Raiding her Pleasure Chest, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 10

Will Jane show some sexual gratitude to her busty rescuer?

Raiding Her Pleasure Chest

Jane Holden, the main character of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, is a lusty single mom who discovers a way to live out her hardcore fantasies in a real way with no lasting consequences. When she travels into video games, the game characters are sadistic as hell and a perfect match for the spunky librarian who gets a thrill out of getting the hell scared out of her, and thrust into her. Soon, Jane’s new hobby begins to rule her world and even her dreams are affected, becoming increasingly vivid.

In book 10, Jane’s boss’s harassment has become unbearable and she’s desperate to quit her job. Now that she knows it’s possible to bring items out of the gaming world, she embarks on a treasure hunt in a crypt raiding video game. Unfortunately, the cave-like tomb she enters is home to a group of cultists with a disturbing ritual that requires death after climax.

The game’s hero is a voluptuous younger woman with an identical body to Jane’s. Will heterosexual Jane show Laura the sexual gratitude she rightfully deserves?As they go on the hunt together, the two women come upon an imprisoned man, who can hardly believe his luck at the bountiful pleasure chests before him.

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Hunted in the Bush, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 9

Hunted in the Bush

Stalked and Mounted by a Big Man

Feeling stressed, Jane visits the forest for the calming affects of nature, but instead encounters a hunter with the rather strange hobby of hunting women. After rendering the feisty woman unconscious, the big fellow strips her naked and sets his plan into motion. Soon, his curvy prey awakens with a tail superglued to her ass, antlers strapped on her head and her hands taped into hooves.

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Hitting on the Man, Casual (sex) Gamer Book 8

Jane learns the brutal consequences of harassing an assassin

Hitting on the Man

Double-Crossed and Punished

The sexy mom and librarian is craving some brutal penetration, and when she enters the game of a genetically modified assassin, she gets what she came for. Rough and sometimes even painful surprises are just one of her kinks, and she closes her eyes as she chooses a game for her eighth gaming trip. When the curvy woman lands in a scientific complex, she immediately notices that one of the scientists is not like the others. After interrupting the bald man’s mission, he seduces the hell out of her, while secretly planning to use her lush body to complete his mission.

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To Snatch a Thief, Casual (sex) Gamer 7

The Voluptuous Librarian, Zealots & One Stealthy Thief

Jane Holden enters her first stealth video game to discover she’s not sneaky at all. In fact, it’s impossible for the sexy mom to keep quiet when she climaxes…and that seems to happen a lot. After the horny librarian agrees to the game’s disclaimer warnings, she drops into the castle of strange, tool worshiping zealots. In her opinion, the men are about as chauvinistic as they come, and everything about her immediately offends them. Lucky for her, there’s a thief lurking about, and he has a score to settle with the zealots. The thief admits he’s no hero, but he’ll rescue her for a price. Unfortunately, she’s flat broke, but the man is happy to accept her luscious body as payment.

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Yee-haw! Ride Her Cowboy, Casual (sex) Gamer 6

A Gunslinger Cowboy, Lassos, Rough Sex and an Outlaw Gang-bang

Jane, the voluptuous librarian, is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. She can’t resist the new gunslinger game and a chance to meet Joe the cowboy. In spite of the game warning of a brutal gang-bang, the sexual thrill seeker pulls on her cowboy boots and enters the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of outlaws and in desperate need of a rescue when they decide to tie her to a cactus and brand her.

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Hell Of a Time, Casual (sex) Gamer 5

Her Darkest Adventure

Jane is doomed to have a hell of a time when she enters her son’s dark old-school horror game.

Hell of a Time is Jane’s roughest adventure yet. It’s the book where she realizes that even she has limits, only to have them trampled into the dirt. When the voluptuous woman willingly enters a terrifying horror game, she’s captured and used by possessed soldiers in a brutally rough gang bang and caught by a dangerous and demonic creature. The sexy mom is in dire straights and desperately needs rescued when she meets a muscled military hero. After this dark trip into the gaming world, Jane is derailed from her quest for rough sex and her goals shift toward a quest for something, or someone, else.

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Kept in the Catacombs, Casual (sex) Gamer 4

Coerced in the Dungeon

Jane, a lusty, voluptuous gamer mom, discovers that her fourth-cumming gaming trip isn’t a walk in the park when she ends up in a dark dungeon. It turns out that the keeper is intent on possessing her body, and not in a good way. He orders his minions to pass her around to the many unusual inhabitants of the dungeon to persuade her to submit, saving the most dangerous for last. They all enjoy her perfectly delectable body, and some are even tempted to take a bite out of it.

