Jane’s Escape, One Librarian and Two Sadistic Bikers 2

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The bikers pulled a vanishing act after their first encounter, but they’re keeping tabs on Jane and she is completely fed up. The curvy woman is on her way out of town when she’s caught up in the unforeseen complication of a bank robbery. However, the money in the vault isn’t the only thing that the gang of robbers plan to take when they catch a glimpse of t luscious librarian. Now that her escape attempt is thwarted, will she end up in the two sadistic biker’s clutches again? Read an excerpt below.

Word count: 13,618



My first stop was the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and as I parked, a text alert buzzed. I anxiously picked my phone up and saw that it was from Hound-dog, the nicer of the two bikers. However, that really wasn’t saying much, because they were both sadistic as hell.

Hound-dog: What the fuck are you doing, Jane? You aren’t going anywhere.

My heart leapt with fear, and I grabbed my purse, hurrying into the BMV. At the counter, I reported my license lost, then handed over my social security card and birth certificate. It didn’t take long to get a new license and I almost ran as I hurried back to my car.

Before I drove off, I checked my phone, and there was a text from Jake.

Jake: This is going to be very painful for you, librarian.

I gasped and threw the phone into my purse like it bit me.

Five minutes later, I was entering the bank to empty my account. I only had six-hundred dollars, but I could make it last. My cell buzzed in my purse again and I blatantly ignored it. I shook off the fear and took a deep breath, but my ass burned just thinking about pissing the bikers off. It hurt like hell two weeks ago when Jake whipped me with his belt and I hadn’t even done anything wrong that time. As far as I could tell, they’d done it purely for the entertainment value.

I hurried inside and felt like I was being followed and turned to see a big man stop at the ATM machine. He looked me up and down and I fidgeted nervously, smoothing my skirt. Normally, I would be thrilled at the attention, but I’d had my fair share of that dominant crap lately. Besides, his obvious staring reminded me of the way the bikers acted.

As I waited in line, I watched the road, praying I wouldn’t see two huge motorcycles pull up. The guy at the ATM was still checking me out, and he reminded me of a lumberjack with his red and black flannel shirt and thick unruly hair. He was big and sexy, and an image of him ripping my blouse open flashed through my mind out of nowhere. Sometimes my lusty thoughts could be a real nuisance and I quickly brushed them away, and then I kicked them for good measure.

Today, the only teller working was a jerk named Steve that bullied me all through school. I narrowed my eyes at him as I approached the counter, conveying my dislike just in case he forgot my feelings.

However, before I could begin my transaction, a van pulled up and four masked men rushed inside. As I held my hands up, the men secured the place. Two of them ran into the unlocked vault while the other two gathered us into a corner.

The bigger man holstered his gun and headed toward me. As he walked, I heard a strange clinking noise and saw that he wore spurs on his boots. It was completely ridiculous and slightly sexy, because he really pulled it off with that swagger of his. I immediately nicknamed him Cowboy, because as a bank robber, he’d really missed his calling.

The christening of his new nickname reminded me of the group of men who occasionally visited my library. They always aroused the heck out of me, and I’d nicknamed one of them Cowboy, too. He wore boots and even walked like this fellow, except without the spurs.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why the intimidating man looked so pissed. But he was obviously put off about something the way  his eyes were narrowed through the slits in his mask. However, in spite of his huge size, I bravely held my ground as he stepped up close.

“Uh, nice boots,” I said, leaning back to look up at him.

“Thanks,” he said, ripping my blouse open without a pause.

I gasped as the buttons flew, because I’d just imagined the lumberjack doing that. Even so, this was just plain bad timing, because I was currently trying to escape two bikers that also ripped my clothes off.

As I tried to close my blouse, he roughly yanked it all the way off of me. When he tossed it to the floor, my purse went with it, spilling it’s contents everywhere.

He grabbed the elastic of my bra between my breasts and used it to yank me close, causing me to bounce against his hard chest. “Why don’t you take off your bra and stay awhile,” he said. Before I could blink, he had it unfastened and completely off of me, then leaned back to admire my generous curves. “Look at these! Nice! More than a handful. Now it’s time for some entertainment.”

I drew back to smack him and he caught my wrist and then bent to grab my phone off the floor. I blinked in surprise as he quickly placed my finger on the unlock button, and then I frowned indignantly at the stupid security of the thing.

