Becca Sinh & Tani Fredricks

Since no one else has stepped up to the plate, we will.

Tani and I are twins. We’ve been extra-close for as long as we can remember. Not in the normal way twins are; we became lovers when we reached puberty. But we’re not lesbians in the true sense. We have sex with each other all the time, but mostly we’re hetero. Other women don’t interest us, but men sure do! Aren’t they fascinating creatures, girls? Those broad shoulders, lean hips, musky scent, and…everything else!  Mmmmmmm!  Yummy!

A lot of people have asked us about our first time with each other, and our first time with men. Both were totally explosive, and we were instantly addicted.  LOL

Helping us on that second occasion were our cousins, Alan and Roger, who have become the loves of our lives, and share our lovely ranch way out in the wilds of Montana. It’s a rare night we don’t have something going on…but I’ll leave the 4-way permutations to your lurid imaginations, and just say that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We’ve both been writing naughty stories since we were young; they make great roleplaying scenarios! A few years ago, Tani urged me to try and get some of them published online. Indie publishing was just getting started, so not many books had been published yet. Even so, we were stunned by the positive response! Who knew there were so many erotica-loving pervs out there??

We’ve collaborated on most of the books we’ve published, and we have many more planned. Running a ranch doesn’t leave us nearly as much time as we’d prefer for our writing, especially in the spring when livestock is being born. But we manage to carve out some time every week so that we can publish on a fairly regular basis.

If you haven’t read one of our books yet, look for Becca Sinh or Tani Fredricks wherever quality erotica is sold. Some of it’s sweet, some of it’s racy, and some of it is shockingly taboo. But it’s always fun for us to write. We hope it will be equally fun (and a whole lot more) for you to read!