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What’s Yours is Mine, Casual (sex) Gamer 3

Captured, Claimed and Restrained

This is the third book in the Casual (sex) Gamer series, where every book is inspired by a popular video game. Jane is a lusty MILF, and a ‘sexual thrill-seeker’ who discovers she can travel into strange worlds to live out her kinky fantasies of rough sex, BDSM, dub-con, and being hunted. The best part about it is that she’s always returned home completely intact, no matter how terrifying her adventures become.

Jane enters a game world made entirely of cubes, a bizarre flatworld where the inhabitants are fascinated by her generous curves and smooth lines. It’s lucky that the busty MILF likes it rough, because the game characters don’t take the time to ask, let alone listen if she refused.

She’s caught and pounded by a giant black figure with a very angular shaft then thrown off a cliff to awaiting zombies. Once she finally reaches her main destination, the sole pioneer’s home, she discovers the brutal man doesn’t take no for an answer.

The dominant man uses her every which way he desires, roughing her up while attempting to subdue her stubborn ways. He loves the contrast of his blocky body to her rounded breasts and ass, and decides to keep the lusty woman for good. Jane is rightfully terrified when she learns that he’s got a taste for enslaving her, but can she escape the huge, blocky man?

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Invaded by the Alien, Casual (sex) Gamer 2


Caught by the Sadistic Space Smugglers

Jane was eager to meet the smugglers in her teenager’s video game, hoping they’d show her a good time like her last trip. However, the horny woman soon finds that being trapped on a spaceship with two viciously sadistic alpha-males isn’t a piece of cake. She only wanted a few hours of rough sex, but instead, she’s hunted, caught, strapped down, spanked, used, and interrogated.

The beast, Olfim, is knee deep in spaceship repairs after a recent trip through an astroid field. He’s glad to take a break though, when the small female appears out of nowhere. As a stowaway, she’s fair game and he savors the smell of her terror as he hunts her down. After she’s caught, he happily collars his new insatiable pet, and doesn’t hesitate to introduce every one of her holes to his massive cock. When she unknowingly confesses to knowing about his smuggling activities, Olfim is incensed and sets off on a mission to discover exactly where she got her information. Luckily, his human co-pilot, Sam, is thrilled to use his interrogation tools on Jane’s perfectly curvy body. However, it’s difficult to extract non-existent information, but he deeply enjoys giving it his best shot.

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Enticed by the Machine, Casual (sex) Gamer 1

The MILF & The Cyborg

Jane is a horny MILF with unrealized fantasies of rough and kinky sex who has sworn off men after her divorce. Her plans are blown all to hell and back when she’s swept into a cyberpunk video game. Jane suddenly has the opportunity to relieve her pent up, kinky desires with no apparent strings attached and dives in with her arms (and legs) wide open.

In the gaming world, Damien is recovering from an accident when the curvy woman appears in his apartment. He doesn’t hesitate to try out his new “machine enhanced” body on her. He’s intent on exploring and using every voluptuous inch of Jane’s body and is completely insatiable as he fucks her in nearly every way possible. He demonstrates the meaning of deep throat to the inexperienced woman, and she’s literally in for a shocking experience as he tries out his new augmentations. She’s never had anal sex, and the half cyborg doesn’t go easy for her first time.

As she’s screwed senseless, Jane’s defenses drop as she’s overwhelmed with intense sensations she’s never experienced. The whiskey drinking cyborg is Jane’s idea of the perfect dominating alpha-male, and as he uses his half cyborg body to please her like never before, she begins to fall hard for him. Her trip in to the video game world had been accidental, but now that she knows how to activate the controller, the sky is the limit.

About the Casual (sex) Gamer series: Jane, is a spunky and perpetually horny MILF who wants rough sex and has discovered a way to get it with no strings attached. Her unusual cravings and desires stayed in her fantasies until the day she discovered that she could enter video games to have insanely rough sexual encounters with the game characters. As it turns out, most of the game characters are sadistic as hell, and satisfyingly brutal enough to quench her lusty desires. In fact, their tastes are a perfect match for hers. The best part is that no matter how rough things get, she is always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and unharmed….until her next craving hits.

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