He ignored me as he scrolled through Jake’s angry texts. “Holy shit! Your boyfriend is pissed. He says he’s going to enjoy punishing you,” he said. He paused to hold up my phone and snap a topless picture of me. I blushed as I heard the ‘message sent’ sound. “I bet he’ll appreciate that one. I love the way he calls you ‘Librarian’.”

He held up my phone and the red ‘recording’ light came on. “Let’s make good old Jake a video,” he said, then added, “I’ve always wanted to fuck a librarian. Lumberjack, get your ass over here and hold the camera or I’ll shoot you.”

The big customer hurried forward and took the camera, watching through the screen as he stepped back and directed it at me. He didn’t look hesitant to help out in the least, in fact, he looked rather intent on doing a good job filming.

The other robber held the gun on us, while the one with the spurs started speaking as if he were an announcer in a game show. He mimicked an annoying voice that I supposed some people might have found funny, but it just pissed me off.

“Jake, I’m going to help you out with your woman’s punishment. She’s the next contestant on ‘Let’s Defile the Librarian!’ Now, let’s get your hot little miss into position, shall we? Librarian, on your hands and knees, you’re getting fucked hard doggie.”

Lately, it seemed like I had a ‘degrade me’ sign pinned to my back, and I was getting sick of it. I decided to ignore him and turned my back to watch the others empty the vault. Their trips back and forth to their van were only interrupted to leer at my naked chest through the eye-holes in their ski-masks.

The guy with the gun stepped into my line of sight and motioned for me to get on my knees. I glared down at the large bulge in his jeans and then angrily flipped him off.

“Last chance to do it the easy way,” the cowboy said behind me, reaching around to pinch my nipples.

Even though I fantasized a lot about situations exactly like this, I hadn’t planned to live them out. Hell, if I was going to live out all my damn fantasies, I’d be in a world of pain, or maybe a padded room.

The cowboy got sick of waiting and spun me to face him, then impatiently grabbed me by the upper arms to give me a hearty shake. It was so violent that my glasses flew off and the nice, neat bun on top of my head unfurled.

“Jesus! Let go, dammit!” My hair tumbled down around me in wild disarray, but I was glad because it covered my breasts. Luckily, I could see well enough without my glasses, but I didn’t care for the whiplash. “Fuck you, jerk!” I yelled, beginning to panic.

“Wrong answer; and you’re the one who’s getting fucked, librarian.” His attention went to the video that the lumberjack was diligently recording while simultaneously grabbing me by the hair. “My-oh-my! Isn’t your little librarian pretty?” He forced me to the ground, and pressed his boot to my head, pinning it to the floor. I reached up, forgetting about his stupid spur and catching my thumb on it. The cut was small, but it only added to my panic.

“Just look at all that hair, waiting to be sprayed with my cum. Maybe I’ll wrap it around my cock, too,” he said, continuing his annoying narrative.

“Bank teller! Get behind this little whore and lift her skirt,” he yelled, adding, “Let’s see her pussy. I bet it’s soaked.”

Warning! This book contains the following arousing content: double penetration, rough sex, anal sex (painal), dubious consent, a butt-plugging punishment, spanking, cum play, oral sex, deep throating, a rough dub-con gang-bang (MMMMMMF), BDSM, whipping, a big-busted librarian, a gang of rough bank robbers, two manly cops, two sadistic bikers, and one sexy as hell truck driver.


Jane’s Defiance, One Librarian and Two Sadistic Bikers 1

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When two sadistic bikers enter a library and take a liking to the curvy librarian, she’s degraded, used and abused. Even though the voluptuous woman is inexperienced, she thought she was a “sexpert” from reading smutty books. However, the two dominating men enjoy teaching her things she’d never even heard of. She loves some of it and hates a lot of it, but she has no say in the matter anyway. That doesn’t stop her from trying, and unfortunately, her defiant attitude gets her into trouble. Eventually, they decide to keep her for good and sculpt her into their perfect little submissive slut. That just goes to show, they don’t know the her well at all, and they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

Warning: This story contains anal sex, BDSM, double penetration, rough and sadistic situations, abduction, dubious-consent, a very sexy and usually horny librarian, two mean yet sometimes likable sadistic bikers, debasing ass-to-mouth, leather, belts, spanking, humiliation, bondage, deep throating, cum play, and more.

Just a little heads up, this book was way to raunchy for Amazon, so you won’t find it there.


“Hello. I’m Jane. Can I help you with something? I was just about to close.”

“Well, isn’t that a shame, she was closing,” Jake said to the other guy.

