake said, stroking his red beard thoughtfully.

My eyes widened and I wondered what he meant. “Your name is Hound-dog?” I asked, as he pulled his hands away from the counter, but still loomed over me.

“Yeah…a well earned nickname,” he said, grinning down at me. “Like it?”

I gave a quick nod, and awkwardly scooted around him as he stood his ground. As I hurried toward the back of the library, it shocked me when he smacked my ass really hard. It echoed through the cavernous building and I yelped.

“Look at that ass jiggle,” Hound-dog said to Jake, his voice full of admiration.

I gasped indignantly and glared back at him. “Hey! My ass doesn’t jiggle…and that hurt!”

“That was the point,” he said.

Without thinking, I moved into a run.

“Whoa, sexy librarian. Where you going?” Jake called, his voice filled with laughter. “Don’t run away, he was just fuckin’ around. We’ll catch you anyway.”

“The bitch likes that idea,” Hound-dog teased, too smart for his own good…or mine. “See how she’s movin’? She’s turned on.”

It seemed that Hound-dog had a sixth sense when it came to horny women, however, I didn’t care for being called a bitch. I fled down the aisle that had their book, but Jake appeared at the end, heading me off. I skidded to a stop and backed up, running into Hound-dog’s big body. His muscled arms came around my waist in a tight grip and he leaned down to bite my earlobe.

“Ouch!” I gasped, worried about how rough these guys might play.

“You’re not goin’ anywhere, and you’ll do exactly what we say.” As Hound-dog spoke, his hands roved the front of my body then stopped on my hips to yank my ass back against the hard bulge in his pants. “You feel that? You feel what I’ve got for you?”

My knees went weak and I relaxed against him almost instantly. Apparently, big, manly bodies worked just like a magnet with my curvy one. My head went back against his shoulder and I felt the rumble of his laughter against me.

Jake came to stand in front of me and yanked open my blouse, popping the buttons off. He traced his finger along the lacy edge of my black push up bra. “I fucking love this,” he growled. “This bitch is stacked.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but it was nice to be appreciated. I had a soft spot for lingerie.

Hound-dog tossed my blouse aside and kissed my shoulder. My bra quickly joined it on the floor and his lips went to my neck, his teeth grazing roughly. Shivers ran through me and my nipples hardened.

“Nice. I’m gonna fuck these tits,” Jake said, not looking away as he weighed my breasts in his hands, then smashed them together.

I wasn’t going to argue, because I thought that sounded like an excellent idea. However, being a perfect lady, I didn’t want to admit it.

Hound-dog’s hands trailed downward and inched my skirt up. When his fingers coasted over the tops of my stockings he froze. Before I knew what was happening, he spun me to face him and pushed me back an arms length away from him.

“Get that skirt gone,” he said, his voice gruff with excitement as he added, “Leave the stockings.”

Clearly, things had just amped up in intensity as the two men watched me like hungry wolves ready to pounce. I felt like running, while at the same time, I wanted to bend over and beg them to fuck me.

“No,” I said, backing up until I was pressed against the shelf. No way was I doing a strip tease for these guys, I was too shy for that kind of thing.

Jake’s eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms impatiently. “You don’t tell me no, Jane. Ever,” he said, his voice furious.

That scared me and without thinking, I bolted. Just as I reached the end of the aisle, Hound-dog caught me around the waist, hauling me against his solid body again. His mouth went to my ear. “Baby, why you running? We’re gonna make you feel so good that you’ll be screaming.”

Screaming in ecstasy sounded great to me, however, just as I calmed down, his hold tightened and he added, “Besides, you really don’t want to piss either of us off.”

It was too late for that though, because Jake already looked pissed as he came toward me. I opened my mouth to speak when he bent and tossed over his shoulder. He carried me like I weighed nothing, which kept my excitement peaked. When we got to my new book ladder, he put me on my feet, and stepped back to glare with scarily intense blue eyes.

“Now, let’s try that again. Take off the skirt, Jane,” Jake said.