They were a little scary, and a shiver of fear took me by surprise. Still, I felt a throbbing between my legs that I tried to ignore.

The big fellow smiled and I wondered if he knew I was suddenly frightened. “First, we need a book on the Honda GL 1000, then maybe we’ll let you leave,” he said.

My eyes widened and I nearly stumbled in my haste to check the computer, quickly locating the book they needed.

“Okay, I’ll just go get it for you. Be right back,” I said.

They stood on either side of the exit, and I looked from one man to the other as I lifted the counter. When I tried to pass between them, the bigger man blocked my path. He slammed the counter door behind me, making me jump in surprise and then looked my body over like I was his dinner.

The big shirtless guy rested his hands on the counter on each side of me, caging me in as he leaned close. His leather vest fell open, brushing the sides of my breasts and I realized that he was so near that I could feel heat coming off his naked chest.

“Uh, what…what are you doing?” I stammered, leaning back to look at him as he got into my personal space. Even though I adored big men, this one scared the bejesus out of me.

My head jerked at the rattle of keys and I saw that the other biker had my keyring and was headed to the library entrance to lock it.

The big shirtless guy rested his hands on the counter on each side of me, caging me in as he leaned close. His leather vest fell open, brushing the sides of my breasts and I realized that he was so near that I could feel heat coming off his naked chest.

He dipped his chin to scrape my temple with his stubble. “Fuck, you smell good, lady. You are a lady, right? I haven’t tasted a lady in a long while.”

My pulse went into overdrive, and his deep voice and breath against my ear sped my heart to a mad pounding. No one had actually tasted me…not ever; and really wanted that to happen. My toes curled, and I felt like fanning myself. I was seriously turned on, but I needed space so I placed my hand on his solid chest and pushed. He didn’t budge an speck but his muscles under my fingers felt so nice that I had a very unladylike urge to press my lips to it. Hell, he was so close, I’d only have to lean forward a tiny bit. Instead, I snatched my hand away.

He chuckled knowingly, not missing a thing.

“Uh, okay, come with me,” I whispered, leaning back further.

“All right Hound-dog. There’ll be time for that later,” Jake said, stroking his red beard thoughtfully.

My eyes widened and I wondered what he meant. “Your name is Hound-dog?” I asked, as he pulled his hands away from the counter, but still loomed over me.

“Yeah…a well earned nickname,” he said, grinning down at me. “Like it?”

I gave a quick nod, and awkwardly scooted around him as he stood his ground. As I hurried toward the back of the library, it shocked me when he smacked my ass really hard. It echoed through the cavernous building and I yelped.

“Look at that ass jiggle,” Hound-dog said to Jake, his voice full of admiration.

I gasped indignantly and glared back at him. “Hey! My ass doesn’t jiggle…and that hurt!”

“That was the point,” he said.

Without thinking, I moved into a run.

“Whoa, sexy librarian. Where you going?” Jake called, his voice filled with laughter. “Don’t run away, he was just fuckin’ around. We’ll catch you anyway.”

“The bitch likes that idea,” Hound-dog teased, too smart for his own good…or mine. “See how she’s movin’? She’s turned on.”

It seemed that Hound-dog had a sixth sense when it came to horny women, however, I didn’t care for being called a bitch. I fled down the aisle that had their book, but Jake appeared at the end, heading me off. I skidded to a stop and backed up, running into Hound-dog’s big body. His muscled arms came around my waist in a tight grip and he leaned down to bite my earlobe.

“Ouch!” I gasped, worried about how rough these guys might play.

“You’re not goin’ anywhere, and you’ll do exactly what we say.” As Hound-dog spoke, his hands roved the front of my body then stopped on my hips to yank my ass back against the hard bulge in his pants. “You feel that? You feel what I’ve got for you?”

My knees went weak and I relaxed against him almost instantly. Apparently, big, manly bodies worked just like a magnet with my curvy one. My head went back against his shoulder and I felt the rumble of his laughter against me.

Jake came to stand in front of me and yanked open my blouse, popping the buttons off. He traced his finger along the lacy edge of my black push up bra. “I fucking love this,” he growled. “This bitch is stacked.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but it was nice to be appreciated. I had a soft spot for lingerie.

Hound-dog tossed my blouse aside and kissed my shoulder. My bra quickly joined it on the floor and his lips went to my neck, his teeth grazing roughly. Shivers ran through me and my nipples hardened.

“Nice. I’m gonna fuck these tits,” Jake said, not looking away as he weighed my breasts in his hands, then smashed them together.

I wasn’t going to argue, because I thought that sounded like an excellent idea. However, being a perfect lady, I didn’t want to admit it.

Hound-dog’s hands trailed downward and inched my skirt up. When his fingers coasted over the tops of my stockings he froze. Before I knew what was happening, he spun me to face him and pushed me back an arms length away from him.

“Get that skirt gone,” he said, his voice gruff with excitement as he added, “Leave the stockings.”

Clearly, things had just amped up in intensity as the two men watched me like hungry wolves ready to pounce. I felt like running, while at the same time, I wanted to bend over and beg them to fuck me.

“No,” I said, backing up until I was pressed against the shelf. No way was I doing a strip tease for these guys, I was too shy for that kind of thing.

Jake’s eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms impatiently. “You don’t tell me no, Jane. Ever,” he said, his voice furious.

That scared me and without thinking, I bolted. Just as I reached the end of the aisle, Hound-dog caught me around the waist, hauling me against his solid body again. His mouth went to my ear. “Baby, why you running? We’re gonna make you feel so good that you’ll be screaming.”

Screaming in ecstasy sounded great to me, however, just as I calmed down, his hold tightened and he added, “Besides, you really don’t want to piss either of us off.”

It was too late for that though, because Jake already looked pissed as he came toward me. I opened my mouth to speak when he bent and tossed over his shoulder. He carried me like I weighed nothing, which kept my excitement peaked. When we got to my new book ladder, he put me on my feet, and stepped back to glare with scarily intense blue eyes.

“Now, let’s try that again. Take off the skirt, Jane,” Jake said.

I didn’t feel like I had a choice, so I reached around and unfastened it. After my divorce, I’d lost enough weight to feel very attractive, yet I was still curvy with ample breasts. Even so, I still felt self conscious standing if front of two huge bikers in only my panties, stockings and pumps.

“Now turn, librarian,” Jake said, doing a little twirl with his finger.

I felt my face heat up as I did a complete turn, feeling mortified. When I stopped, Hound-dog caught me around the waist and pulled me against him as his mouth came down on mine. His tongue shoved in and I groaned as his fingers dug into my round ass. As he kissed me, he grabbed my panties, and twisted as he pulled them up. I gasped into his mouth as the lacy fabric slid between the folds of my pussy, cutting upward to roughly stimulate my clit. He pulled away, tugging my lower lip hard with his teeth.

At the sound of books falling I turned to see that Jake had knocked a bunch of books off the shelf, and he’d made a hole that was just my size. I could see through to the other isle, which meant that he’d knocked those off, too. It was going to be a huge pain in the ass re-shelving them all, not to mention that some books could even be damaged!

I narrowed my eyes at him and opened my mouth to complain, but before I could say a word, Jake grabbed my hair and bent me at the waist. I gasped as he shoved me straight into the gap, trapping my arms at my sides. My stomach rested against the cold shelf and my head and breasts hung out into the next aisle.

“Oh, my lord!” I cried, mortified that they stuffed me into a hole. However, as humiliating as the situation was, it also somehow turned me on.

Behind me, I heard more books hit the floor, and then they lifted my knees and shoved them inside the next shelf down. My breath heaved with panic and even some excitement as they manipulated my body into the position they needed. They pushed me forward so that I was seriously stuck and I blushed furiously because they now had a clear view of my most intimate parts.

Before I could say a word, Jake grabbed my hair and bent me at the waist. I gasped loudly as he shoved me straight into the gap, trapping my arms at my sides. My stomach rested against the cold shelf and my head and breasts hung out into the next aisle.

When I looked back at them through the narrow opening, they had stepped back to admire their handiwork. Two seconds later, Jake stepped behind me and took my expensive lace panties in both his hands and ripped them right off my body.

While I was still gasping in surprise, I saw a movement to my right and Hound-dog came around the corner with a wide grin. He pinched my nipples and then pulled them toward him.

Behind me, Jake’s slid one thick finger inside me and it felt so good that I arched my back. “She loves this. Her pussy is soaked,” he announced, causing me to blush in embarrassment.

I groaned as his finger went deeper, stroking my insides while he began to press against my swollen clit with his other hand. I was ready to beg him to fuck me and didn’t even try to control my sounds of excitement.

“Yeah, you’re made for this shit, Jane,” Hound-dog said, gripping my chin so I would look up at him. “You need to be owned. You need my cock in your mouth.”