I didn’t feel like I had a choice, so I reached around and unfastened it. After my divorce, I’d lost enough weight to feel very attractive, yet I was still curvy with ample breasts. Even so, I still felt self conscious standing if front of two huge bikers in only my panties, stockings and pumps.

“Now turn, librarian,” Jake said, doing a little twirl with his finger.

I felt my face heat up as I did a complete turn, feeling mortified. When I stopped, Hound-dog caught me around the waist and pulled me against him as his mouth came down on mine. His tongue shoved in and I groaned as his fingers dug into my round ass. As he kissed me, he grabbed my panties, and twisted as he pulled them up. I gasped into his mouth as the lacy fabric slid between the folds of my pussy, cutting upward to roughly stimulate my clit. He pulled away, tugging my lower lip hard with his teeth.

At the sound of books falling I turned to see that Jake had knocked a bunch of books off the shelf, and he’d made a hole that was just my size. I could see through to the other isle, which meant that he’d knocked those off, too. It was going to be a huge pain in the ass re-shelving them all, not to mention that some books could even be damaged!

I narrowed my eyes at him and opened my mouth to complain, but before I could say a word, Jake grabbed my hair and bent me at the waist. I gasped as he shoved me straight into the gap, trapping my arms at my sides. My stomach rested against the cold shelf and my head and breasts hung out into the next aisle.

“Oh, my lord!” I cried, mortified that they stuffed me into a hole. However, as humiliating as the situation was, it also somehow turned me on.

Behind me, I heard more books hit the floor, and then they lifted my knees and shoved them inside the next shelf down. My breath heaved with panic and even some excitement as they manipulated my body into the position they needed. They pushed me forward so that I was seriously stuck and I blushed furiously because they now had a clear view of my most intimate parts.

Before I could say a word, Jake grabbed my hair and bent me at the waist. I gasped loudly as he shoved me straight into the gap, trapping my arms at my sides. My stomach rested against the cold shelf and my head and breasts hung out into the next aisle.

When I looked back at them through the narrow opening, they had stepped back to admire their handiwork. Two seconds later, Jake stepped behind me and took my expensive lace panties in both his hands and ripped them right off my body.

While I was still gasping in surprise, I saw a movement to my right and Hound-dog came around the corner with a wide grin. He pinched my nipples and then pulled them toward him.

Behind me, Jake’s slid one thick finger inside me and it felt so good that I arched my back. “She loves this. Her pussy is soaked,” he announced, causing me to blush in embarrassment.

I groaned as his finger went deeper, stroking my insides while he began to press against my swollen clit with his other hand. I was ready to beg him to fuck me and didn’t even try to control my sounds of excitement.

“Yeah, you’re made for this shit, Jane,” Hound-dog said, gripping my chin so I would look up at him. “You need to be owned. You need my cock in your mouth.”


I hope you’ll read more, because it only gets better from here…

-Randi Holiday

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Part 2, Jane’s Escape, is now available, read an excerpt here.

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screenshot-2016-11-17-18-25-32Jane was eager to meet the smugglers in her teenager son’s video game, hoping they’d show her a good time like Damien did on her last trip. However, the horny woman finds that being trapped on a spaceship with two sadistic alpha-males isn’t a piece of cake. She only wanted a few hours of rough sex, but instead, she’s hunted, caught, strapped down, spanked, used, and interrogated.

The beast, Olfim, is knee deep in spaceship repairs after a recent trip through an astroid field. He’s glad to take a break though, when the small female appears out of nowhere. As a stowaway, she’s fair game and he savors the smell of her terror as he hunts her down. After she’s caught, he happily collars his new insatiable pet, and doesn’t hesitate to introduce every one of her holes to his massive cock. However, when she mentions his smuggling activities, Olfim is incensed and sets off on a mission to discover exactly where she got her information. Luckily, his human co-pilot, Sam, is thrilled to use his interrogation tools on Jane’s perfectly curvy body. Unfortunately for the smugglers, it’s difficult to extract non-existent information, but they deeply enjoy giving it their best shot.

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