I hope you’ll read more, because it only gets better from here…

-Randi Holiday

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Part 2, Jane’s Escape, is now available, read an excerpt here.

Reviewed: Sex Machine, new WTF erotica by K.C. Cave


E-Read Erotica Reviews: Deliciously pervy, wonderfully raw, and blatantly sexual. A delight of strange smelling and sticky foreign food, if foreign food was the pleasures of unknown sex. A mindless romp down the corners of some dark alley, where strange grunting noises are heard, screams echo out, and the smell repulses you yet attracts you in the same whiff. The danger draws you in. The disconnected and animistic nature where sex is the only thing that matters, the only human action in which we find meaning, and the only interaction between people that matters nowadays.

Word count: 7,800

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Apple iTunes, Excitica, Google Play, Carnaltopia

Free erotica: The 2 most beautiful words in the English language!

Portrait Of Middle Aged WomanI’m K.C. Cave and I’m pissed. Kobo, an e-book distributor you’ve probably never heard of, banned my pseudo-incest erotic short, Seeding the Brat. Why? Who the fuck knows? But I’m angry enough to share the joy of this funny, extremely graphic and loving short story. Subscribe to my newsletter before December 1 and I’ll send you a free download of Seeding the Brat.

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KC Cave - Seeding the Brat jpeg largeBanned on Kobo! Why? Who knows? Ebook distributors (including Amazon) go on mindless witch hunts against certain erotica categories. Now it’s pseudo-incest. Amazon buried it a long time ago; you buy it there, but you’ve got to search for it (or click here).

The blurb: Hannah was wealthy after her rich parents drowned on their swingers cruise. All the money in the world, though, couldn’t do anything about the brat’s raging hormones and her overwhelming urge to procreate. So the 18-year-old beauty set her sights on Angus, the recent college grad she grew up with and who was now the man of the house, the sprawling Victorian mansion where they were raised.

One problem: Hannah’s never gone all the way, unless you count the recent fumbling by high school football star Biff Baxter in the backseat of his ’68 GTO (he dropped the ball at goal to go, and Hannah had to take things into her own hands). That fiasco behind her, she learned a lot about the male of the species as she huddled in her secret hiding place and watched the well-endowed Angus pleasure himself in the most innovative ways. The sight, sounds and smells of him coming to climax after climax over the summer gave the brat an idea that would right a wrong (Angus was gypped out of his inheritance) and satisfy her lust. But for the plan to work, Hannah must convince Angus it was his idea to seed the brat. [brat, masturbation, MF erotica, explicit erotica, mutual masturbation, taboo erotica, humorous erotica, virgin]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: The book finds its voice early, and it feels like comfortable writing. You know it when you reads it, the writer just takes you on a sight-filled trip, doesn’t feel obligated to explain everything, and skips along in time over the most important points until it settles down for the main event. There’s enough detail in each to make you feel like you know each place and character, but not enough that you feel wallowed down in minutia. The sex scenes even stop when they serve their point. Oh my, a writer actually in control of the beast? Very nice work, patience, and control shown here. Give yourself a gold star.

I’ll also send you Sex Machine:

k-c-cave-sex-machine_smallNew in December: In Sex Machine, book 7 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, our heroine’s reputation as a sexual athlete catches up to her: Alison is recruited to model for a high-tech sex robot! Her GF, Moriah, is the next sexual dynamo the geeks want to hook up to a bunch of sensors while she masturbates. One problem: She’s a gold star lesbian and a virgin. The computer model requires that she sleeps (ha!) with at least 4 men. What to do? I mean, it’s about advancing science and creating a mechanical sex surrogate to help sexually dysfunctional men. The solution? De-flower Moriah fast. Alison makes Moriah the main attraction dat a bachelor’s party. Problem solved! Word count: 7,800 Price: 2.99 (free if you subscribe to my newsletter before December 1).

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K.C. CAVE - Making Michael Obey - 625x1000The set-up: This 5-story value pack features mega-teaser Junie and her boyfriend Michael. She makes life miserable for him—seducing, spanking, licking and tormenting him all over the house just because he wants to loll her around on their new bed. It’s all loving fun in this 12,000-word set with explicit M/F sex, oral sex, spanking, masturbation, anal play, food desecration, and nonstop male humiliation.

E-Read Erotica Reviews: K.C. Cave is quickly becoming my favorite author for WTF kinky sex. This book is a very fun collection of kinky encounters between just two people, but wow, they slam home with intensity and sexual energy…. I enjoyed this a lot.

BDSM Book Reviews: …an enjoyable read with likable characters and sexy scenarios. The writing is both fluid and imaginative. The author makes it easy for readers to project themselves into the action and care about the outcome.

New! Invaded by the Alien, Book 2

screenshot-2016-11-17-18-25-32Jane was eager to meet the smugglers in her teenager son’s video game, hoping they’d show her a good time like Damien did on her last trip. However, the horny woman finds that being trapped on a spaceship with two sadistic alpha-males isn’t a piece of cake. She only wanted a few hours of rough sex, but instead, she’s hunted, caught, strapped down, spanked, used, and interrogated.

The beast, Olfim, is knee deep in spaceship repairs after a recent trip through an astroid field. He’s glad to take a break though, when the small female appears out of nowhere. As a stowaway, she’s fair game and he savors the smell of her terror as he hunts her down. After she’s caught, he happily collars his new insatiable pet, and doesn’t hesitate to introduce every one of her holes to his massive cock. However, when she mentions his smuggling activities, Olfim is incensed and sets off on a mission to discover exactly where she got her information. Luckily, his human co-pilot, Sam, is thrilled to use his interrogation tools on Jane’s perfectly curvy body. Unfortunately for the smugglers, it’s difficult to extract non-existent information, but they deeply enjoy giving it their best shot.

Click here to buy: Carnal Pleasures 

Published today: Sex Machine, book 7 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures by K.C. Cave



In Sex Machine, book 7 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, our heroine’s reputation as a sexual athlete catches up to her: Alison is recruited to model for a high-tech sex robot! Her GF, Moriah, is the next sexual dynamo the geeks want to hook up to a bunch of sensors while she masturbates. One problem: She’s a gold star lesbian and a virgin. The computer model requires that she sleeps (ha!) with at least 4 men. What to do? I mean, it’s about advancing science and creating a mechanical sex surrogate to help sexually dysfunctional men. The solution? De-flower Moriah fast. Alison arranges to make her the main attraction at a bachelor’s party. Problem solved!

Thanks, as usual, to Moira Nelligar for the cover art. And to Jo O’Brien at Boruma for her guiding wisdom!

Book 1, Enticed by the Machine, Republished!

Jane is a horny MILF with unrealized fantasies of rough and kinky sex , but she has sworn off men after her divorce. Her plans are blown all to hell  when she’s swept into a cyberpunk video game. Jane suddenly has the opportunity to relieve her pent up, kinky desires with no apparent strings attached and dives in with her arms (and legs) wide open.

In the gaming world, Damien is recovering from an accident when the curvy woman appears in his apartment. He doesn’t hesitate to try out his new “machine enhanced” body on her. He’s intent on exploring and using every voluptuous inch of Jane’s body and is completely insatiable as he fucks her in nearly every way possible. He demonstrates the meaning of deep throat to the inexperienced woman, and she’s literally in for a shocking experience as he tries out his new augmentations. She’s never had anal sex, and the half cyborg doesn’t go easy for her first time.

As she’s screwed senseless, Jane’s defenses drop as she’s overwhelmed with intense sensations she’s never experienced. The whiskey drinking cyborg is Jane’s idea of the perfect dominating alpha-male, and as he uses his half cyborg body to please her like never before, she begins to fall hard for him. Her trip in to the video game world had been accidental, but now that she knows how to activate the controller, the sky is the limit.

Available now!  Carnal Pleasures

Visit our website for a seriously explicit excerpt: Excerpt

News: All of our books are in the process of being re-published. Enticed by the Machine, Book 1 was  re-released in October, and Invaded by the Alien will be out in in late November.

Author introduction – Ryan Andrews


So, let’s start with the basics. You can call me Ryan Andrews, and the one thing you know about anyone beginning an introduction with “You can call me…” is that it’s not actually their name, but at least it’s a reasonable pen name with a gaming allusion. I am in my early thirties and British although the rest of the open book is left intentionally blank to avoid spoilers.

I write a variety of stories and characters, all of which have in common that there’s copious amounts of sex, bdsm (or at least the d portion) and in many of them an actual storyline. I found that I got sidetracked writing alone and it was remarkably easy to lose focus and track despite the best intentions and outlines so writing as a partnership works far better for me. Randi’s tastes compliment mine well and we found our writing styles matched on the first short story (longer stories to come in future if anyone’s interested as well as continuing the shorter ones). We seem to keep each other focussed and can keep the action moving rather than locking up as sometimes happens with me at least.

As for writing the range of characters, I find it surprisingly easy. Multiple ones at the same time might be an issue but switching from one to another just flows. It’s about figuring out what they want (barring the obvious motivation of sex) and letting them write their actions for me, kind of like having someone tell you what just happened rather than working it out yourself.

I’ll admit that I never figured I’d be a published author though, let alone this way, but you work to your strengths and I do have a fairly solid libido and vivid imagination. I can say this for writing, it’s never been boring and I’ve not failed to have fun with it. What more can you ask for really?

New and reviewed: Mindless Lust by K.C. Cave (Book 6 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures)

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E-Read Erotica Reviews:

I love this series. It just doesn’t care if it goes all porny and nasty and it talks to us with a filthy mouth because that’s what I need right now. Not anything soft, not anything written with a feathered and eloquent pen, but something primal and nasty that shocks me and takes my mind to a darkly filthy place. Something gritty, dirty, urban and sexual which is covered with sweat and all sorts of unmentionable bodily fluids because fuck it, my care for a world which pretends to be an orderly and nice place has just run out.

And I ran out of fucks to give last week.

This book? This is what I need. It is deliciously random, promising to give us one thing and then doing a spin move on us and delivering something totally else that we never knew we wanted but enjoyed the fuck out of nonetheless. It starts in-media-res with sex, twists us around with setup and narrative, and then switches to the point-of-view of a non-sex character and gives us glimpses of the action instead of the fully-realized in-character scene that we have seen thousands of times before.

Go ahead and tease me, I like my dirty imagination filling in the gaps.

I don’t care about genre or if it’s supposed to be lesbian or put into some category. I don’t care. Just give me something nasty to take me away. This book delivers. It is short, and lacks a couple basic “what do they look like” sort of narrative pieces in the beginning, but if you are following the series I am sure those would seem redundant. Me? I am coming back in after a bunch of other books so I tend to appreciate the little “she tussled with her blond hair” sort of things that yes, I should know by now; but no, jumping back in I appreciate the unnecessary reminders of the basic 411’s every once and a while.

Wonderful cover too, colorful and sexy and well put together. So good I wanted to put this up twice.

And the writing is spot-on for how this should feel. It skips the boring parts, gets to the point, stays focused on the nasty close-ups, and then teases us by not showing some of the best parts. It is confidently nasty, but also playful in its approach and style. It doesn’t feel obligated to show the entire sex scene like the film was a terrible thing to waste and everything should be shown and put on the screen. As writers, sometimes we feel obligated to show everything, and write through a boring day just to give the reader a sense of completeness. Same with a sex scene, sex is all good, isn’t it? We wouldn’t dare cut out—boring, move on, next scene and go to the next part of the review. Once you understand you have the control as a writer, you will never write the same way again.

If the world was porn, this book is how life would be.

Sometimes I wish the world was porn, then fucking with each other would be entirely pleasureful instead of what we got now. So yes, this book is like a drink of strong whiskey with the burn to the throat and a shock to the system as it goes down, exactly what I needed on a day like this. Sometimes, as readers, we like the pain. We like to be numbed and drink in something looked down upon and spit upon. We like to have our world rocked, to get drunk with the forbidden, and to hold up our glass and say, “another round please.”

It’s our right.

This is our escape.

And I love how this makes me feel. Drunk with the possibilities of random and wanton sex. Fucking the norms and the rules. Spitting back at those who would call this trashy smut. Because it is, and it says it with a smile and a middle finger held up proud and high.

A book that makes me feel free again?

Certainly so.

Pour me another.


The Blurb:

Alison’s night of mindless lesbian lust with her girlfriend Moriah (in the same bar where she once “entertained” seven guys on a busted pool table) goes belly-up: Moriah’s plane is late, and Tommy (the old friend with benefits who played sheriff during her serial gangbang) walks in with four German auto execs. He had hired a mother/daughter duo of whores to entertain them on that pool table, but they’re no-shows. Alison, dressed in full-slut mode, owes him. She’ll help him close the deal of a lifetime—for a price. Alison doesn’t give it away free anymore. [adventure, bar, BDSM, bisexual, cheating, cum, erotic, escort, fisting, gang bang, group sex, hotel, humiliation, humor, lesbian, oral, orgy, porn, public sex, revenge, risky sex, seduction, sex toys, short story, shower, squirting, strangers, swinging, teasing, voyeurism, water]



“Allie, fuck me. Please.”

Alison reattached the cuffs to Moriah’s wrists and pushed the ball gag into her mouth.

Stepping back, she surveyed the situation. Alison, at five eight and a hundred and thirty, outweighed Moriah by more than twenty-five pounds and was a full head taller.

Alison’s full breasts nearly burst out of the teddy, and she had firm, muscular legs and big shoulders like a swimmer. Moriah, petite and nearly flat-chested, wasn’t as curvy. But her ass was round and protruding, like a slim boy’s. The smaller woman was at just the right height.

Alison strapped on a harness and dildo, slathered the fake cock with lube, and stepped behind Moriah.

Moriah jutted her ass in anticipation, her breath coming in short bursts. Alison guided the silicone cock head down Moriah’s crack to her swollen pussy, and pushed. Moriah’s muffled squeal told her she was on target. She gripped Moriah’s hips with both hands as her cock slid inside. Alison fucked her slowly, watching the dildo disappear inside her girlfriend with each stroke. Moving her hands up to Moriah’s tiny breasts, she kneaded her straining nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“When you get off the plane from Milwaukee Friday night, I won’t be there to meet you,” she whispered in Moriah’s ear. “Take a cab to Ric’s Show Bar on Eastern Boulevard. Make sure the driver lets you off at the door—it’s a shitty part of town.”

Alison’s thrusts picked up speed. Spit dribbled out of Moriah’s mouth and bubbles flared from the sides of the ball gag as Alison fucked her faster and harder.

“Me, I’m going to dress down-home, East-side slut. You know, like I’m two years out of high school, no job, a killer body, and the food stamps are running out. Plunging neckline, pushup bra, ass out, micro mini,” Alison said, her hips banging into Moriah’s ass. “You know what happened in that bar two years ago, Mo? I fucked seven guys on a busted pool table in the back room. This time”— Moriah came again, the explosion so hard that the ball gag popped out of her mouth—“I’m going to fuck you on that pool table.”

Alison slowed her thrusting. “But here’s the thing,” she said. “We’re going to act like we don’t know each other. You’re going to walk into that bar, a dyke wandering into the wrong place, not knowing anyone. You’ll go to the bar, but you won’t sit next to me. I’m going to size you up, lick my lips, and start fucking lubricating as I think of the fun we’re going to have. I’m gonna pick you up, baby, thrill you and seduce you at the bar while all these steelworkers and salesmen and forklift drivers watch us, their mouths watering over my tits and ass, their hands on their cocks. Then I’m going to waltz you to that back room and fuck your brains out.”

Moriah gasped, dope-brained and helpless. Her mouth and chin were covered with spittle, her ass and inner thighs slick with her juices. Alison took Moriah’s face in both hands and slowly, gently kissed and licked her, cleaning up the mess.

“It’s gonna be so hot,” Alison cooed. “Four days without you, baby, I’ll be so fucking horny. Will you be horny for me?”

Moriah’s eyes focused. “Fuck, Allie, where do you come up with this stuff?”

“I read.”

Alison unsnapped the wrist straps, and Moriah collapsed in her girlfriend’s arms.

“Allie, before I get on that plane, I’m gonna dress soft dyke, ripped khakis, maybe a Sit on My Face T-shirt and a hoodie. Flannel works, too. In Milwaukee, I’ll get a haircut. Short on the sides and back. Butch. The look will be tragically unstylish masculine,” Moriah said. Her face darkened: “What if my plane is late?”

“Text me.”

“A slut in a bar full of horny steelworkers?”

Alison snorted. “I can handle it.”

“Oh, sure, you can handle it. Like that last time. Who was your fuck buddy who set it up? Jimmy?”


“He was there to protect you, right?”

“I’ll be okay.”

“Allie, if I find out you fucked a man there, I’ll kill you.”

“Then don’t be late.”

Buy it: Carnaltopia, Amazon

Thank You, Boruma Publishers

Boruma Publishers, I appreciate the many hours you’ve spent working with me these last few months. My partner, Ryan Andrews, and I had a few books banned from Amazon, and after all of that hard work and excitement, it’s quite a let down for a new author. When you get the books completely done and then they are censored…well, I didn’t even know that could happen, to be honest. I had no idea. I’ve ranted about that before though, so I won’t get all riled up again now. However, I am very grateful that I found you, because you helped me with many other things in addition to getting my books back on Amazon.

As it turned out, the books sell much better on other websites (besides Amazon) that I’d never heard of before.


Thank You